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Marry me, or not? Episode 12 Recap

I’M BACK YES I AM. I really enjoyed this episode, which is kind of belated since we are nearing the end of the drama. But what pulled me in was the acting, the tight plot and the conflicts…and oh lots of sympathies and a little rant at the end.

The episode opens with a nerdy Hao Meng talking to the modern Huan Zhen, “I met a girl while I was cycling a few days ago.” “Ooh do you like her?” Yes he does, but everyone else says that she’s not a good girl. But he doesn’t believe himself and the others; he only believes the girl. Huan Zhen explains that she used to be scared that those whom she cares for don’t believe her, so she never made any explanations and pretended that she didn’t care, until she met someone who stayed by her side simply because he believed her.


“I’ve decided that I will be like that person. I will protect her and believe her no matter what happens.” The couple nods at each other and Huan Zhen smiles at his retreating back, “I believe you.”

One thing I really like about this drama is the little monologues/dialogues before each episode which highlights the focus of the day. In this episode, we learn all about Hao Meng’s trust in Huan Zhen and I say, this adds lots of plus points for him<3

Huan Zhen and Evil Brother sign the contract (is it really such a big thing in Taiwan when a company signs a deal with a tour agency??). While Evil Brother drops hints of harassing her, Qian Yao approaches the duo with a waiter in tow. Said waiter ‘accidentally’ knocks the glass of wine  into Huan Zhen so Evil Qian Yao instructs his secretary to bring Huan Zhen up for a change of clothes. Evil Brother downs his cup of wine which is undoubtedly spiked and warns Qian Yao that he’s going to take all the credit for this deal.


Secretary brings Huan Zhen to a room, which turns out to be the Evil Brother’s room. Evil Brother later turns up and mistakes Huan Zhen’s presence as a sign that she’s here to seduce him. He tries to kiss her neck (omg what a trauma) and Huan Zhen successfully pushes him off. However, Evil Brother doesn’t take no for an answer and subtly threatens her with pulling off the deal, “Either you stay and drink with me or I promise you will be left with nothing.”

Huan Zhen picks up the cup of wine…and tosses it in Evil Brother’s face. Evil Brother is provoked (he blinks, shakes his head and is overcome by a sudden sex desire which I find slightly ridiculous) and pushes her to the bed, before attempting to rape her. Qian Yao rushes in at this point, punches his brother and attempts the lamest apology I’ve seen.

Huan Zhen knows this is all set-up by Qian Yao, so she death-glares him and runs off.


While the brother gloats about stealing Qian Yao’s girl, Qian Yao finally unleashes his evil side and laughs that the game he prepared for his brother has just started. The brother gets knocked out and Qian Yao walks ominously towards the CCTV /secret camera in the room.

Sheng Nan who was previously looking for Huan Zhen finally locates her outside the room. She notices Huan Zhen’s dishevelled look and muttered, “Who bullied you?” Ahhh love it when Sheng Nan is in her heroine mode, not so much when she’s a dumb blonde (haha take it literally) under Qian Yao’s spell.


Huan Zhen shakes her head so Sheng Nan brings her away. Qian Yao runs after her but she slaps him, much to Sheng Nan’s shock. Qian Yao explains to Sheng Nan the ‘misunderstanding’.

Huan Zhen tries to settle herself in the cab as she recalls the traumatic near-raped incident. Hao Meng calls her and she can’t bring herself to answer, so she replied with an excuse that she’s at work.


Qian Yao brings Sheng Nan to his house and plants ideas in her head, that Huan Zhen seduced the brother from the start so that she can get the deal from the company. Sheng Nan recalls how Huan Zhen looked and protests, but Qian Yao distracts her, “I’m scared that your kindness will cause you to loose things which belong to you.”

Hao Meng packs all the stuff in his office and gives his Ah Xin his own hand-written notes for the Bar Exam.


Ah Xin is so touched HAHA, especially after Hao Meng says, “My office will always have a space for you.”


News got leaked that Huan Zhen uses sex appeal to make a deal with the Evil Brother/Director of the company and reporters swoop in on her as she enters the office. Sheng Nan tries to defend the attacks, but the real oomph factor is when a voice sounds out, “Did you guys not hear that my client refuses to take any interviews?”


Deng deng deng deng. COOL. Hao Meng rambles on dashingly of all the laws he can slap on the offensive reporters, but one reporter hands him a stack of photos which shows Huan Zhen and the Brother having close physical contact + lying on the bed. Ouch!


Nevertheless, Hao Meng steadfastly warns the reporters of the potential charges (which I love because you can tell his belief in Huan Zhen was not shaken). The Team Leader calls the police on the reporters and hold a little meeting with Sheng Nan, Huan Zhen and Hao Meng.

Huan Zhen pretends to be alright and offers to quit, much to Sheng Nan’s shock. Hao Meng is so frustrated with her, for sucking it all up and taking it quietly, “They will take this opportunity to defame you. At that point in time, even if you explain yourself, no one will believe you, do you understand??”

Hao Meng gets sent out of the office and Huan Zhen assures the Leader that she will finish all her allocated jobs before quitting. Besides, the position she’s holding now as the Controller of the South East Asia can be filled by Sheng Nan.

Sheng Nan asks why Huan Zhen is pretending that it’s alright for people to misunderstand her. Huan Zhen replies that no one’s going to believe her when she says this is just a set-up by Qian Yao. “I’m used to it. I don’t wish for anyone to believe me. I don’t care how others view me.”


Hao Meng finds Qian Yao and pushes him to the pillar but swallows his anger because he knows best that just a simple punch on Qian Yao can cause him to lose his job (assault charges etc).

That doesn’t mean however, that he cannot land a blow on Qian Yao’s stomach, “Firstly, I’m a lawyer and no one will know better than me how to leave no evidence behind when punishing someone.


Secondly, do not underestimate my determination to protect Huan Zhen.”

Am going ga-ga over this guy!! Not so much for Qian Yao lol, but I must say Harry Zhang is performing better than I thought.

Things get ugly really quickly – reporters find their way to Huan Zhen’s house and the scandal is splashed all over the news. Hao Meng’s mum watches a clip of the scandal, where a netizen has even managed to link Huan Zhen to the video clip eons ago (the one where dozens of boyfriends turn up to fight for her). Hao Meng turns away and leaves after Hao Meng’s mum was all like, “You aren’t allowed to find her!!” Ah Xin accidentally leaks that Hao Meng is leaving for Singapore the following week.

As all new scandals go, there must be some random testimony from some random witness. Here, we have a lady from the market testifying that Huan Zhen was living off a rich man when she was still in school. It’s funny how scandals go (not not funny in the haha sense) – people start to conjure up stories and memories warp themselves so that people actually believe their own stories. I think that’s the scariest part of it all.

Huan Zhen’s parents are full of indignation but Huan Zhen murmurs, “As long as you and Dad know that I’m not someone like this.” She hides in her room and her mum is determined to inflict her own brand of punishment – she wants the witness to be single for life, she wants the Evil Brother to fail at his business and she wants all the reporters to be haunted by ghosts. HAHA. Thanks for the comic relief!

Huan Zhen recalls how when she was in high school, she was similarly embroiled in a scandal for dating many guys + dating a senior who was already attached. She protested that all those stories weren’t true but no one believed her. Ahh how my heart breaks for her, but I do wonder why Huan Zhen is so prone to such rumours? Is she supposed to be a very pretty and charismatic character?


Hao Meng calls her on FaceTime, after seeing the hoards of reporters outside her house. He tries to cheer her up by telling her how many charges he’s going to slap on the reporters, and how they can tour the world with the compensation money. Huan Zhen sighs and hopes that the couple doesn’t meet for a while, because she doesn’t want Hao Meng to get a bad reputation too. She’s really touched seeing how Hao Meng believes her so strongly but she wonders if it’s better if Hao Meng has never met her before.


“I’ve never thought that way, so don’t let your thoughts run wild, yeah?”


Nevertheless, Hao Meng promises not to meet her for a while but he wants Huan Zhen to be unaffected by the naysaying. In any case, she’s going to leave to Korea for the work trip. At night, Hao Meng asks Sheng Nan for a favour.

The next morning, Huan Zhen emerges from her house with her luggage and obviously, the reporters harp on the timing of her departure. Is she just going overseas to escape the scandal? Hao Meng appears suddenly in normal clothes (I realise how little I see of him in normal clothes?? He’s always in a suit and tie) and declares, “I’m so sorry but I have a flight to catch with my girlfriend. We will not be accepting any interviews.”

Although Huan Zhen is initially taken aback with him, she starts smiling when he rambles about how he can’t take it thinking of Huan Zhen touching all the male models. He’s going to Korea with her! Faced with Huan Zhen’s silence, Hao Meng awkwardly offers to stay in Taiwan instead but Huan Zhen’s like obviously she’s happy that he’s going.


However, the couple soon makes it on the news even as they are on the plane. Which is ridiculous too because the incident was probably 3 hours ago and now their faces are plastered all over the newspapers which are distributed on the plane??? Come on. Huan Zhen hears all the criticisms whispered on the plane and looks disturbed.

Hao Meng quickly tells her that he’s afraid of taking plane rides and he wants her to keep holding his hand and talking to him so as to distract him. Huan Zhen promises to do just that and he smiles, but his expression quickly fades into fear HAHA.

Turns out the favour Sheng Nan did for Hao Meng was to help him book a flight next to Huan Zhen. In addition, Hao Meng wants her to find out the truth from the “Jiang – something – Yao”, especially since she loves him. She should know that the person who is hurt the most at the end isn’t the one being deceived but the one who said the lies.

The Dad is actually pining for the mum but has too much pride to say so. When the doorbell rings, his face is actually really soft and happy when he sees Hao Meng’s mum, but the lady barrels past him and scolds Sheng Nan for not telling her the news that Hao Meng is leaving for Singapore with Huan Zhen. Sheng Nan cries that she’s maligned but her mum doesn’t believe her. Dad tells her to keep her hands off Hao Meng’s business, causing her to rattle off at him. Family gets shocked when the couple news gets reported on tv. Seriously this is slightly too dramatic.


Couple lands in Korea and Huan Zhen is thankful for the silence. It seems like things are back to normal. The couple visits all the sights, takes loads of photos and kisses everywhere hehe.

Didn’t you say that you hate taking photographs?

I really hate them, but I’m starting to like it a little now.  I like how you smile at me when I’m taking a photo of you, or how you look at me. Because of you, I’ve stopped detesting many things which I hated before. 

For example?


I hate taking pointless strolls, I hate eating at crowded stalls, I hate taking the plane…I even hate travelling. But with you, the streets and scenery became beautiful. The stalls get more delicious. 

Because of you, even the smallest trivial thing becomes meaningful. 

Sheng Nan is bothered by what her mum told her – if Huan Zhen is leaving for Singapore with her brother, there’s really no need for her to strike that sex deal with the Director. She confronts Qian Yao, who faced with such a logical argument, decides to come up with comeback story of how the person Huan Zhen wanted to meet that day in the room was him, Qian Yao. OMG LOL. The story is getting more and more far-fetched. Huan Zhen intentionally spilt a drink on herself and sneakily told him that she’s waiting for him. Those photos? They were taken by a private investigator who was set on the Evil Bro by Evil Bro’s wife. Seriously Sheng Nan can you even hear this guy properly??

The icing on the cake story finally arrives, “The person in my heart has always been you. Sheng Nan, I like you.” Qiao Qiao’s acting is really good here! There’s this mix of doubt, excitement and confusion after she hears the confession.


The couple does the usual thing of locking a heart. Huan Zhen adds a I love you after Hao Meng only writes their names. Hahahaha. Hao Meng is a fast learner and picks up the pen to write forever.

At the tower, Huan Zhen is touched by the recent campaign to place couple photos on the wall. Even though Hao Meng initially scoffs, “They really know how to package love,” he runs off to get something. His phone drops out of his coat so Huan Zhen anxiously turns it on to test if it’s working.

She sees all the notifications from all the concerned parties and realises something is wrong. She finds a clip on her phone where Hao Meng is declared to have nothing to do with the Green Asia movement. Huan Zhen is traumatised – did Hao Meng just get kicked out? At this point in time, Hao Meng’s junior calls. She initially wishes to speak to Hao Meng but under Huan Zhen’s questioning, she reveals that the break was suggested by Hao Meng who didn’t want the movement to be tainted by any bad reputation.


There was a way out – simply deny having any relationship with her, but Hao Meng didn’t want to do that. To believe cannot be said so casually, so when you are mistaken by everyone else, he should stand up for you. He should hold your hand and protect you with his trust; he should use his smile to block off those who hurt you. 


Huan Zhen tears up knowing that Hao Meng said this but learns that the leader of the movement would still take Hao Meng back, so long as he breaks away from all the negative news. Everyone knows what that means right? Negative news = her. By the way, aren’t long-distance calls supposed to be really expensive??

Hao Meng returns with a polaroid because he wants to take a photo with her, “With you, it’s different.” Huan Zhen hugs him and he smiles, before she (seems to) jokingly grumble, “Do you know that I really like you?”

With Huan Zhen’s narration in the background, the couple kisses passionately back in their apartment and off go the clothes. The couple land on the bed as they kiss and caress each other.

When you fall in love with someone, you are willing to sacrifice a lot…a lot for him. For him, you will force yourself to become stronger than before. Even if your heart hurts, it doesn’t matter.

Because you know, your courage and your strength is so that the both of you can be together…until you realise, the real ‘I love you’ is not about being together. 


Hao Meng, I love you.


-the end-

Noble Idiocy is not my thing but I think that this is one of the more unique takes on it, and a very mature take at that. Although making out (which probably leads to *ahem* in this case) is slightly…what would you call it…like I never quite like the idea that you have sex with somebody simply because you know that you are going to part with that person. However, I do see that it’s also supposed to symbolise their love and union anddd I do think that the particular way in which it is presented in this episode portrays a very bittersweet ending. I in fact, quite like it. Yes the prudish side in me is still slightly taken aback that the acting went full-out with none of the usual funny censoring, but…yeah I think I do like the ending of this episode! Quite nicely directed, especially with the narration ahhh.

I think everyone acted really well, even Harry Zhang, which is surprising because he’s more of a singer than an actor. I do take issue with two things – one, the minor gripe that the scandal is blown so big. It IS a scandalous matter but the speed at which things spread around and get splashed everywhere is slightly dramatic. This is however, a drama obviously so yep that’s just a minor thing.

The more major gripe I have with this entire scandal is — where is the blame on the Evil Brother? Where??? I’m not sure if the scriptwriters intentionally write it this way (I’m hoping it is) or if the Director purposefully did this to let viewers think, but the absence of any blame on the male figure in this scandal is slightly appalling. A sex deal has two parties in it – a male and a female (in this case). Why is the attention focused all on Huan Zhen, as if it’s her sole fault for entering into such a ‘deal’? Do not paint the man as the poor seduced victim because that’s nonsense; similarly, do not paint Huan Zhen as the immoral one simply because she seduced him. To add fuel to the fire, they even linked it back to the video episodes ago. I love the link because I always like any small mentions of plot events which bring past and present episodes together but I hate the link as it implies that Huan Zhen is a loose woman with loose morals just because she has many previous boyfriends. What even…

Can’t wait for the next episode and more great acting!



    • Didn’t really like how the couple fell in love with each other but once you get past that, the show is pretty awesome! The cast has good acting skills(:


  1. bossu says

    Hi! I think the writer purposely left out the impact of the scandal on Evil Bro because this time whatever happen to him simply has no contribution to the overall plot. That particular event has only one purpose: as a trigger of another hurdle for the main couple to overcome (and to give some storyline to Sheng Nan and Qian Yao, maybe). And banzai for sexytime in this episode, their chemistry totally asking for it


    • HI there! Actually yes I agree entirely with you, that particular story line was just to provide another hurdle. However, I feel that on the bigger picture, it just doesn’t make sense – Qian Yao’s primary target is his brother; Huan Zhen was merely a convenient tool since he didn’t like her as well. Then, why is the brother completely left out such that it seems like Qian Yao’s target was Huan Zhen?

      Anyway YES hahahaha their chemistry is amazing, I’m so glad they came together for another show.


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