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Something about 1% Episode 14 Recap

The day has come when our leads break up, just as what they had planned six months ago according to the contract.

Da Hyun buys sports wear for Jae In and is reluctantly pulled into a run with Jae In. They listen to music together, chat on the phone at night and take walks just to prolong the time, just like how a normal couple would. Throwback feels to many episodes back where Hyung Joon encouraged him to do such things.

Jae In’s mum finds Da Hyun at the school and tells her that she really wants Jae In to be the successor of the company. Before she has to warn/threaten Da Hyun, (or anything of that evil mum sort), Da Hyun assures her that Jae In and she aren’t going to get married. After all, it’s reaching the end of the contract. Jae In’s mum has a good impression of Da Hyun and laments to the grandfather that it’s a shame Jae In cannot marry her.

On the night before the last day, Jae In calls Da Hyun out for coffee but they sit silently. She breaks the silence by asking cheerfully what he wants to do the next day. He suggests going on a trip since they haven’t gone anywhere far before.

In the car next morning, Da Hyun laughs that Jae In’s classical music will put her to sleep, “Are you planning to do something bad after I fall asleep?” When Da Hyun turns on Ji Su’s new song, Jae In comments that it makes his head hurt. She murmurs that their taste in music is different, which is sad because I guess it’s a reflection of how different their worlds are.

But Jae In holds her hand, “That may be true, but nevertheless, we have been fine together thus far.”

They head to the ocean and Da Hyun looks at the mountain with Jae-In thoughts, like whether the mountains should be mowed over to make way for a hotel. Jae In laughs and offers her a job at his company.

He later frowns in bewilderment when Da Hyun suggests that they take off their shoes so that they can walk in the sea, “Ocean~ Memories~ Romance!~ Pick one reason.” Jae In relents and of course they have a good time walking in the waters in the end.

They relax in a cafe and after some banter, Jae In asks Da Hyun what kind of man she will look for now. She recalls all the good deeds he has done and narrates that she wants to find a good man – someone who helps a fallen kid, a person who is considerate towards his elders and who is considerate. Even though she has him in mind, Jae In pouts, “That’s the opposite of me.” Ahh he has no idea about the good side in him, does he.\


He stalks off but returns with an early birthday gift for her – it’s a necklace (since a ring wouldn’t be appropriate).

Grandfather collapses and Mum calls Jae In frantically, so the couple has no choice but to return to Seoul, even though Jae In is certain that it’s just some trick again. At her house, they hide their true feelings for each other, even though the sense of longing is so strong.

When Jae In asks if she has fallen for him, “Not even this much?”, Da Hyun asks him back the same question, to which he replies, “I tried my best to.” Liars both of you!

In the end, he hugs her and tells her that she’s a really good woman. She replies that he’s not a very good man hahaha, and warns him not to be too mean or he would get stabbed at night. Oops.

They look at each other again in silence and Jae In leans in for one last hug. “Don’t…meet a good woman. If you do, I would feel bad.” “Make sure you meet a good man. That way…I will feel less sorry towards you.”


Jae In doesn’t even have time to truly dwell in this break up, because he learns that Grandpa’s health is in trouble for real. They are sure that Jae In is the next heir since he has fulfilled the conditions regarding Da Hyun and Mum confirms that the two have broken up.

Very quickly, Jae In steps into the executive director role. Hyung Joon is sad, like us, that the couple broke up because he felt like they would really get married and have children. Jae In murmurs that if they do get married, Da Hyun will have to attend official public events and will always be in public limelight. He can’t even promise that he will be by her side. If Grandpa passes away, he will be lucky if he works only 14 hours a day and she will have to attend all the meetings all by herself.”I couldn’t possibly ask her to marry me.” Awwww.

The couple look at photos of each other and Da Hyun seems to be waiting for his call, but they both know that nothing is going to happen. She sees him on the news and feels that he has turned almost into a different person.

All this heartache is taking a toll on Da Hyun and she finally collapses with a fever. Hyun Jin discovers quickly enough and calls her brother hastily. Hyun Jin wants to kill Jae In but her brother tells her that he could be suffering just as much as Da Hyun.


Which he is, because as he watches his grandfather, Jae In sobs, “Aren’t you going to yell at me for losing her and to call me an idiot? Please tell me I did the right thing. Please tell me that things will be okay, even though it’s so hard right now.” I like this scene! It is quite refreshing because I haven’t seen Jae In cry in this drama yet.

He continues to slog his life out but a call brings him to the entertainment agency to find his half-sister, Soo Jung. Ohhh so that’s how they are related…but honestly, I still don’t see the relevance of this girl. Jae In spots Ji Su in a room and probably gets reminded of Da Hyun. He brings Soo Jung back to his hotel and runs into Hyun Jin, who misunderstands the relationship between the two. What’s worse is that Soo Jung calls Jae In oppa and we all know how that sounds. She retorts that Da Hyun is sick and dying but Jae In sure moves on fast.

Maybe that’s the only point of having Soo Jung in the show – fake love interest.  Jae In drives to Da Hyun’s house and looks up, but by the time she appears at the balcony, he’s gone.

Grandpa finally wakes up and gets nagged by Mum and Jae In. When will Grandpa and Da Hyun meet??


Jae In’s mum brings a change of clothes for Jae In, who has pulled another all-nighter once again. She gently asks if he would like to meet the daughter of Gangnam Hospital, to which he replies no. Just when you think it’s because he has a heartache, he tells his mum that the hospital is facing cash flow problems and that she should be wary of whoever who suggested that Jae In should meet the daughter.

Mum is pleased at his reason for rejecting. Jae In on the other hand, recalls memories of Da Hyun and starts tearing while eating. Ahhh:'(


He visits her school when she isn’t around and she similarly pines for him after he’s gone. She wishes that they were just fighting because then at least they can call each other and apologise, “But we can’t even do that now.”

-the end-

I don’t know why but I just really like how this relationship is very realistic and the emotions are very relatable. I mean, sure, we aren’t going to fall in love with a chaebol any day, but the simple joy of just being with someone you love or the sense of longing when you are apart, or how life gets so difficult when you don’t have each other by your side – I think the show did a good job of portraying that!

With only 2 episodes left however, I do want there to be some action in the next episode. I feel like their biggest enemy is themselves and the different worlds they live in. There are no other villains – Han Joo Hui is gone, Tae Ha’s father is gone, so that makes it a little boring as well because there isn’t much conflict to last Episode 15 and Episode 16.

However, I really enjoy this simple romance and it is because of the couple’s chemistry that I keep coming back for more. Hwaiting, the two of you!!


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