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I have no idea why…

but it seems that I’m hooked on Love Buffet! I really have no idea why… There’s nothing that should pull me in, seeing that most of them can’t act, the storyline is very typical manga-ish, and I know that the girl is going to piss me off pretty soon with her fickle mindedness. 

Thus, I conclude that it’s due to Aaron’s presence! I really like his character right from the first episode, and that made me wonder if my Second Lead Instinct is really that awesome. I thought he was the lead at first, and I was still wondering why I would like the lead so fast, when I realise while reading some other people’s comments that nooooo he’s not the lead, he’s the second lead. Argh! To think that I used to sympathise with Calvin for being always stuck with second lead roles whenever he appears in a drama with another Fahrenheit member. I wish I could pull back in all that sympathy now. It’s not that I have something against him, no, not really… but honestly, he can’t act, and he cannot bring out the cuteness of his role at all… His character sounds like someone that I would fall insanely in love with, but from the drama, I don’t think that will be very possible. Seriously…why would anyone choose Calvin over Aaron?

Lol, okay that was just a joke. Please don’t bombard me with anti Aaron comments haha! 

(but seriously, Aaron can actually act quite well*, to my surprise. I thought all Fahrenheit members were cursed with only 2 faces when they act, like how Wu Chun was in My Princess. Two faces! Do you know how painful it was? ) 

*by quite well, I mean in comparison with other members. HAHAHA. Oops. 

GRAHH but I’m so busy now that I can’t watch anymore episodes. I’m saddddd. Even though a lot of my readers don’t really watch Taiwanese Dramas, I think I will still do Love Buffet recaps! There are however, no promises that I will still carry through when Xiao Feng pisses me off(:


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