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Fall In Love With Me Episode 10 Recap

Finally a bit of change in the angst in this episode!!

I'm a very rational kind of person, so I can't really relate with the way Tao Zi is reacting to Xiao Lu's disappearance. Nevertheless, let us move on from the faint in the rain.

Tian Xing takes Tao Zi's temperature and rests his head on her forehead.


He cries to himself that Xiao Lu should not torture Tao Zi any longer, and kisses her forehead tenderly.


In the kitchen, Fu Bo consoles Tao Ma that if Xiao Lu and Tao Zi are meant to be, they will be back together despite the odds. He asks if Tao Ma can consider Tian Xing as he really likes Tao Zi too, but Tao Ma replies that relationships cannot be forced and as parents, they can only sit at the back. Fu Bo laments, "Indeed you cannot force feelings," and Tao Ma gives him a look (hahah cos of their past).


Tian Xing assures Tao Ma that he will send Tao Zi home the next day and will take good care of her. When she leaves, he stares at his reflection and wonders, "Did I really lose to myself?"


I LOVE this scene hahaha — the reflection brings out both sides of him, the idea that both figures belong to one person, but only one is real. The way he stares forlornly at his reflection…it gets me in the heart.

He returns to the bedroom to find that Tao Zi has woken up. She insists on going home that night despite Tian Xing's urge for her to rest.


He follows her out and she asks when he's going to stop tagging her footsteps. He exclaims that he's worried about her and he can't sit around doing nothing (aww) but she remains firm that she wants to have alone time. "Do I not have the right to like you? Does Lu Tian Xing mean nothing to you??"

"You look a lot like Xiao Lu, but you aren't him. When I see you, I get reminded of him. That only makes me unable to be strong."


She turns and walks away, leaving Tian Xing hurt and in despair. He thinks to himself, "Fine, if you want Xiao Lu, I will return him to you."



Fu Bo asks if Tian Xing is really returning as Xiao Lu, and Tian Xing sighs that he has already lost — lost to the character that they both created. Fu Bo reminds him that there is no win or loss here, since they are both him. He already promised Lance that he will return to Tian Ji in three months. Now that there's only one month left, sooner or later, he will need to leave OZ anyway, and Tao Zi will still be as sad.

Tian Xing's answer? It was like what I feared. He's planning to stay by Tao Zi's side forever and…make Tian Xing disappear:( .

Tao Zi is out walking Xu Mi Bao and takes out her phone to text Xiao Lu "Xiao Lu, where are you? I miss you." She stares at the screen for a while and the word 'read' appears next to the texts. A second later (and the background music stops), a reply "I miss you too."


AHH~ She is taken aback with relief at this reply that she doesn't notice Xu Mi Bao running off. When she finally realises, she tries to find him and this leads her to…


Xiao Lu walks towards her, "I'm back," and hugs her.


Tao Zi is in disbelief and asks if he's really Xiao Lu. He takes her hand to caress his face. Mmhmm that's right, he's there in flesh and blood. He smiles and they hug again. Kya~~

They return back home and Tao Zi worries that Xiao Lu is going to get a hard time from her mother. Xiao Lu holds her hand tightly and says, "From today, I will not let go of you."


They step into the house together.  A scene later, Tao Ma appears with a knife and asks Miao Miao if the knife is blunt.


Miao Miao crosses her arms and says yeah indeed. HAHA, look at their faces.


Jokes aside, Xiao Lu is here to apologise for making them worry about Tao Zi. Tao Ma demands to know the status of their relationship, "There's no such thing as best friends!!" When Tao Zi protests, she stands up and retorts, "The one who looks really like you, that Lu Tian Xing, he had a lot of guts to tell me that he likes Tao Zi. I don't think his sincerity is any less than yours. I won't help you if he gets Tao Zi!"

Xiao Lu's smirk HAHA.


Xiao Lu promises that he's back here for Tao Zi and everyone is happy when he declares that he will be back in OZ and next to Tao Zi.

When Xiao Lu leaves the house at night, they hug again and he apologises for making her so sad in the past few days. He tells her that there's a place he wants to bring her to and the next thing we know, she's packing her clothes next to a hyper excited Miao Miao. HAHA

"A few days ago you were still sad. Today, he came here to have a showdown with your mother, and tomorrow, you guys are going on a trip??? Isn't your progress too fast? Are you guys going to stay in the same room? You need to prepare — some sexy lingerie, some scented candles –"

HAHA please, don't put strange ideas into her head.

The couple leaves happily for a trip up the mountains. Xiao Lu tells Tao Zi that that place has importance to him and he always wanted to bring someone significant here. "Who?" (Do you even need to ask.___.) "You of course, silly." From now on, he's going to keep important people and important things in his heart. Tao Zi reaches out for his face, still in disbelief at the turn of events.


He brings out a bracelet and puts it on her wrist. It's a couple bracelet, "We will always be together."


Lance is pleased that the clients they have previously lost are now flocking back to Tian Ji upon hearing news of the collaboration between Tian Ji and OZ. They want OZ's talent but Tian Ji's influence. Fu Bo visits Lance to pass him the new proposal which Tian Xing has drafted. We learn/I deduce that Fu Bo used to belong to Lance's family, but was tasked to take care of Tian Xing when his parents died. That is an interesting plot point — in that case, Tian Xing technically owes Lance's family much more, since Fu Bo is almost like his second father.

Lance doesn't like the new proposal. Fu Bo astutely points out that the two boys have different ideals. While Lance makes for a good businessman who wants to acquire all talent, Tian Xing admires the skills and passion which OZ possesses. He's a dreamer. Lance makes some subtle dark remarks about how he's going to wait for Tian Xing to wake up from his dream.

Back to Tian Xing X Tao Zi's world.

He gazes happily at a family and turns out that this place is so important to him because it's the last holiday destination with his family before his parents passed away.


He tells Tao Zi that his parents would always take him out during the summer holidays despite his father's busy schedule. One day… a train accident took their lives.


I was right in that this must have been the reason behind Tian Xing's agony at hearing the train tracks. THIS IS A CLUE, TAO ZI.

We see a flashback of how Fu Bo consoled small Tian Xing — "Cry your heart out, then be the person your parents will be proud of. I can't be your parent, but I will stay by your side and help you. Don't worry, there's me." He tidied Tian Xing's collars and the two of them walked out to say their last goodbyes to his parents.

Tian Xing is grateful for that 'elder' who taught him how to be strong and courageous. Tao Zi brings their held hands up and reminds him, "Maybe I can't protect you as well as that elder, but Xiao Lu, in the future, as long as you are by my side, I will be like this…holding your hands tightly and not let you be alone."

In this momentous moment, Tian Xing/Xiao Lu confesses, "Tao Zi, let's be together."

And here's our first real couple kiss.


Okay I'm strange, but I feel really sad for Tian Xing. Argh~

What I'm really missing from these episodes is the comic relief. AND WE FINALLY HAVE IT.

Cute moment when Tian Xing (I'm going to call him Tian Xing from now on, in an acknowledgement that he's no longer acting out as two different personas, but rather, Tian Xing pretending to be Xiao Lu) realises that the room orders have been messed up and they have been given a double bed instead of two single beds.



Our couple gets into a fluster "I will put the mattress on the floor–" "I will go and bathe–" and they scurry into different directions. Both find themselves burning hot, and Tian Xing starts to take off his shirt LOL. Tao Zi realises that she has forgotten her towel. In her hurry to get it, they stumble into each other and end up on…


Yeah, in drama-land, it's 100% that you end up on the bed. Not that I'm complaining. And all you fangirls out there, I know we are all admiring Aaron HAHA.

Tao Zi tries to get up but accidentally kicks Tian Xing in the groin. HAHAHA, Tian Xing's eyes literally cross up and roll as he dies in pain.


HAHAHA I can't get over this. That's why I love this show — sometimes they have unexpected small twists and turns that aren't like usual dramas.

Later, Tao Zi asks sheepishly if he's all right. He shakes his head quietly, but mumbles, "Yeah." Hehe you cute boy. Tao Zi apologises but he replies that it's okay, and they turn on their sides to sleep. Deep in the night, Tao Zi still cannot fall asleep and decides to bring her pillow to the floor, next to Tian Xing.



When she closes her eyes, Tian Xing wakes up and thinks to himself, "Sorry that I lied to you…but if this lie will make you happy, I'm willing to be your Xiao Lu forever…forever."


He closes his eyes, and the two of them fall asleep.


I like that sentence that he said to himself. While I think it's a bad decision for him to live out his lie (since lies can never be kept forever), I think that it's also the scriptwriters' intention to let us see how much Tian Xing loves Tao Zi — to the point that he's willing to let go of everything he has in his past, and become a new person entirely for her.

In the morning, Tian Xing sends Tao Zi home. Before she leaves, she gives him a peck on the mouth and he smiles sheepishly.


This couple. Stop. You guys are making me grin too much heh.

Tian Xing gets a text from Fu Bo, who informs him that Huan Huan has been spamming Tian Xing's phone with calls and messages, and that she wants to eat the tangyuans (glutinous rice balls) that he used to buy for her.

He does so in the end, but Huan Huan reveals that she has never liked eating those tangyuans. "I lied to you. I only pretended to like eating those tangyuans because you were very happy seeing that I was delighted eating them."

That's one way to show that Huan Huan doesn't really match with Tian Xing. He sits next to her and accidentally blurts out, "As your brother–" which makes Huan Huan really upset. "You aren't my brother! You are Lu Tian Xing, someone whom I like since I was seven." She gets almost hysterical, "I really like you, I love you, do you know??"


-cue music-

She asks why he couldn't see her as a woman who really likes him and he replies that he already likes someone. "It's Tao Le Si right?" He affirms the fact and she runs back into her room, locking it so that he can't enter. Behind the door, she weeps and shouts, "So what if you like her? The one she likes is Xiao Lu. Even if you look exactly like Xiao Lu, she will never love you. Do you know that? Do you understand??"


He replies softly, "Yes the one she likes is Xiao Lu, but even then, I will continue liking her."

Sigh all these muddled relationships.

At night, Tian Xing finds Lance out for drinks. While the session starts out full of nostalgia and camaraderie, Lance takes a dig at Tian Xing, reminding him that he has a month more to return to the company and be responsible to the company's employees and him. "You have to wake up quickly and stop dreaming."

Tian Xing drops a bomb on Lance and tells him that he's going overseas to further his dreams. "As a friend, you should support me right?"


Lance pretends to accept his choice, but we could all tell that this guy is pissed.

Tian Xing and Fu Bo have pizza for supper and Tian Xing reminds Fu Bo to be careful of his teeth. Hurhur I love moments when the two cheeky guys get together. Fu Bo asks him which base Tao Zi and him is on after the trip, causing Tian Xing to choke on his pizza.


He asks in Taiwanese why Fu Bo is asking this and he replies that he has to check the status out for his ex-girlfriend i.e Tao Zi's mother. Fu Bo asks, "Both the passionate and the cool sides make for your full personality, so when are you going to tell Miss Tao that both deers (Xiao Lu means small deer in Mandarin) are actually one deer?" Tian Xing replies wittily, "I feel that no matter whether it's a small or wide road, they will all lead to Rome…I will tell her when there's the opportunity." (reference to the idiom 'all roads lead to Rome' and the pun between 'road' and 'deer'  as 'small road' sounds like 'small deer' in Mandarin)

Fu Bo reminds him to be careful not to reveal his true character since he will be returning to OZ the next day. "I will be on standby." Tian Xing laughs appreciatively and enquires about Lance's reaction towards the new proposal.

Well, Lance is obviously not happy and decides to ask OZ to be in charge of advertisements for these two companies which Tian Ji rejected because their work ethics and reputation were bad.

In OZ, Miao Miao intentionally brings Xu Mi Bao near Ting Wei since he's allergic to dog fur. In her plans to irritate Ting Wei, both of them get entangled in the leash but don't notice. Helen approaches OZ and is greeted by Jia Gai Xian. She asks if he grew taller and realises he's wearing platform shoes.


LOL. You have got to love Jia Gai Xian, he adds humour to the show without exaggeration.

In almost the same moment, Miao Miao and Helen trip. Miao Miao brings Ting Wei down with her hahaha, resulting in a kiss.


I swear your aim is impeccable.

Helen gets saved in a swoop by Jia Gai Xian, who HAS to say something cheesy like "Did I tell you before that I will always protect you?"

Outside OZ, Leo runs into Tian Xing and Tao Zi who are happily swinging their hands about. They quickly let go of each other's hands, and Tian Xing apologies for his sudden disappearance, hoping that he can join OZ again. Leo smiles and invites him in, but stares at his back suspiciously.


Helen and Ting Wei hand Tao Zi the documents to sign which ties OZ down for which advertisements they are in charge of. Tian Xing realises it's different from the version which he gave Lance and also notices that OZ is given the bad companies. He quickly excuses himself to call Fu Bo. Tao Zi signs on the document unknowingly and when Helen and Ting Wei leave OZ, Tian Xing hurriedly hops into Fu Bo's car and changes. Unknown to the both of them, there's a van who is tagging the car.

In a hilarious moment, Tian Xing asks Fu Bo to catch up with Ting Wei's car and stop it. Fu Bo is like, "Are you sure?" but woah his speeding hahahaha Tian Xing almost loses his balance.


He steps out of the car and motions for Helen and Ting Wei to get out too. He smartly tears up the contract which Tao Zi has just signed, telling the duo to inform Lance that OZ will only sign the new proposal which Tian Xing has given. Tian Xing then returns to OZ in Xiao Lu's clothes. He apologises for giving Fu Bo a hard time, but the latter sweetly confesses that it's actually quite fun. Both of them didn't realise that someone actually videoed him stepping out of Fu Bo's car and waving.

Lance smiles to himself (creepily) upon hearing news that Tian Xing has appeared to tear up the contracts, "He really appeared."

-the end-

I honestly cannot wait for next week's episode! It seems like all the great reveals are going to happen and I've been looking forward to that since a few episodes ago. I like this episode as it has picked up from the angsty mood, peppered with some great confessions and comic relief.

Even though it may seem that Tian Xing's efforts will come to naught next week, I still appreciate that we get to see his genuine and sincere thoughts in wanting to stay by Tao Zi's side. I also think that it's high time Leo suspects something already because he has been giving Tian Xing weird glances for the past episodes.

How are we going to wait for a week??

Also, do check out the mv for That's Not Me on youtube. It's great!!



  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for recapping!!

    I heart you!!! Been waiting for the epi to come out but it is so delayed!!. Now i am dying for the next epi. Tian Xing is killing me! Tao Zi, whyyyyy? You’ve kissed him before, can’t you tell its the same taste? I am sure none of them ate durian beforehand. Urggh


    • Re: Thank you for recapping!!

      Hahahah the eng-subbed version was delayed? SO AM I haha! I love great reveals hehe.

      HAHAHA — awesome idea, I love it.


  2. Fo Bo is such a good parent fure. He doesn’t agree with Tian Xing but he lets him make his mistakes. And the fact that Tian Xing loves her enough to give up being himself speaks so much it’s easier to forgive him.

    I thought it was telling that when she asked if he was really Xiao Lu, he didn’t answer. He avoided answering by putting her hand to his face. And later when he hugs her on their trip he has a very bittersweet expression on his face.

    (Did you see on Soompi the story behind the real bracelet? It’s a pair with the necklace which is the key! Very cool!)

    I found the kiss hard to enjoy. I wanted to like it so much but with him pretending to be Xiao Lu it felt sad and also wrong.

    At least they didn’t fall into a kiss on the bed? (Like the other pair later.) That scene was too funny, though. No way there’s going to be any hanky-panky now!

    I was starting to think Lance wasn’t that bad a guy. Just driven and bitter about work. But now I’m not so sure…

    Glad everything will be coming out next week. I’m still suspecting that Leo has known all along. We will see!

    (And the MV was so wierd!! Cool and creepy at the same time. lol)


    • Yeah! Some dramas come off as lame when leads do noble disappearances and stuff but I thought in this situation, it is a very meaningful (albeit angsty) phase because we see that Tian Xing really loves her.

      Mmhmm I think the script/director/Aaron did a good job at the guilt part. Ooh I didn’t know that! Maybe they will reveal the importance of the key in the later episodes. Yeah I thought the kiss was sweet but I also felt that it was a bit sad.

      Hehe that scene was really funny right?(: The BTS for that scene was really amusing too with Aaron making subtle dirty jokes.


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