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Secret Garden Episode 4-8

I’m halfway through Episode 8!^^

HAHAHA [ by the way I’m not going to do recaps:P ] I think Secret Garden has, by far, one of the most successful body swaps that I’ve seen! Many dramas use body swaps to create a comical effect… and failed terribly, but Secret Garden succeeds by quite a big margin, if my squeals and laughter are an evidence to anything. I think it’s funny how the four main characters are all using each other to make one another realise something and they act so close and intimate just to spite others — Seul and Joo Won just make Oska crazy, Joo Won plus Oska make Ra Im pissed and so on and so forth. 

I think that Hyun Bin has really a cute dimple!^^ I hope that after they soul-swapped back, he will continue to smile in that way so that we can see the dimple:PP It’s just too awesome to see him all gay. On the other hand, Joo Won in Ra Im’s body is not that funny but that’s always the case because however unfair you find it, girls can be all tomboyish as they want, and they seem just a little out of the conventional. You have a guy all smiling, crossing his legs demurely, jumping up and down when he’s frustrated [ Do all girls do that? I do that, but it never occurs to me that it’s a girl’s trait! ] and to top it off, knocking your right foot behind your left foot when you are shy, and everyone’s gonna laugh. 

I wish they had kissed here D:

But nooooo they didn’t. They got angsty with each other and I don’t really know how that happens. Based on how I understand it, it seems like Joo Won likes Ra Im and is like wooing her, but suddenly he just gets angry when he realises how poor Ra Im is, and Ra Im seems heartbroken by his words and then they seem like a couple that has met with an obstacle, but they aren’t a couple! [ Wow, what a run-on sentence ]

When they realised that they had soul-swapped – [ I remain adamant that soul-swapped and body-swapped are two different things ]

Oska was just hilarious.

A series of kisses…


That was just…. wrong!!!

I think it’s good acting skills here! I mean they look really suspicious and all, but you can see in their facial expressions that something is wrong. Why can’t the characters observe that! It was so obvious when the I’m-shy-so-I-knocked-my-foot-on-the-ground thing transferred from Ra Im to Joo Won!

Just for Oska’s sake. I think Seul looks absolutely weird with that fringe.

For the record, I totally cracked up over that. OHHH MYYYY GAWWWWDDDD


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