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In Time With You Episode 6 Recap

As usual, I'm loving this. 

You Qing was washing her face when her phone rang and she rushed to answer it. She realised that she's just waiting for Ding Li Wei's phone call, after learning about the possibility that Da Ren might have given him her number. When her mother asked her to help throw the rubbish, she dressed up before leaving the house — after all, there's always the possibility that Ding Li Wei would pop by some corner and see her. Better to remain glam at all times, than to be caught unglam in that one moment. 

So she dressed up for work as well and her boss admired her ring which was super cheap but really cute. Her boss answered a phone call and hence conveniently left her ring in You Qing's hands. You Qing was in the midst of locking the ring up in her drawer, after all it's really expensive, when she got all flustered over a call that showed "Private Number". Turns out that it was her friend. She went to brew coffee for herself, and ended the phone call with a polite excuse. Her boss came back to retrieve the ring, but lo and behold… the ring was not in the drawer. 

You Qing apologised to her boss and said that she distinctly remembered locking the ring up before brewing coffee. Her boss decided to halt the search process ( three people were in the midst of attacking You Qing's office to find the aforementioned ring) and told You Qing that some things that were lost would only appear after you stop finding them. (Note: Very true, based on personal experiences.) 

You Qing went home and was really dejected. 

Da Ren called and got scolded because she was distracted all day thanks to thinking that he might have given him her number. Da Ren checked his contacts, before rattling off the first few numbers of Ding Li Wei's number, "0926 –"but You Qing screamed into the phone, "I don't want to know his number!" before throwing the phone across the room. Aww, poor Da Ren. :<

You Qing woke up and thought about how unlucky she was — the ring was close to 3000 0000 Taiwan Dollars. "If I don't eat nor drink for five years…. maybe I will be able to return it." She went to work and looked at the coffee that was not drunk, "Maybe Ding Li Wei's just like overnight coffee, which will only bring harm when drunk." She went to pour the coffee away, and surprise! The ring was inside the cup. How it got there is up to your imagination lol.

She returned it to the boss, who told her that it wasn't her marriage ring actually. It was her ring to celebrate her bravery for divorcing her husband. After listening to her, You Qing felt the temptation to purchase a ring for herself as well, to celebrate being one-person. She really liked one diamond ring, but it was too expensive. Maggie told Da Ren that You Qing had agreed to a matchmaking session with her cousin and Da Ren was kinda surprised.

He thought that this meant that You Qing was over Ding Li Wei, and Maggie asked him if You Qing would like her cousin. "Make a guess!" but Da Ren expressed that You Qing always become someone he didn't understand the moment she faced with a Love Problem. Maggie replied, "I read before that even the smartest woman becomes dumb when facing with love." Da Ren laughed and nodded his head. 

You Qing returned home to find that she would have to share a room with her sister-in-law's aunt who just arrived to stay in Taiwan for a few days. She couldn't stand the snores and all that (honestly, they were truly quite annoying, both the sister-in-law's aunt and sister-in-law's mother), and even worse, in the morning, she woke up to find the aunt staring at her with a really creepy expression.

She started screaming and screaming and screaming, while the aunt tried to reassure her, "You are too pretty, that's why I couldn't help but take a few more looks! Don't be scared!" GOSH. Dude, you heard of I don't know…. invasion of privacy? 

You Qing left for the matchmaking session and Maggie was really enthusiastic about it.

Maggie talked about how much she liked her cousin last time and that she was even sad because she couldn't marry her own cousin. She was in the midst of gushing about her cousin, when the said man sat down. OH man. Even Maggie was stunned, " You er… seem to have change quite a bit…" 

Well it wasn't that he became fat or something, it was just that it's so obvious he's a jerk. When Maggie left, after much awkwardness because her cousin wasn't the one she'd imagined, to order drinks, the stupid guy went on about how You Qing's conditions, "Are okay…." He started making crude jokes like, "When a woman was thirty years old, she's like a basketball, not many people will chase after her. When she's forty years old, she's like -insert rancorous laughter- a soccer ball, everyone kicks her about, and when she's fifty, she's like the white ball in pool, -more laughter-, the further you shoot her away, the better!"

You Qing was just simply disgusted but the last straw was when the jerk said that in consideration for their sexual happiness, it'd be good if she went for some plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts, "It's okay, I don't need something too big, 34 E will be good." Oh seriously? You Qing smiled in disbelief and was about to make a sarcarstic reply when a voice cut in, "She doesn't need to consider that at all."

OH COOL:D "You should take those fees for yourself, maybe some Botox, removing of freckles and going for etiquette lessons… it will do the society good." Jerk stood up and asked the standard question, "Who are you?" "Someone who knows You Qing well and that you are someone who doesn't fit her in any way." Da Ren put out a hand towards You Qing, "Let's go," but the latter was angry and pushed his hand away. He followed her out of the hotel, where she fumed, "Am I so pitiful that Maggie and you think that I will fit that kind of person? You really went overboard." 

She kept walking, while Da Ren kept following her, right till her house where You Qing asked, "What do you still want to say, say!" Da Ren murmured, "I might have…" "What? Are you going to tell me that there's no way you will fall in love with me?" And at this moment, Da Ren grabbed her into a hug.

"I must admit, I feel that ninety nine percent of the man out there don't fit you… You know…. I…" (Fill in the blanks: Don't fit you –> because I like you and you are the best. You know –> that I've been loving you these years. I –> Love You.) Sadly, You Qing obviously filled in the blanks with all the wrong words, "I know, this isn't friendship, it's pity." And she left his embrace, before returning back to her home. 


Da Ren returned home to find his mother all sad — turns out that Bai Shu found someone he liked, and his mother felt remorse now, because for so many years, Bai Shu's crush on her was evident but she didn't reciprocate. "There are some things that… once missed, you could never get it back." Aww! They were such a cute couple! Da Ren received sms from Maggie and he went to her house. She asked if he was angry and told him to scold her, but he denied the first question and said that she wasn't wrong, "So why should I scold you?" 

Maggie asked why then, did he look so solemn and he answered, while getting a drink, that he's thinking. Maggie tried her usual way of forcing a kiss on him to escape reality, but Da Ren turned his head away. Maggie quickly went to pour red wine, while Da Ren finally admitted, "I love Cheng You Qing." Maggie dropped the wine bottle on the ground while Da Ren continued, "I never thought that I would fall in love with her. I have a proud mother, a proud sister… I don't have the courage to fall in love with a proud Cheng You Qing as well." 

Maggie told him to stop and she asked why he chose You Qing over her, "What does she have that I don't?" Da Ren replied, "Maggie, love isn't about comparison." Maggie cried and told him that he's despicable for using her love to confirm his own love. Da Ren apologised but asked, "But Maggie… do you love me? Or is it because I fit into your criteria for a good marriage?" Maggie felt that this meant they would have a smooth marriage, "so what if you have love, it might not last forever" but Da Ren felt that, "Even if we don't walk down the path together forever, I don't want to have regrets." He left after leaving a piece of advice, "Don't marry for the sake of marrying." Later, Maggie crossed out Da Ren's name in her book. Sigh… 

Da Ren called You Qing, wanting to tell her something (that he loved her) but GAH THAT WOMAN, cut him off happily with a, "HE CALLED ME!" Yes Ding Li Wei called her. She said that it was because of this call that Da Ren was left off the hook. Da Ren decided not to tell her after all, seeing as how excited she was, but he aint happy. He started reminding You Qing of the times that she was together with Ding Li Wei, and You Qing hurriedly put down his call, as the aunt returned home. The aunt cautioned her that there's a guy drinking at the pool nearby (Da Ren) and You Qing, after suspecting it's Da Ren, quickly ran there but saw no one. She recalled the hug earlier on, and shook her head. 

The truth was, I think she didn't hang up the phone properly so Da Ren heard the aunt's caution and left the pool. Sigh. 

In the morning, she woke up with a neck sprain and her mother asked her to sweep the floor the courtyard. She found out that she was locked out of the house and started shouting after her mother, who had already left for the supermarket with the aunt, when someone called her name. 

She turned around, and there's him. Ding Li Wei.

You Qing thought about her own dressing right there and then and was so embarrassed that she started screaming and running off. She ended up in a cab at Da Ren's house, who quickly realised what happened. He was obviously displeased and he couldn't understand You Qing's stand of her being 'indignant' and wanting to prove to Ding Li Wei that she's living fine. "It's because I've been happy and living fine these years that I feel indignant he should see me in that state!" To Da Ren, that's just proof that You Qing still had lingering feelings for him. Both got angry at each other, You Qing demanded to get off the car, Da Ren left her stranded on the road and drove off….but he turned back in the end, only to find that You Qing was gone. 

You Qing was already back home when she received an sms from someone with the name, "Don't pick up" (LOL) and the message was, "When can I see you again" She fretted over this for many days. The aunt decided to leave early because she decided to reunite with her ex husband who had cheated on her. You Qing said that if it was her, she would be indignant, but her mother told her that's stupid because "To stop being indignant doesn't mean that you forgive him, it just means that you have given yourself a chance." You Qing went back to her room and muttered that, "I will break things off cleanly." She replied the message with, "Four in the afternoon. At the old place."

Maggie messaged Da Ren and asked if he'd regretted because she's still waiting for him, but Da Ren replied, "Remember, you should never be somebody's 'Alternative', you should be his 'Only'." Aww I like that!

You Qing dressed up nicely and on the way, she recalled the times she quarrelled with Ding Li Wei. She finally realised that maybe, the thing she was indignant about was that she still had feelings for him. She leaned her head against the glass and said to the ring, "I see that you are living fine. So am I. I don't think I can afford to buy you, and my future husband should have no ways too, so don't wait for me, bye bye."


Da Ren appeared. (Here's where I don't get it) He asked what was the important thing that You Qing mentioned, and she gave him a hug. Aww! You Qing told him that she just made a super decisive and brave move, "I've decided to part ways with him." (Note: Him and It are the same sounds in Mandarin) 

So Da Ren interpreted it the wrong way and was super happy, but hahaha his priceless disbelief when he realised she was talking about the ring!

Ding Li Wei stood around waiting at some temple till it rained at night, and he murmured, "That's great, You Qing… I'm back." During dinner, You Qing looked at Da Ren in gratitude, "These five years… it's because of him that I'm happy. He may not fall in love with me, but he treasures me….. more than anyone else."

-the end-

So what, did You Qing stand Ding Li Wei up? And also, I read some comments that by hugging Da Ren back, You Qing has accepted his love…but I kinda begged to differ. I thought it just meant that I don't know, she's reciprocating the friendship kind of love that he had showed towards her. 

Anyway, apologies for bad screencaps. 

I really enjoyed the show! Maggie's acting in the break up scene was dry… to say the least. Like literally, dry of tears. But it's okay… I have high tolerance towards lack of acting, and I think that the actress did try her very best. It's her first show and she already had such a big role, so I guess we should give her a break! 

Da Ren&You Qing's relationship is just so interesting. I wish that they will just get together gosh! Da Ren, if you don't get your mouth and heart open in the next few episodes I will. Tear. Something. Preferably the script. 

Neh joking. Anyway, next episode, we have Ding Li Wei and You Qing engaged in a steamy scene, though You Qing seems uncomfortable more than anything else, and Da Ren received a promotion to go Singapore. 



  1. Anonymous says

    Yes, You Qing stood up Ding Li Wei. Remember when she texted him back and said “the usual place at 4”? As she was walking there, she came to the realization that she’s just about to throw away 4 years of hard work trying to forget about him and what he did to her. And then she gets the text from Da Ren saying that she is very special to him and he just wants her to be happy…and in his eyes she was not embarrassing that day she ran into Ding Li Wei. and she realizes the one she wants to see is DA REN, not Ding Li Wei. and that “something” You Qing wanted from Da Ren was his hug. i think her hug is her way of forgiving him and realizing that he’s a really great friend. She doesn’t know she loves Da Ren more than as a best friend yet.


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