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Secret Garden Episode 8 – 13

I’m actually barely into episode 13, but anyway, OSKA JUST MADE ME TEAREDDDDDDDDDDDD. 

I think it’s nice that Seul and Woo Young still love each other, instead of like a typical Korean Drama where second female lead and second male lead are both deeply in love with the leads. I think this drama is special in a sense, because they didn’t use a lot of the cliches. For example, Joo Won is more like a ‘girl’ in that sense than Ra Im, everything in terms of action, stamina, attitude etc… gosh I’m in a love-hate relationship with Joo Won. He’s such a jerk!!!!!!!!!! It’s like he still has no idea how to respect others and he always goes about doing things on his own. He doesn’t know when he has hurt others, and when to apologise. Yet, he can be so sweet at times that I will squeal. ARGH. I think I’m on a more stable relationship with Woo Young lol. 

That cracked me up entirely. HAHAHA.

The whole set up makes him look like a real celeb!:O 


Can you see the hurt in his eyes?D:

Was that meant to make us squeal?:O

SQUEAL! [ It was kind of sudden though… if a guy that I don’t like does that to me… I don’t know… I will probably scream and punch him. :O ]

HAHA squeezing to get out of the gate first.

This is like… the gathering of all males who like Ra Im. Kinda… I sincerely hope that Woo Young won’t fall in love with Ra Im. 

LOL Ra Im laughs at Oska’s jokes and both the Director and Joo Won look at her in surprise, and I’m pretty sure, a tinge of disgust. 


I really hope that the misunderstanding will be cleared up as soon as possible!:O In any case, I was glad to see the cameo appearance of Lee Joon Hyuk in Secret Garden<3 [ even though he’s the bad guy, he’s a really good looking badass hee hee ]


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