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Secret Garden

Seriously! I just went to a drama recap site [I’m pretty sure you guys know which one] because I had to confirm some stuff about Secret Garden, and I accidentally chanced upon this whole rant on assault. Okay I can see where that was coming from, that dramas and books make us look through this rosy screen until we think that it’s sweet and awww, and that we don’t see the truth behind this scene [ I’m referring to the one where Joo Won pushes Ra Im onto the bed ]. Yet, all Joo Won did was to hug her close! He didn’t even kiss her or anything, and he even showed restrain by chanting that funny thing because he respects her etc. So what’s the big deal? 

I’m not targeting anyone, but I just feel like saying "REALLY" in that sarcastic tone. Yes, he pushes her on the bed, yes, she struggles but because he’s a man so he wins, yes, it romanticises the whole thing till we can’t see what’s wrong with it. The truth is, I can’t see what’s wrong with that scene! It’s all got to do with Joo Won’s purpose. He certainly didn’t push her into the bed for the intention of bedding her and he certainly didn’t rape her.  Eew, I feel disgusted just saying the above sentence. I know that he’s a guy and all, but I’m pretty sure that Ra Im could have done some serious physical damage if she really wants to.

I do know cases, though not personal friends of course, where guys assaulted the girl, or gang-raped her, and yet they tried to say that because she was willing, they didn’t do anything wrong. It’s revolting to hear cases like that, but the fact remains that Joo Won never wanted to do anything to Ra Im! He didn’t think of taking advantage [ I’m sure or I will drop this drama like a hot potato ] of Ra Im. So, is it something to do with the bed? If he does the same thing grab her hands, push her, and restrain her  against a pillar, will there still be noises about this scene? 

You can’t even say that I’m immature or that I’ve been thoroughly taken in by dramas, because I’m someone who constantly muses about what dramas can do us, and I’ve certainly thought about the issues like dramas turning something black into white. To me, this scene is nothing wrong, because she simply wasn’t raped/ caught in a situation where she’s about to get raped. 

Oh wow, I can’t believe I spent my time contributing back to that rant, and I swear, I shall never go back to that drama recap site again. It messes with my thoughts, and it messes with my feelings. Grr. 


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