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Translation of Aaron Yan’s Birthday Message

It’s Aaron Yan’s 32nd Birthday!

I used to be a huge fan of Aaron Yan and as a small gesture, I’ve decided to translate his birthday message for international fans! The original message can be found here. Please drop a comment if you find any errors in the translation.

Dear You All:

The 13th Birthday with you guys as company, Thank You, and Sorry.

Thank you all for living with hard work, thank you for gifting me the words I’ve once said to you guys when I need it the most, thank you for being willing to take photos with your phone till enjoying music with me; thank you for just supporting an idol till being willing to get to know Wu Geng Lin (note: his original name).

I’m sorry that I have a try-hard character, a personality that is hard to understand. Sorry that I’m at times stubborn and obstinate, sorry that I don’t love myself sometimes and gave myself scars.

Thirteen years aren’t too long nor too short, it seems like it’s just the right amount of time to know someone, to start understanding the complicated yet fragile soul underneath every skin, to slowly understand everyone’s vibrancy and everyone’s style; I’ve always been someone who doesn’t really know how to make friends, not to say having great socialising skills. This used to bother me, and I often feel like I don’t fit in, but one day, I decided that even if sincerity may not be returned with sincerity, I shall try as hard as possible to make friends with honesty. After 7th November, maybe I have become distrusting of people, maybe I will start become guarding, but I still cannot face with people with a mask. Maybe this period, I will walk with my head bowed low and not daring to meet people’s eyes, but I definitely wouldn’t bury myself in my vulnerability. Forgive me for not wanting to say anymore, because I don’t wish to add more hurt in an already-noisy world. Rather than looking at the world with hatred, I choose to be led forward by love.

I love you guys, and only love is the medicine to all troubles. Love contains forgiveness, tolerance, respect, compassion. Love means knowing others’ bitterness, others’ pain. A person can only, in his most naked state, understand the bliss and warmth being surrounded with love. Right now I am naked, and maybe not so strong, but I feel a lot of love that is helping to block me from cold criticisms. I have you guys, family and friends, I am so fortunate, but it also makes me realise I have to treasure everything.

Thank you, the 13th Birthday that I have you guys. This is an unforgettable birthday, it’s a year that I always remember, because it gave me the biggest challenge and deepest revelations, but at the same time, gave me the most warmth and the purest love.

Goodnight, thank you, sorry, I love you.

Lun 2018/11/19


Photo credit to Aaron’s Facebook


      • I’m good, thanks for asking. I’ve just been very busy lately. You’ve been posting a lot! I’ve got them all saved in my email so I can catch up and comment when I have some free time. (Probably in late January – we’re having to move across town right after Christmas.)

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      • Hehe yeah I’ve been trying to post more (although still quite little by my goals) because I may be taking a hiatus in 2019/switching up to review style. Oooh hope the logistics is working out!


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