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Layout’s been changed for a reason; it’s only temporary but do tell me if you don’t like this new layout! Kinda attached to the old one so it feels weird looking at all the flowers and green right now.

Another thing: Please tell me. That Jae In isn’t going to think that the guy is her brother or something. Please no, that will just be :///. (Talking about Man of Honour)



  1. I like the new layout

    I was actually on here yesterday trying to find your RSS feed. It’s nice having it in the top corner. Thanks. That list of tags is really long though.


    • Re: I like the new layout

      Ooh you do?((: I suppose you are referring to the current one, and not the green&flowers right?

      How does RSS feed work actually?(IT noob here!) Why not use the ‘Friends’ thing since you have a Livejournal account?

      Haha, yeah I kept the number of tags unlimited so that it will be easy for readers to see at once what I’ve written, and what they can find here.


      • Re: I like the new layout

        I didn’t see any green flowers.

        With RSS you can subscribe to sites across the web…wordpress…CNN…whatever. Whenever it there is an update it appears in your RSS reader within seconds or minutes. I use it to keep track of any other sites that recap dramas or talk about dramas and few other sites. There have even been times where I’ve been able to comment first on Dramabeans because I was alerted quickly.

        I don’t actually use live journal. I just signed in through my twitter account. Since it seemed like I had to log in to comment. I find live journal a bit too clunky for my taste. I’m a web developer so I’m kind of picky.

        I ran across your site a while ago when I looking for Gloomy Salad Days recaps. They are very useful in my mini recaps so I can find character names. So hard to figure out who is who on dramawiki with so many stories.

        I hope you don’t mind that I linked to your In Time With You recap. I try to highlight anyone else who recaps.


      • Re: I like the new layout

        Heh that’s great (green flowers was the layout I used for approximately uhm ten minutes before I changed it lol)

        Ooh I see! Wow web developer, I think that’s really cool! Especially uhm since I’m noob-ish at IT, though I love learning new things haha. Ooh you write mini recaps? Indeed, sometimes I have a hard time finding out character names too! Thus resorting to manually clicking every cast listed on dramawikiT.T

        I’m so sorry>


      • Re: I like the new layout

        Haha yes I understand now, that’s awesome! Of course I wouldn’t mind it~

        In fact, would you mind if I link you up on my livejournal as well?(: Not sure if it will help but it’s good fun anyway(:

        Wow you sure are good at the IT thing. By any chance, do you happen to know how livejournal formatting works?


      • Re: I like the new layout

        Have you checked out the latest episode of In Time With You? It’s a really crazy week for me so yeah, I haven’t><

        Oh right, and I will definitely place your link, but I will do that after my schedule calms down!:P

        Haha I see, then it's okay(: I've been trying to get google ads on my Livejournal and I'm supposed to be able to, because I'm using a Paid Account, but the Google ads won't show up no matter what.


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