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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 21 Review

My thoughts about this episode in a quick look^!

I really didn’t like how Emma was all angsty and bitter towards her parents for the past few episodes, and with Hook’s magical soothing words, she realises that she’s quite foolish. Okay I understand the rationale behind her anger, and I really like the connection between Emma and Hook, but I just felt that the rage was all too dragged out, and the making-up was too quickly skimmed over. A kind of imbalance. Besides, I don’t understand why they didn’t harp on the part where the Author changed their stories. I mean, even the Apprentice did something wrong because of the Author, what more about Snow White and Prince Charming? I think that at least 70% of what they did to Lily was because of the Author actually. It just felt weird that they mentioned that so passingly because it was dismissed as an excuse.

I like the flashback with Cora – she was quite a fascinating character. I just wasn’t sure how this fits in the timeline. Cora’s story always confuses me so, and I cannot remember if this sudden change of heart and motherly affections actually flow naturally to the next chronological scene where we see her again with Regina.

I appreciate the change in the plot. Fairytales are always about good characters winning and evil villains getting their bad endings. Always. Once Upon A Time is premised upon that same idea, with deeper characterisation to the well-known characters and better twists. (I LOVE the idea of Rumplestiltskin doubling as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. That was brilliant.) It will thus be fun to watch what happens when a story that begins with ‘Once Upon A Time’ is no longer written for the good, and it is the villains who will ‘live happily ever after’.

I just think that it’s a pity they couldn’t make the plot tighter. This season is slightly boring and draggy, despite having good intentions in furthering the plot. If they had bothered to save time on some plots, and elaborate on the others (for example, never quite understood how Belle just moved on from Rumple, and I shall declare right now that I am not a fan of Robin + Evil Queen), this season could have been so much better.

I thought this will be a quick review but it turns out that I have a lot of things to say actually HAHA.

Can’t wait for the season finale!


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