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The Producers and small updates

Life in reality has overtaken my virtual life for a good three weeks! Nevertheless, I’ve been trying to keep up with the dramas –

What I’ve watched thus far:

The Producers: I’m really not feeling this show, and I doubt I will ever end up recapping it (although we still have 4 episodes to go, so anything can change!) I like Kim Soo Hyun and I admire his acting, but I don’t really like the number of close-ups. Yes this guy can act with his eyes, but sometimes, the close-ups aren’t used in the most apt and poignant ways and it kinda spoils the times when they are used nicely. Additionally, I’m totally shipping Cindy-Seung Chan so I will be rather disappointed (as a fangirl) if this couple doesn’t work out because Seung Chan ends up with Ye Jin! That being said, I like how each character is developing holistically because of another character. It’s a very gentle love rectangle where I’m actually alright if they all don’t end up with each other (I just don’t really like the idea of Seung Chan dating Ye Jin because I don’t see them liking each other romantically).

Let’s see how it goes!

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 1: Yes I’m still following this show like a loyal fan I am. I must say I really enjoyed this episode, although I’m not as surprised with the Sarah Harvey revelation as some others are! I’ve always followed this as a passive watcher (and passionate google-searcher for theories) so I guess it’s easy for me to stay on board because I’ve never spent any effort thinking on who A is.

Orange Marmalade: I’ve not started on this series actually………..

I’m not really sure what I should watch now! Any recommendations?


P.S Totally unrelated featured image, I know, but I can’t resist it hahaha.

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