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Secret Garden

OMG I KNEW IT I KNEW IT THAT TAE SSUN IS GAY OMGGGG. Okay I’ve no idea if I should be happy that I feel smart or to be sad for him because I THINK he likes Oska and Oska definitely won’t like him, right? 

I actually wanted to say that I thought Tae Ssun is gay in the previous secret garden post. There’s something in the way he looks at Oska… it’s like a guy looking at a girl if you know what I mean, then I suspected so even more when he says that he’s worried about Oska. Does this mean that the actor of Tae Ssun is really good? Or that I’m smart hee hee!:D Okay ego aside, maybe he’s not gay at all. Hmm we shall see how, but in the meanwhile, let me bask in the joy of guessing the right thing lol.


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