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First impressions of Love Buffet

or the 1st episode recap(:

Yep! I’ve currently moved on to this Taiwanese Drama, and am very pleased to find out that it’s about university students, until I read the Dramawiki synopsis and I was like 0.0 Apparently, Xiao Feng falls in love with Da Ye, gets hurt by him, falls in love with Ah Yi, gets hurt by him, then crawl back to Da Ye…..


I’m sorry hahaha, my reaction is entirely due to the fact that I do not like female characters with no backbone and no dignity. ARGH. Okay, but to be fair, first episode was pretty nice and sweet. 

We are introduced to the two main male leads of the story — Da Ye (the one above) and Yi Cheng ( the one below). They were sent by their grandfather to return to Taiwan to study and their grandfather has also settled their accommodations, which happens to be next to Xiao Feng’s house, the female lead.  

One day, someone finds a stray dog and Xiao Feng falls in love with the dog. She picks it up and asks if Ah Yi ( nickname of Yi Cheng ) wants to carry it but he turns his head away and says no. Ah Yi tells Xiao Feng that if she can’t take care of the stray dog and give it a home, then don’t even pick it up and give the dog hope. Xiao Feng replies that she will definitely give the stray dog a home and she will try her best to get others to adopt the dog. Ah Yi turns and walk away, but turns back when he hears Xiao Feng reassuring the dog that she will give him a home… and he smiles. 

Xiao Feng and Ah Yi are in the same faculty and coincidentally, in the same class as well. They are in the same group for a project that got to do with kids. Xiao Feng plays Blindman with the kids, while Ah Yi sits at a side to read the handouts and information. He realises that one of the kid is stabbing his soft toys and quickly read his profile. Ah Yi realises that that kid is a quiet one, and is very violent. Then, the kid stands up and walks towards Xiao Feng, with his sharp object pointed towards her. Ah Yi quickly stands up, and takes his precious cup along with him so that other kids will not accidentally bump into the table and break it. He snatches the sharp object from the boy, who started crying. Upon hearing his cries, Xiao Feng pulls off her blindfold, and demands that Ah Yi apologises to the boy. Ah Yi doesn’t explain, and turn to walk away. Xiao Feng pulls his arm, which causes him to fling the box ( with the cup inside) away and the cup breaks. Ah Yi is heartbroken but Xiao Feng doesn’t really want to apologise because she thinks that it’s still his fault for making the boy cry. 

Xiao Feng and Da Ye bond when they both try to get a home for the dog. First, they bond when they give out flyers together, and Xiao Feng’s friends give her the idea that maybe Da Ye likes her. If not, why will he be doing so much for her? Then, they bond when they bring the dog to have his immunity jab. Soon after, they bond in the rain, when the dog suddenly falls ill and they have to find a 24hr open vet hospital to take care of the dog. Due to the rain, both of them fall sick, and Xiao Feng takes care of Da Ye. When Ah Yi returns home, he finds the door open and Xiao Feng’s shoes outside the door. Xiao Feng falls asleep by Da Ye’s side ( because he wants someone to sit by his side) and jerks awake. She rushes out and opens the door, but Ah Yi falls into the room. She and Ah Yi have this mini fall out, because Ah Yi thinks that Xiao Feng and Da Ye are together being lovey dovey, so he shall not interrupt them, but Xiao Feng tries to tell him that she’s just taking care of him. She storms off in anger, but Ah Yi stops her and throws a cup of… jelly?pudding? towards her and returns to the house. Xiao Feng remains confused.

Turns out Ah Yi is not as cold as he seems, and he helps the both of them by putting ads on the internet. Someone sees these ads and decides to adopt the stray dog. Xiao Feng and Da Ye want to express their gratitude, so they plan to cook a meal for him, until they start fighting each other with.. prawns. Eee.

Ah Yi sees them, and they tell him that they want to thank him. He replies that he’s hungry and he walks up to his room. 

Xiao Feng tags along to express her gratitude once again, and then, she hears Da Ye on the phone with someone that sounds like a girl. Ah Yi props his head on his arm and watches Xiao Feng’s expressions when she hears Da Ye say "I miss you too" etc, but she is relieved when he adds on "Mum". 

Ah Yi basically piss Xiao Feng off when he tells her that Da Ye will never, ever fall in love with her. 

Yeah that’s about it(:

It’s quite funny and sweet and nice, but I am very apprehensive when it comes to the more emo part, because I’m pretty sure none of their acting skills can carry it off. Sigh. It takes quite some time to get used to the act cute tones that Taiwan girls usually adopt ( no offence everybody!) but oh well, I think Taiwan guys like the way they speak, so more and more girls speak like that. 

By the way, Ah Yi manages to fix the broken cup by piecing everything back together, and Xiao Feng sees the cup and wonders why Ah Yi tells her that he has thrown it away. 

Okay I shall watch Episode 2 soon!:D



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