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Something about 1% Episode 16 Review (Finale)

I don’t want this to end ever.

So busy that I only just got to appreciate this finale and just really wanted to say how much I love the couple’s dynamics. I think there’s a nice sense of balance in that Jae In still retains that strong headedness and stubborness, but you can totally tell that when Da Hyun wants to win her battles, he will not force himself on her. This is why I’m okay with him being so firm with what he wants sometimes, because I feel that his ideas are proceeding only because Da Hyun herself is okay with it.

I would have loved watching her march down the aisle but I guess it could be due to low-budget, or maybe the scene was unnecessary. I loved all the small little bits of information about how this couple dealt with married life and I see compromises on both parties to make this work – and that’s what’s really touching. I like it that the Mum is all on Da Hyun’s side, even if she may not understand Da Hyun’s likings.

I like the scenes where she runs back for a hug  or when he finds her at the bazaar, or when she falls asleep at the classical music. The way Jae In shoots back at the secretary like – are they saying I’m having an affair? It’s not true – is amusing because it shows how unaffected he is by all these reports and how these naysayers will not damage their relationship one bit. It’s interesting because that’s a huge development from where they were months and months ago.

I was right – the ultimate “villains” were themselves. The ones stopping them from having happiness is themselves. Once the drama shows that the script was heading in that direction, it is satisfying to watch them come back together and watch them put in the commitment to make everything work. As Jae In puts it, people break up because they stop loving each other, so why do they have to break up when they love each other?

Although this show does not have a plot at all, I do really enjoy the interactions between the two leads. It’s a really light-hearted and happy watch, something simple and heartwarming. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!


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