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Love Buffet Episode 2 Recap


Xiao Feng admits to her friends that she might be crushing on Da Ye, and her friends tease her about it, while encouraging her on. Brimming with love, she feels like she can fly, and even those kids that she is playing with get so tired after playing games with her. She happily tells them that it’s because of love, when Ah Yi appears and tells her not to teach stupid things to kids because they will become stupid as well.

Xiao Feng informs him that she doesn’t have the words "give up" and "fear" in her dictionary. "If there’s going to be fear, why have a relationship?" Ah Yi ponders for a while, then smiles. 

He asks, "You never have a relationship before do you?" Xiao Feng hrumph him, doesn’t answer and bring the kids to somewhere else to play. Ah Yi smiles again behind her back, but after they walk away, his face sorta falls. In his bed that night, he thinks about his ex girlfriend again. Xiao Feng dresses up the next day and Da Ye thinks that something has changed with her ( I think she put on make up). She asks in a cutsey way, "So what’s different about me?" and suddenly Ah Yi appears to say, "You have become fatter." Haha!

On the way to school, Da Ye jokes that he will join the tennis club because of the short skirts that the girls wear. Some girl approaches Da Ye, obviously wanting to confess to him. Ah Yi says that he doesn’t want to be late, and continues walking. He asks if Xiao Feng wants to come with him, ( aww so sweet!) but Da Ye pulls Xiao Feng back into his embrace and tells the girl that "The ambiance right now is so good…is it okay if you don’t disturb us?" Xiao Feng is very happy, even though she knows that Da Ye was just saying that to reject the girl.

Xiao Feng’s good friends find a photo of a guy, but the guy isn’t the main point. The main point is that she and Da Ye were in the background. Xiao Feng is so excited, because she always wants a photo that has her and Da Ye together. Her friends promise that they will help her print the photo so that she can go to the library to find her research. The senior that Da Ye saw last time in the lecture room invites him to join the tennis club, and Da Ye accepts. Ah Yi helps Xiao Feng find the books that they need, while asking "Don’t you feel suffocated in such a literary and artsy environment?" Xiao Feng admires Ah Yi’s courage in choosing to take up social sciences when he should have gone into the business faculty. Ah Yi recalls his grandfather scolding him and he looks down. He tells Xiao Feng that he doesn’t want to do something that goes against with what he wants, and Xiao Feng tells him that he looks very cool while saying that. Ah Yi smiles and tells her that she must have known her strengths and interests very well — since she always ties her hair in different styles everyday and she hangs out with kids a lot. Xiao Feng laughs and says that he must have been noticing her even though he has been feigning indifference. Ah Yi looks uncomfortable, and retorts that it’s because she’s such a nuisance to the eyes that he can’t help but notice her when she’s in his vision. 

Later, Xiao Feng is sad to find that Da Ye really entered the tennis club. At night, her sister asks her for help because she cannot come up with the last ten pages of her draft that she has to submit the next day. Xiao Feng gathers the forces of her neighbours and this is how Ah Yi and Da Ye end up helping her sister as well, even though Ah Yi wants to sleep. Xiao Feng teaches Da Ye how to erase properly, and has a lot of body contact with him, but quickly jumps away when Ah Yi points that out. The next day, Ah Yi returns first while Xiao Feng looks at a sleeping Da Ye. Da Ye suddenly opens his eyes, but it turns out that he’s still dreaming. Xiao Feng wonders what’s in his dreams, and when she goes back to sleep, she dreams of him instead. She’s so happy and jovial during her meal, that her mother goes to ask her sister if there’s anything wrong with her. Her sister replies that "Her autumn is here(:" which actually means that her love is here. 

In school, Xiao Feng either stares out of the window lovesickly at Da Ye (who is directly opposite her in another block ) or sleeps. Her friends lend her their notes to copy, but halfway through, she decides to gain mental strength by running to Da Ye’s classroom and sitting there, touching the desk, laughing to herself. (Crap, am I making her sound a little loony?) When she gets back into the class, Ah Yi’s standing there looking at her notes. He tells her that she makes a lot of mistakes in her notes, and asks her where she has gone to. Xiao Feng insists that she has gone to the toilet, but the dubious Ah Yi takes a look out of the window —

and asks, "You mean the toilet is at Da Ye’s seat?" He says that he will tell Da Ye, but Xiao Feng jumps up and says, "Orhhh why are you spying on me? And why do you have to tell Da Ye this kind of trivial things? You are so bad. Hrumph" and she looks away. Ah Yi laughs and says, "Idiot." Xiao Feng tells Ah Yi that he should smile more often so that people won’t think that he’s hard to get close too. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows, and Xiao Feng falls over. ( LOL. How on earth can a gust of wind blow people over? But whatever, I’m not going to complain since it’s going to lead on to the next scene ) Ah Yi reaches out to steady her —

and they look into each other’s eyes. (AHHH no matter how ridiculous this situation is, it’s forgiven(:) This moment is broken by Ah Yi himself, but it’s too late. Some classmates already saw them. By next day, rumours are flying around that Xiao Feng and Ah Yi have shared a passionate kiss in class. Xiao Feng explains to Da Ye that she really didn’t kiss Ah Yi, but Da Ye doesn’t understand why she’s so worked up about it since "A kiss is like fries with ketchup, a pizza with coke.." However, to Xiao Feng, "A kiss is a promise of love." While on this topic, Da Ye reveals that he probably can’t love anyone… because he doesn’t know what’s the idea of love. He doesn’t know how the feeling of love should feel like… and this is why he can’t accept anyone yet, at least not until he figures his own heart out. Xiao Feng returns to the classroom and tells the class that she really didn’t kiss Ah Yi. After hearing what Da Ye said, Xiao Feng gets down and Ah Yi asks if she wants to eat with him. 

Xiao Feng reveals that Da Ye says that he has no idea of what’s love, and to Xiao Feng, that’s like rejection because then, how will Da Ye ever fall in love with her? Ah Yi pushes Xiao Feng off the slide, and tells her that if she really wants it, then she must fight for it! Since she doesn’t have the word ‘give up’ in her dictionary, she should not be afraid of putting in her best. After saying that, he offers her fries, but she doesn’t want it as she recalls what Da Ye says about how a kiss is like fries with ketchup. Xiao Feng purposely drops by tennis club after lesson and Da Ye invites her to his house to watch DVD. Excited, Xiao Feng puts on lipgloss but everyone thinks that she has eaten oily chicken. Even Da Ye asks her to wipe the oil off since it’s so dirty. Later on, Xiao Feng puts on a dimmer lipgloss, and Da Ye realises that it’s lipgloss. He says, "It looks really yummy." and Xiao Feng recalls what he says about the kiss, thus she replies, "Would you like to eat it?" Da Ye goes nearer and nearer to her, until he remembers her saying that a kiss is like a promise. A call breaks the silence, and Da Ye moves away, pretending that he’s just pulling her leg.

They go to the place where Ah Yi has a part time job, and the lady boss comes back from some errands. She starts to make jokes about how she thinks the three of them are in a triangle relationship and how "If I’m the girl and two such handsome guys like me, I wouldn’t know what to do!! HAHAHAHA"

everyone in shock. Lol. Xiao Feng is joking and laughing with Da Ye, when she accidentally flips her food the wrong way. In a frenzy to clean up, she knocks over a cup of water onto the stove, and naturally a lot of steam comes up. Da Ye protects her face with her hand, and when it’s over, Ah Yi walks over, saying "Idiot." It sounds harsh, but you know that Ah Yi’s really shocked and worried about her. When Da Ye and Xiao Feng go back home, Xiao Feng feels guilty for the wound on Da Ye’s hand, but he’s fine about it. He makes shapes out of the shadows and Xiao Feng laughs. 

The next day, Xiao Feng joins the tennis club so that she can shorten the distance between her and Da Ye. The senior, called Qiu Ying, knows that she hasn’t bought her racquet, and gives her her old one. While walking home with Ah Yi, Xiao Feng sees the stray dog that has already grown so much. She rushes up and coos to the dog, but realises that Ah Yi has a fear of dogs. She starts laughing and singing songs because she realises that he’s like a human too — with fears, and not always as cool as he seems. 

 Xiao Feng tries to stand up from her squatting position but her legs have pins and needles, so she stumbles. Ah Yi catches her in time —

but Ah Yi breaks off (again!) by saying that her arms are too fat and it’s time that she goes on a diet. She hrumphs and continues to talk to the dog, while Ah Yi turns back and looks at her.

-the end-

Lalalala! So much air time for Ah Yi and Xiao Feng!:D Even though the gust of wind is just too hilarious, but it’s still romantic, and hey, who doesn’t want to watch Ah Yi being all shy and smiley around Xiao Feng?:D I mention before that I thought Aaron might have the best acting skills out of the four of them, because to me, I’ve seen more than 2 faces of expressions. Even though it might not be natural, but at least I can tell what he’s trying to convey. Or maybe, I’m just being biased because Ah Yi’s character is someone that I will just fall in love with, no doubts. 

Don’t ever apologise for what you have written or said, because that’s like saying sorry for being real. 
p.s I thought that my recap’s too short to put in a lj cut, but if any of you thinks that I’m clogging up too much space on the Friend’s page, do tell me!:D

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