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Thoughtsramble in a Year

Everyone probably thinks the same way as I do – 2015 really went by in a flash, didn’t it??

Personally, I think 2015 has been a very fruitful year. Although I haven’t fulfilled all of my new year resolutions, I think I’ve done at least half of them so…I guess it’s alright! Time to move on and make new ones hehe.

For Thoughtsramble, I think that 2015 was a year of change and new projects. I relocated from Livejournal to WordPress and I think it was a great decision. Although Livejournal was a slightly cosier place where I could literally post things like ‘thoughtsramble updates’ from time to time, WordPress allows me to diversify my site and implement ideas which I’ve always thought of but didn’t have the chance to carry out. There were also things that happened in 2015, from kicking off my own phone cases on TeeChip to inviting guest writers (Mila who wrote such a great article!).

Drama-wise, I am sorry to say that the number of dramas I watch seem to decrease every year. There just isn’t time to rest in real life, let alone get engaged in a drama. Just for my own memory’s sake (since I’m SO forgetful), here’s the dramas that I’ve watched this year in chronological order:

  1. Pride and Prejudice – didn’t manage to finish the drama. For some reason, I just decided to drop it:( Choi Jin Hyukkk.
  2. Healer *favourite drama of 2015!! Gave me bad drama blues. 
  3. Kill Me Heal Me – a really meaningful drama that makes me fall in love with Ji Sung and his acting skills all over again. Also, probably the first drama that made me cry 4 times over what is essentially the same character. Cannot forget that.
  4. Blood – I actually quite like this drama even though many netizens were hating on it! It really isn’t as bad as they say. Haven’t finished the last episode though!
  5. Sensory Couple – Recapped this from Episode 11 onwards. I thought the show had lots of potential but it kinda went downhill towards the end. Boo.
  6. Falling For Innocence – Attempted to recap this show but only managed it twice (see Episode 14 and Episode 16 – Finale). The show was great – acting was good, personalities developed, love line was believable.
  7. When I See You Again – Hohoho, this drama can be quite a hit-or-miss. I like it because it was a pleasant watch. There weren’t many climax or huge conflicts throughout the show, so some people might find it boring which I totally understand. For me, the dialogues between the characters were one of the show’s great points. Read my recaps here!
  8. Warm and Cosy – also recapped this from Episode 13 onwards, but on hindsight, this show was a leeetle waste of my time.
  9. I Remember You – I think this show was the one that drew in most of my new readers, starting with this recap! I love the show!! The acting was FANTASTIC from almost all of the characters and I like it how the love story was more of a side show rather than the focal point. The brothers are just awesome.
  10. Oh My Ghost – also really liked this show hahaha. It was slow at the start, but the two leads pulled me in all the way. The acting from Park Bo Young was so good, I can literally believe there were two different characters in her. Read my review here!
  11. Pretty Little Liars – I can’t remember which season I watched this year…it’s most probably season 5 and 6A right? Since 6B is coming out next year…I can’t wait actually!!
  12. Moon River – it was great from the start to the middle, but I got quite put off with the way they did the ending that it sort of killed any drama blues I had. Read my recap here!
  13. Sassy Go Go/Cheer Up – AAH I love this show too. It was very nostalgic for me since I’m past that 17/18 age, so the drama was kinda like a walk down memory lane, although my experience was definitely not as dramatic as that. Really liked the boarding school idea though!! Review here!
  14. Once Upon A Time – everything, including gripes, complaints and gushes can be found in a recent post here. No matter what happens, I think I will always follow the show (see what I did there eh heh).
  15. Marry Me, or Not? – ongoing show that I would like to recap but have only attempted one so far!

Hey that list isn’t as short as I think!!! (Much excitement because I really thought I watched so few dramas this year.)

In the year ahead, I know that I will get even busier and that list is probably going to get even shorter…but I’m going to keep trying to watch some dramas and write on this site because that’s what I love to do! There’s some stuff already planned out for next year, so do look forward to that!

Remember that every comment is read and loved (and replied to) so drop me one whenever you are free! I wish all my readers the best new year experience in a few days, and a great 2016 ahead wheeeee.



    • Oh I REALLY LOVE HEALER you’ve got to give it a try. You probably heard this before but Healer is pretty much like City Hunter (which I loved as well) except with a rom-com spin to it. And rom-coms are my favourite so the combination just kills me! Let me know when you have watched it and what you think of it!

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