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Midseason Finale: Once Upon A Time Season 5 Review

Hook, we will find you. I will always find you. 

Okay it’s been too long since I’ve written a proper post on thoughtsramble. I feel sooo guilty about it OOPS. But I’m so glad I’m kinda back! I’ve been wanting to write this ever since I finished the finale a week ago. This isn’t a hate post (because I love Once Upon A Time too much for that) but I do have a few questions and like wtheck? moments throughout the show.

*Apologies for the lousy screenshots in advance. Better ones next time, I promise!

I’ve read a few scathing, hilarious reviews (really liked them actually, they were SO FUNNY) and a dozen of comments. Here’s my response to what people say, and the season itself.

I loved the idea of Emma Swan being the Dark One. The last season finale where the dagger showed her name – that was great! In fact, I think one of my top favourite moments throughout the season was when the dagger changed names. Hahaha #cheapthrills. Contrary to some people’s opinion, I do think that Jennifer Morrison did a good job acting as the Dark One, given that she isn’t actually evil, so you can’t compare her rendition of a villain to Regina or Rumplestiltskin.

I basically binged on the season. When you do that, things blur past and you have a higher tolerance for nonsensical things, because you are more likely to keep pressing ‘play’ on that next episode rather than waiting for an entire week to watch that one episode. So this explains why I actually really enjoyed this season! I loved the premise of the show, the execution of some parts of it, Emma Swan really developing as a character, the Excalibur, and Nimue being the first Dark One. In fact, I am quite surprised the authors even took us back to the days of when the first Dark One was created. It felt like they had this story arc all planned out and it falls into place so nicely.

What I didn’t like…oh the list is long:

  1. Why kill Merlin?? He’s supposed to be THE greatest wizard. He was there even before the Dark One, which seems to be the second in command greatest wizard of them all. I can’t get over the fact that he died simply by a crushing of the heart. No. (Okay it makes sense because Merlin is immortal and therefore that’s really probably the only way to kill him but) I expected Merlin to survive much longer, and even if he dies, to be defeated by a worthy opponent. As much as I like Hook, he’s not worthy enough to kill Merlin!
  2. I guess it’s okay for Arthur to be bad, since this show is big on twisting characters, but the King Arthur arc was disappointing-ish when it comes to Arthur himself. I loved the arc because of Merlin and Nimue, and the arc also made more sense than the Frozen arc, but Arthur is quite a bore. All he does is to find the missing piece of his sword which makes no sense because come on…how stupid can you get to believe that you can ONLY rule a kingdom with a complete sword. A fool + complete sword = hopeless Camelot. Simple.
  3. Guinevere hmm…not to be superficial, but I was expecting someone more…impactful? It doesn’t help that half the time, she’s under a potion that renders her spineless and soul-less.
  4. Lancelot…okay now I have to tread carefully here, but I am quite into the Arthurian stories. I’ve read one of them before and boy, it was a THICK book. Never once did I imagine Lancelot and Merlin to be non-white. I’m okay with the difference actually, just thought I should mention that I was a bit thrown off. Anyway, the most important question I have for Lancelot is…WHAT’S THE POINT OF HIM FINDING THE LADY OF THE LAKE? WHUT? The story arc ended without any mention of what happened to the nonsensical escapade to find the lady of the lake, and I forgot, she’s his mother?? Okay.
  5. How can Hook not be a dark one just because he doesn’t remember that he’s the Dark One. Much as I love you drama, that’s ridiculous. The darkness in THE Dark One No. 2 should be present even if Hook doesn’t have his memories. Yet, he was portrayed as the same guy that loves Emma wholeheartedly.
  6. And then seriously, what’s the point of Hook dying. It creates a badly-written finale because Hook changes completely within a few minutes. He suddenly wants to be a hero! Okay…? And then Emma troops off to find him in the Underworld. Which I SUPPORT because I didn’t want Hook to die. I’m so glad he didn’t die hahaha but I didn’t think Emma was going to bring her entire family there as well? And then the whole thing resets Rumple to his original self. Which doesn’t make sense! swan1
  7. Because Rumple is now supposed to be a hero. He has nothing but goodness in his heart, so where did this evil planning come from? His thoughts and memories? Okay I can deal with that, but it just feels like the scriptwriters cannot create another villain as epic as Rumple and therefore have no choice but to bring the evil Rumple back to life…within the last few minutes of the finale. Whuttt. I love Rumple. He’s my top favourite villain because he is both evil and good. If he cannot stop thirsting for power, it actually makes him a boring character. For the nth time in the show, he cheats Bella’s feelings so that he can protect his dark magic. I don’t know…did he just forget that he almost died?? swan5
  8. I miss the good old days when Snow White and Charming were central characters of the plot, as opposed to being parents in the background. Snow White just carries her baby all day long and Charming isn’t that Charming. I want them to be active fighters AGAIN. I had to keep reminding myself that the show probably revolves around Emma.
  9. I have zilch feelings about Robin and Regina. None. Therefore, please excuse my feelings of boredom when Regina saves Robin again and again AND again.

Boo. I do have a favourite of the entire season, and that is finding out that the dagger is the tip of the Excalibur. The whole Merlin story was delightful – the acting was great, the introduction of the Dark one made sense and fell into place, the idea that WOW the dagger was actually part of the Excalibur just impresses me so much. I only wish these feelings carried through with other characters and other mini-arcs.

I’m still very excited to see what the second half of the season is going to bring. I like it that the scriptwriters try to stay true to the premise of the show – true love will always find each other, the good will always win.

What’s your list of the favourites and meh-moments in the season! Share with me below!



  1. the whole review. Most of what you said i completely agree. I love the ark with Jennifer Morrison as the Dark one. Hook being the 2nd dark one was a nice twist i didnt see coming. But i didnt like the ending of how it was rushed. Mr. Gold being the dark one again…i dont know how i feel about that AGAIN. I mean he was kinda useless being the “brave one” or the “hero” but i dont know..hehehehe…..for snow and charming they need to make them useful. They are being wasted for 2 seasons now it is like they r so boring, i usually fastforward their part (dvr is awesome). I hope they are more productive than being “i have hope in you” speech in thw underworld. Regina is STILL AWESOME and interraction her with sister Zelena was good. But Zelena should stay in OZ. She is 2 seasons over her villian guest arc. I really want snow and charming to have a good n better arc nxt season. Maybe they could be the next dark one? Gennifer Goodwin played a glimpse of being dark and she was enjoyable. I want to see that again.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the review! Yeah it was a nice twist actually which I love but indeed, the whole thing was so haphazardly resolved! Oh yes, I agree he was useless being the “brave” one, like Rumple isn’t the same if he’s not that nice mix of evil and goodness. But now I’m just a bit bored with him being the Evil One again, nothing much has actually changed other than the fact that the dagger changed colour (LOL) and that all the past Dark Ones are gathered into one source. YEAH I would be so sad for the Charming couple if all they say in the Underworld is to have hope in each other. Hehe but I wouldn’t want to see either of them being the Dark Ones because I feel like it will just be a rehash of the Hook is Dark One storyline.

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