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Marry me, or not? Episode 8 Recap

Gotta say that I love the pun on the show’s title!

I’ve been trying to catch up on this show because I want to recap this series but for some reason, it took me ages  (*cough* it could be because I was busy binging on Once Upon A Time). I also realise it’s kinda pointless to even try to recap from this point onwards, because I will be going overseas soon and missing the next 2 episodes .___.

ANYWAY, here’s two things to tell you guys before I start on the recap. If you haven’t realised already, I’m a fan of lists. 

  1. Due to time constraints, I can’t write a recap of the usual length. It’s gonna be quick and short. That’s what I’m planning, not actually sure if I will get carried away.
  2. If you haven’t watched any fansubs that translated this for you, the show’s title in literal Mandarin basically means A woman you must marry. However, it’s a wordplay on the word Bitch, because ‘must marry’ and ‘bitch’ sound the same in Mandarin. I love the pun HAHA!

Okay so here we go.

One thing I really like about the show is its voiceovers at the start of each episode.

This time, we have Sheng Nan telling us her regret of letting her pride get in the way of confessing to Qian Yao. We also see Qian Yao being a playboy and all I hope to see you again at the airport.


If I chose to confess then, will the ending be different?

Sheng Nan is in charge of planning her university’s graduation trip and walks past the uni’s basketball court, when she gets taken aback by an oncoming ball and falls. No points for guessing who threw the ball! Flirt offers to bring her to the doctor and laughs that she’s easily hit by his basketballs.

Hao Meng requests to speak to Huan Zhen alone. She thought that he’s going to talk about them but he remains focused on the issue at hand – finding out the circumstances surrounding the alleged stolen sum of money. Huan Zhen thinks to herself that if Hao Meng apologises there and then, she might forgive him.

But sadly, he doesn’t pick up on the hint (not that it’s his fault, since she thought of it silently) and at the end of it, reminds her that as her lawyer, she’s to pick up his calls at all times.

Sheng Nan returns to the office and finds that her brother has been appointed as Huan Zhen’s lawyer. She drags him out and Huan Zhen tells the bewildered gossipers that 1. Hao Meng is here as her lawyer, not her boyfriend and 2. he’s Sheng Nan’s real brother.


Bewildered gossipers try to make sense of the situation and based on “16 years of watching Korean Dramas” (HAHA), the girls conclude that Sheng Nan and Hao Meng aren’t biological siblings, they fell in love with each other and Huan Zhen ultimately decides to let them be together. Why am I not surprised that Kdramas give rise to such conclusions hahaha, thank goodness such plots are no longer the norm.

Sheng Nan cleverly deduces that Huan Zhen thinks the siblings are in cahoots to cheat her feelings, and that based on Hao Meng’s actions, he has already fallen in love with Huan Zhen. Hao Meng replies,”Based on what I know of you, you will warn me not to fall in love with her right?”


Much to his surprise, Sheng Nan suggests that he apologises to Huan Zhen, because she will definitely forgive him after that. Of course we all know the real reason why Sheng Nan is so supportive of the Hao Meng/Huan Zhen pairing is because she doesn’t want Huan Zhen to fight with her for Qian Yao.


It’s also “killing two birds with one stone” because she thinks that her brother and Huan Zhen will never be able to marry.

Qian Yao discovers that someone is tailing him and offers more money to turn the spy into a double agent.

Hao Meng gets another parcel with an empty gasoline can but dismisses it. He instructs his assistant to get up two big boxes of papers from his car and to research on Xiang Long Travel Agency’s past decade of clientele information. Much effort on this case + little remuneration in return = a very confused assistant on why his boss is spending so much time on Huan Zhen’s case. Before he steps into his office, Hao Meng watches the news that a pair of mother and child were burnt by an unknown culprit. He returns to his desk and calls Huan Zhen to try and set up another date for a meeting. She steadfastly rejects all proposed dates, claiming to be busy.


She then sends a text to him When are you picking me up tonight? which is followed by a So sorry, I’ve sent the text to the wrong person. Pretend that you didn’t see that. 


Hao Meng offers to send his assistant home, but poor assistant actually gets ferried to Huan Zhen’s house because Hao Meng wants an excuse to ‘pass by’ her house.

Assistant gets sent off and the couple squabbles.

Hao Meng finally gathers the courage to apologise but before he can finish his sentence, Huan Zhen’s phone rings. He doesn’t want to apologise anymore and Huan Zhen’s like omg if you want to apologise just say it, is it that difficult?? and he’s like no please who wants to apologise.

To cut the long story short, Huan Zhen doesn’t actually have a new boyfriend. She’s actually meeting Qian Yao, who unknown to her, wants to take some chummy photos for the spy so that the spy can send the photos to his brother.

Hao Meng tails the duo around the shopping mall, and pulls his tie in exasperation when he watches Huan Zhen put on one for Qian Yao.

Now unknown to Hao Meng, Huan Zhen and Qian Yao aren’t the best of friends. Even though she’s usually known as a bitch in her workplace (throwback to Episode 1) who resorts to despicable means to get her sales, there are two kinds of guys whom she’s not interested in. “The flirts and those who have an ulterior motive in me.”

Qian Yao admits that he’s an ulterior motive, but that’s not because he seeks revenge. It’s because “I can’t forget you.” Bam the kiss.



Then Hao Meng appears, punches his face, cool-ly leaves his number behind and pulls Huan Zhen away.

Huan Zhen tenderly tugs on his sleeve but he jerks his arm away and coldly sends her home.

She leaves his car but cannot hold it in any longer and shouts at him from outside the car. “You think that I’m a loose woman, a woman that anyhow agreed to a proposal, then anyhow ended a wedding. To take revenge, I anyhow dated you. Now, in order to spite you, I’m dating another guy.”

Hao Meng looks like his heart is going to break hahaha and steps out of his car to hug her. It’s not like what she said. He doesn’t think that she deserves it for being kissed forcefully.

He’s so cold because, “When I see other people kiss you, I feel like you are going to be snatched away, but I don’t want you to be taken away.”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” He drives away and Huan Zhen runs after the car (ouch, heels). I told myself, the most useless thing is pride when it comes to building a good relationship. But in front of you, I just can’t put my pride down. I care so much for how you think of me. 

She dashes to his house but he’s not in. Even though she wants to apologise and tell him that she likes him, ultimately, I rather lose to my pride than for you to not love me. 

(She also passes by him drinking but doesn’t realise it).

Huan Zhen returns home and tells her mum the entire truth. Although her mum really thinks that the two of them have matching fates, that’s useless if Huan Zhen is so unhappy due to the relationship. Huan Zhen returns to her room and takes out the pressed white rose, thinking of all the good times with Hao Meng.

Evil brother sees the photos of Qian Yao kissing Huan Zhen and is pissed off, not realising that these photos are precisely those that Qian Yao wants him to see. Hao Meng gets so drunk and stumbles out of the bar. Someone knocks into him and tucks some photos into his pocket.

The next day, Sheng Nan visits Qian Yao to discuss with him her proposal. She overhears that Huan Zhen is going to have a meeting with Qian Yao soon and realises that Huan Zhen is going to get the case.


“No matter how well I write my proposal, or raise better conditions, or do it fast, that’s useless. Because when she appears, you will reject me.” She fails to realise that the person who wants Huan Zhen’s proposal is Qian Yao’s brother, not Qian Yao. He tries to explain repeatedly, but she keeps interrupting him and eventually confesses to him.

“Actually, I really, really like you. When I knew you and Huan Zhen were dating, I felt so much regret. I should have told you earlier that I like you. Before Huan Zhen liked you, I liked you first. Maybe if I tried harder, or was prettier…maybe you will, maybe there’s a possibility that you will like me.”

She turns around and thanks him. This is probably the best and the last opportunity to make that confession that she should have made years ago.

Well, I suppose Qian Yao was momentarily confused there because he knows that he never dated Huan Zhen but he’s visibly touched by her confession and chases after her.

Hao Meng wakes up from his hangover and sees the photos of a burnt doll on the floor. He gets a call from the ditched husband in the previous episode and deduces that Huan Zhen is in danger. He calls her and finds out where she is, but before he can warn her to protect herself, he hears a scream.

When he reaches the building, he sees Sheng Nan standing by Huan Zhen and Qian Yao at the side.

With a flashback, we see that while Huan Zhen was on the phone, Sheng Nan came out from one lift and Qian Yao from the other.

The ditched hubby pushed Huan Zhen and threw gasoline all over her, before approaching her threateningly with a lighter.


At that last heartstopping moment, Sheng Nan ran towards Huan Zhen and hugged her while Qian Yao pushed the hubby away. To be honest, I don’t really know what’s the use of Sheng Nan hugging Huan Zhen because even if she isn’t doused in gasoline, she will definitely be burnt by the fire as well? But I LOVE the idea that she did that anyway.

The detective knows that the only link between the ditched hubby and Huan Zhen is that they both know Hao Meng. However, Hao Meng denies that there’s anything between him and Huan Zhen and claims that they are only friends. Even though ditched hubby ran away, but now that they have his identity tracked down, the police has clearer ideas where to find him. That mother-child a while ago? That was his wife and child.

Qian Yao offers to fetch Huan Zhen home. Hao Meng finds out that he’s her uni senior and is devastated.


Huan Zhen knows that Qian Yao probably wants something from her since he’s such a flirt, but Qian Yao claims that all he wants is for her to forget their past grudge.

Huan Zhen’s parents belatedly find out about the burning incident from the television HAHA and fusses over Huan Zhen when she returns. The parents quarrel over who to find – the culprit or the police, and Huan Zhen sneakily runs off, “If you want to know anything else, just watch the news.”

Huan Zhen’s mum suddenly rushes out to see the tree she planted for Huan Zhen and realises that all the leaves have fallen off. The tree gave its nutrients to the cactus, which is now thriving. How romantic! But it also kinda sound like a parasite situation!

Evil brother wants to steal Qian Yao’s girl, but that’s exactly what Qian Yao wants him to do.

Huan Zhen is annoyed that Hao Meng claims they are only friends. She hears a car outside her house and walks to her balcony. Guess who’s outside playing romeo and juliet!


-the end-

I have a major gripe for the entire show and that is – I think the couple fell in love too quickly. They barely knew each other for a month, or a fortnight! And how did that ex just fall out of the picture so quickly without any loose ends? A bit unrealistic I would say. Putting that aside however, I quite like everything else. The acting, most part of the plot, the friendships and the puns hehe.

I also love the idea that this pairing is one we’ve seen before and like. I didn’t watch their previous drama in its entirety but I think? that their characters are quite different, which is always nice to watch! Needless to say I think their chemistry is awesome and that’s one of the major factors which pull me into the show.

How many episodes does this drama have?








  1. Shountae says

    It’s slated for 15 eps according to MDL. And I totally agree with the timing of the love affair. There was a hint in previous eps that Huan Zhen was Hao Meng’s first love, so maybe that explains the quickness on his side. I really enjoyed the pep and jokes of the earlier epsiodes these last few have been kinda confusing for me, so much happens but I alwys feel unsatisfied at the end. At this point I want more from the Sheng Nan Qian Yao love line…I’m not as interested in the main couple anymore:(. Good recap as always :).


    • Yeah but even then the whole thing was just so quick and rushed. It felt like the couple fell in love with each other simply because they were meant to be, rather than because they actually understood each other. Thank you!^^ It’s always lovely to read your comments<3 Hopefully the next few episodes develop the Sheng Nan love line!


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  3. I think Qian Yue likes Sheng Nan LOL but i think he’s too afraid to admit his feelings because of his brother……


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