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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 13 Review

Yes I’m still on this show. HAHA.

I googled for a few recaps/comments/reviews on this episode and boy, I love all the posts. I would link them here except it seems like they have ad pop-ups on their sites. I don’t really approve of ad pop-ups heh.

ANYWAY, I pretty much have a sense of what the general opinion is but since this is my post, I’m just going to ramble slightly about what I feel.

I LOVE the show after the 5-year leap. I do miss the girls in their high school days and the school setting. A few of the scariest scenes were set in that high school. However, it was really fun seeing the girls out of school and being adults. In a way, they are now at a age where the show’s audience can once again relate to (just do the math – if they watch the show when they were teens and they grew up while the Liars didn’t, the 5 year leap pretty much brings everyone on par again). Obviously as some people have pointed out, the ‘success’ factor is a bit overdone. Maybe if they were 27 yeah…but they are 23 year olds? We have a fashion designer, a publicist, a lobbyist, a games app entrepreneur…but this is fiction, so I guess I kinda like it too seeing how the Liars grow up and find something they love to do. Emily is enough as a symbolic character to represent the rest of us *cough* – broke, desperate and real.

For this week’s episode (oh I love, love those commentaries HAHAHA), I too have some thoughts (not in chronological order).

  1.  Like the intro but seriously, has 2 years (?) of being tortured not teach you guys how to check your rooms before you leak serious information? And omg when that bandaged hand moved, I was quite taken aback. For some reason.
  2. Love how Spencer shut down the journalist. Seriously, people have to stop nosing their…noses…into other people’s businesses.
  3. Didn’t quite appreciate the fact that Hanna deleted the footage (I mean come on, you got to realise that someone is going to find out right??) and that she ran straight to Spencer to find a solution AND semi-guilt-tripped the poor lady.
  4. Not quite sure what Ezra’s up to, but he’s shady and so is Lucas, and that means that neither of them are uber As (I think).
  5. Love the acting in that scene where Ezra flared up. I replayed just to watch Aria jump. Hee.
  6. Miss the chemistry between the girls. Right now, I still get a sense that they don’t really trust one another, although I do like the interaction between Hanna and Emily.
  7. Didn’t see that donating eggs storyline at all. But that’s sweet if it’s the truth!
  8. All the actresses’ acting are so sharp in this episode. I feel like they brushed up on their skills after a break or something.
  9. “Ezra likes small women.” HAHAHA.
  10. Where’s Alison and Mona and Toby? I MISS THEM.
  11. Oh I love the intro intro, as in the part where the song plays and each girl takes turn to put a finger to her lips<3
  12. Now, finally, let me address this issue that is Spaleb.

Definitely not the popular opinion here, but I don’t see what’s wrong with Spaleb. Okay I have to explain myself – I’m thinking of this both from a crazy-about-Haleb-fangirl and just a viewer. As a Haleb supporter and someone who has followed the show faithfully for 6 years, I don’t like the idea of my favourite couple not being together at the end of the show. I’m sad about it. Besides, why build the couples for so many years (Haleb and Spoby) then split them apart with just a season of episodes left? That’s not very smart. I’m not exactly sure if the writers are going to stick it out with Spaleb, but if they don’t, I would like to see a logical and compassionate storyline to bring the respective couples back again. If Hanna is going to break up with her fiance (whom she’s so in love with right now), give the break-up its due attention and sufficient emotions. Don’t make it look like breaking your engagement to be with your high-school sweetheart is the easiest and most *responsible* thing to do. BUT let me just clarify once again, I LOVE HALEB.

As a viewer and just a reader of commentaries/comments, I am slightly taken aback at all the hate on Spaleb because Spencer is Hanna’s best friend and Caleb is Toby’s. I’m not sure how strong this bro code/sis code is in various communities, but I’m quite sure that in reality, this happens all the time. In fact, I’m not that old (hah) and I’ve already seen it happen twice. Sure, the best friends don’t hang out together anymore and people talk about it for a while, but is it really a moral wrong that deserves condemnation? At the rate people are going, I think that’s what they think! And that appalls me because it really depends on the circumstances, doesn’t it? If there’s cheating going on behind the scenes, then I agree that this couple is brought together in the most undesirable manner and they probably do not deserve well-wishes. However, given that Spencer and Hanna have broken contact probably for a few years, there’s no cheating and Hanna and Caleb have only dated in high school – really, what’s all the fuss about? 

I think people need to see it in perspective. Seriously to me, this is all fiction and drama. I’m not going to be the most pleased if Haleb isn’t together but they aren’t real characters. If you see this as a modelling of real life (what are they teaching their viewers?), sure let’s put in real-life terms. You may have grown up with the couple for 6 years, but really, they only dated for 1 to 2 years while they were in high school. If I’m not wrong, Spencer and Caleb kept in contact for 3 years ever since they ran into each other in Spain. And also, they grew up. Seeing it that way, I really don’t know why people are so disgusted. So…even if 10 years have passed, Caleb is still off-limits to Hanna’s friends? Okay… I personally think yeah it’s weird for Spaleb to be together because how is Hanna ever going to face them without awkwardness again? but I don’t condemn the couple.

And if you are scratching your head now thinking why did thoughtsramble dedicate such a long rambling post to this issue, it’s because you have no idea how many extreme comments I’ve read. I just felt, in turn, slightly appalled with the comments I’m reading. If you feel the same way as I do, do drop a comment! Or if you disagree with me, let’s have a friendly discussion in the comment box too:D

Now that we get that over and done with, can we just look at this make-out scene:


Can I admit, I kinda shouted noooo at my computer. Hahaha.

AND FINALLY, A is back. YES.


Except he’s/she’s back with a devil icon, which is NO way as cool as -A, so I’m still trying to understand the decision…well, I guess you can’t sign off as -B. Haha.

Looking forward to the next episode!


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