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So… I'm watching Man of Honour/ Man of Honour Glory Jane right now…. and slow as you know I am, it took me two episodes to fully hit me why Park Min Young looks different. 

…. I'm sorry! I think it was because she had her hair up for most of episode 2, so it didn't really register. 

SO, which one do you prefer?

Long-hair pretty Nana (by the way, I totally fangirl over her hair in my City Hunter Recaps)

Or the cute, short hair Jae In?

I've always admired celebrities who can carry off both the long hair and short hair styles because honestly, how many of us can do that? Some 'predecessors' will be Rainie Yang and Park Shin Hye, but I will say that Park Min Young looks really good in both hairstyles.

Except… I don't know…. I mean, Nana totally took me in with her 'hair falling softly around her shoulders' thing, and while Jae In looks really cute&youthful…I might have to stick with Nana as my bias as of now. 

And since we are at it, how about a screenshot?:P

One of my favourite scenes everrrrrr.


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