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Fall In Love With Me Episode 11 Recap

This episode was so good:D

Fu Bo comes to OZ and declares that the documents which Tao Zi has just signed invalid. Tian Xing has drafted a new one which will allow OZ to take on four other assignments, excluding the companies with bad reputation.


Look at Tian Xing's face of approval.


Well he thought he was being sneaky but in fact, Leo notices the glances between Fu Bo and him. The OZ members suggest having a celebratory party because of their new assignments and Fu Bo turns down the invite because "I have to return home and take care of my Young Mister" LOL who is uh sitting right next to him. Leo hears and looks at Tian Xing with a half-amused expression.


By now, we are certain that Leo knows of Tian Xing's secret.

Celebratory Party is held at Tao Zi's house and the parents are glad to see Xiao Lu again. Miao Miao accidentally reveals the difficulty which OZ faces now — having to cough up 80000000 NTD as the deposit for the assignments. Tao Zi's parents are willing to take the martial arts school as a mortgage but Tao Zi refuses the idea since the place is the fruition of her parents' hard work. Everyone becomes quite depressed but Tian Xing comes to the rescue.


He claims that he has a sum of money which was left behind by his elders and was meant to fund his future projects like a movie production, but since he has never used it before, he can take the money now to save OZ. Parents are really grateful for his help and suggest that he takes 30% of OZ's shares as a kind of deposit so that they won't feel so bad about the loan. Tian Xing tries to refuse but they won't take no for an answer, "What belongs to Tao Zi is yours too:DD"


HEHE look at their shy faces.

Later, Tian Xing meets Tao Zi (as himself) and informs her that this will be the last time that they are meeting because he's going overseas to further his dreams. Tao Zi appears a bit sad because she realises that they will never meet again. (Or so you think!)


Even though he was unable to make her fall in love with him, he hopes that they can still be friends. He puts out his hand and she shakes it lightly. "Thank you, we can finally be friends now. I hope in the future, you will always remember me as your…friend."


He lets go of her hand and baits her gently about how it will be hard to beat him as a benchmark. He leaves cool-ly, thinking to himself, "Tao Le Si, from this moment, Lu Tian Xing will disappear and Xiao Lu will be by your side. The combined love from these two people will be my love to you."

Looking at his back, Tao Zi recalls the times that she has spent with Tian Xing, from their first encounter to the forced kiss to the time he protected her from the falling trophies (that feels like such a long time ago omg), and murmurs, "Thank you…Lu Tian Xing."

I like Tian Xing's mental note because it reminds us again that even though Xiao Lu was just a creation, his love towards Tao Zi is still real and sincere.


Huan Huan's manager is put on a spot because Huan Huan does not want to go for any of her acting or modelling projects. Lance promises to cheer her up and enters her room while she's binging on a tub of ice cream. He assures her that what she likes, "I will get for you."


TSK. Love is not a thing that you can 'get'.

At OZ, Tao Zi passes the documents regarding transfer of shares to Tian Xing (sigh why even talk about shares) and the rest of the members head for lunch while Leo claims to have something to discuss with Tian Xing. Leo sits next to him and taps the table. Tian Xing asks carefully why he wants to talk to him.


Leo replies, "Lu Tian Xing, just what are you up to?" Dum dum dum…I love the change in expression on Tian Xing's face, from shock to realisation that he has been found out to resolution as he takes his specs off.


Leo asks for his motive in staying near Tao Zi and he replies that his motive is clear enough. He likes Tao Zi but she likes his other identity so he can only stay next to her as Xiao Lu and protect her. Yeah and guess who overhears this? Huan Huan.

Tian Xing assures Leo, "When I've decided to appear again as Xiao Lu, Lu Tian Xing has disappeared." Huan Huan is distraught — her Tian Xing Ge Ge is going to disappear?

Tian Xing says that Leo is welcome to divulge the secret in order to remove him as a love rival. Leo has no interest in that. He just wants Tao Zi to be happy, "You better have the ability to keep that smile on her forever." Tian Xing laughs and puts his specs on, "I think I cannot undermine your feelings for Tao Le Si." Okay this Xiao Lu — Tian Xing moment is a bit bipolarish.

Huan Huan has enough of this and leaves OZ.


Not before she knocks over a flowerpot though. The guys rush out to see who is listening but she has already walked out of sight. Leo promises Tian Xing that he will not reveal the secret, but should he hurt Tao Zi, he will be right in front of Tao Zi and will not let him get near her anymore.

Lance is the one behind the van tagging Fu Bo's car in the previous episode (no surprise there). He decides to send the video to Tao Zi. NOOO.

I like the following scenes because I thought the build-up was reallyyy good. Tao Zi's phone vibrates with the incoming message but she doesn't see it yet as she has to talk to a company. Tian Xing walks over with a post it that makes her smile. It's a drawing that has a girl with antlers on her head.


Leo watches him and thinks to himself that he will not reveal Tian Xing's secret, but in return, Tian Xing has to fulfill his promise of taking good care of Tao Zi.

Lance plays with his phone as he awaits any sign that all hell has broken loose in OZ (because of you :<).

A delivery man comes in with a parcel but at the same time, Tao Zi's phone rings. Tian Xing rushes up to help her with the parcel while she picks up the call. It's a lovely surprise call from Jing Ah Yi and Tao Zi calls out to Tian Xing joyfully. For a moment, I thought Lance was gonna call and be like hello, can you please check your phone, I'm impatient. HehXD

Tian Xing then rushes over to pick up the call, but not before he signs off on the parcel with a familiar flourish unthinkingly. The camera zooms in suspiciously on the signature so he probably revealed his identity there. 😦


OZ is very happy with the call and Tian Xing returns to his seat. THEN, Tao Zi finally opens the message with the video attachment and watches the clip of Tian Xing tearing up the contract (with Fu Bo's car in the video) and him leaving the car in Xiao Lu's apparels. I thought the effect was really good with the sun shining from behind her face and with Aaron's music in the background.


She recalls the day when Tian Xing rushed out to buy red bean buns and slowly picks up the carbon paper which has Tian Xing's signature on it.


And yes, it is Xiao Lu who signed for the package, but the signature is that of Tian Xing's.


The truth is out. She rushes to the balcony and shuts the door. Collapsing onto a chair, she finally pieces all the incidents where Huan Huan mistook Xiao Lu as Tian Xing, how he knew the script for their Samsung ad so well and the time where she picked up Tian Xing's wallet and checked his credit card. The signature on the credit card is exactly the same as that on the paper she's holding right now. Woah, I was a bit mind-blown there hehe because of the link they showed between episodes.

The video was good evidence but Tian Xing could still potentially explain his way out of that. This signature? It's undoubted evidence.

Huan Huan runs back to Lance's office and tells him in a horrified tone that she found out Tian Xing is Xiao Lu. She starts breaking down, repeating Tian Xing's words about how Xiao Lu is formed because of Tao Zi. "Indeed, then Tao Le Si fell in love with Xiao Lu, so he decided to make Tian Xing disappear." This causes Huan Huan to cry in despair as Lance hugs her and tells her that they will think of ways to make Tian Xing stay in the company.

Tao Zi sits on a bench and texts Tian Xing for a meet one hour later at a particular restaurant. However, Tian Xing's phone is at home (another sign that he's determined to live his life as Xiao Lu). She recalls what Xiao Lu said about the bracelet and tries to pry it off.


Sigh, and there I was, still hoping that she would forgive him. In this moment, she seems more disgusted though, and can't wait to get the bracelet off her wrist.

Tian Xing reads a text from Fu Bo, who informs him that he should hurry home as there is something very urgent. Tian Xing rushes off from OZ after telling Leo that he has to settle something personal. Leo appears to understand that this means it has something to do with Tao Zi…

…or so we thought, because when Tian Xing opens the door to his house, he is shocked to find Lance's mother. Mmhmm, the one that we all know he can't defy. Lance's mother is the director of Tian Ji and she flew back from England to stop Tian Xing from leaving Tian Ji. She's happy to see Tian Xing dressed in such lovely and vibrant clothes. Tian Xing double-checks if Fu Bo was the one who gave her the keys to enter his house and she nods, telling him not to blame Fu Bo because he's after all, part of the Lee family.

Ouch? That feels like a mini-sting/betrayal and explains why the scriptwriters needed us to know that Fu Bo was from Lance's family and 'loaned' to Tian Xing. Lance's mother asks him out for a catch-up lunch and doesn't want him to change out of his clothes, "I feel like I have three sons." (Lance, Tian Xing in suit, and Tian Xing in Xiao Lu's clothes) Well, you have no idea how close you are to the conflict of this show.


Tian Xing smiles but finally reads the text from Tao Zi. He promises to have lunch with the Mother soon and she leaves, but not before she entreats him once again to stay in the company.

The restaurant that Tao Zi is waiting at turns out to be the one where Xiao Lu stood her up and Tian Xing appeared. She asks if Tian Xing knows why Xiao Lu didn't turn up and he shrugs, "How would I know? I only remember that you said I don't understand what trust means and that Xiao Lu is your friend, so there's no need to suspect him."

"I said…that?" "Yeah, I remember everything you said."


"I also remember everything you said….the day you brought me to the amusement park, you said that Tao Le Si must get more and more courageous each day, turn my brother's dream into mine and not give up –"


Tian Xing's smile freezes as he clenches his fist. He knows what this means.


"You also said, from now on, you will celebrate two birthdays with me every year. You even said…that just like the bracelets, we will not part once together.."


She looks down for a second before meeting his eyes, "What should I call you, Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing?"


"Why did you lie to me?!"

Tian Xing tries to let her understand, that maybe Xiao Lu isn't a 100% representation of his true self, "But my feelings, they are genuine!" Tao Zi scoffs at his words, with tears in her eyes. She thinks that Tian Xing only pretends to be Xiao Lu to get the shares of OZ, so that he can cheat the company out of her. She throws the deer toy at him and says that it represents a lie, "The lie of a person who pretends to be warm and full of smiles only to satisfy his own selfish needs, the creation of a fake mask!"

He tells her insistently that no matter whether it is Xiao Lu or Tian Xing, he treats OZ and her with all his sincerity. She takes out the polaroid that the two of them took and throws it at him, "I don't want to see you ever again."


Tian Xing tries to stop her from leaving but she warns him not to follow her anymore. He does so anyway in his car and ignores a call from Huan Huan, who then calls Tao Zi about Tian Xing's whereabouts.


Tao Zi knows that Tian Xing is following her and tells Huan Huan where to meet Tian Xing. Huan Huan eagerly rushes out of the house and drives to the seaside. She remembers how Tian Xing and her used to fly kites when they were young and waits till Tian Xing and Tao Zi both arrive. Tian Xing tries to grab Tao Zi and ignores Huan Huan's Tian Xing Ge Ge cries. She is infuriated, "She doesn't want you, can't you tell that??"

Huan Huan go away.


Seriously, I don't even know what you are doing here, in a corner of a picture where there should only be Tian Xing and Tao Zi. Tian Xing pretty much tells her to scram and turns his attention back to Tao Zi.


"Listen to me, no matter whether it is Tian Xing or Xiao Lu, they are both genuine towards you. Maybe I wasn't wholly truthful in telling you about Xiao Lu, but at one point time, I wished for Xiao Lu to disappear so that you would fall in love with Lu Tian Xing. But you cried everyday. No matter how I tried to console you, you still cried, wanting Xiao Lu to come back. What do you want me to do?!" Tao Zi tries to push him away but he tightens his grip on her arms, "Look at me! I've also confessed to you before, and your reply? It was a slap! No matter what I do for you as Lu Tian Xing, it will never be better than Xiao Lu. Right? LOOK AT ME. I am Xiao Lu! Lu Tian Xing is Xiao Lu!"

Tao Zi struggles to leave his grip but he really wants her to understand that he isn't really lying to her. She bites his arm and he pushes her off subconsciously, causing her to fall and slide down the treacherous slope. Oh no! Tian Xing immediately grabs hold of her hand and Huan Huan, in her frantic frenzy to help Tao Le Si, turns in her platform heels and slides down too.


I can't take it. I watched that scene three times, and every time, I could only think omg, that was so stupid. I'm sorry hahaha but you can tell that I don't particularly take a liking to Huan Huan.

So now Tian Xing is grabbing hold onto two women and I thought they were going to do some cliche thing like Huan Huan demanding that he chooses one woman to save. Thank goodness they didn't do that because I think I would have gorged my eyes out at that cliche (I was evidently already very horrified with Huan Huan's bimbo moment).

Instead, what happens is that Tian Xing tries to pull the both of them up, "Tao Le Si, don't let go, please don't let go." He turns to Huan Huan and says the same thing, but Huan Huan notices that the hand holding Tao Zi is bleeding. She pries her hands away from Tian Xing and lets herself fall. Tao Zi screams but Tian Xing tells her to look at him so that she can be calm and he pulls her up. They quickly send Huan Huan to the hospital and Huan Huan recalls their childhood days when she got injured and Tian Xing piggy-backed her to the hospital.

When she wakes up, she's thankful that Tian Xing is next to her.


But Tian Xing knows that she has suffered extensive damage to her spine from the fall and smiles with a sombre expression. Huan Huan soon realises that she has no feelings in her legs and wails in shock.


And all Tian Xing can do is to hold her and feel guilty.


Oh man:(

Tao Zi returns to OZ and announces the shocking news that their new boss IS Lu Tian Xing, who is also Xiao Lu. She apologises for not having protected OZ for them and that Tian Xing might ask them to leave any time. Nooo he wants you to stayyy:(

Leo asks her when she found out and who told her, but she doesn't answer his questions.


Instead, she asks if Leo already knows and he replies that he had slowly affirmed his suspicions. "Why didn't you tell me??" "Because Xiao Lu, who is Lu Tian Xing, really really likes you." Tao Zi says haltingly that he should have told her earlier so that she will know she fell in love with someone who didn't exist, someone who was a liar.

Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian express their outrage and sense of betrayal, especially Jia Gai Xian who treated Xiao Lu like a buddy. Tao Zi rips the picture of Lu Tian Xing into half and assures Leo that she can get over this.


Jia Gai Xian starts packing his things, "OZ's boss is Lu Tian Xing. He will chase us out for sure." Leo watches Tao Zi with pain in his eyes.

The Mother tries to feed Huan Huan food but she doesn't want to eat. Lance offers to buy something that she likes but she declines. Tian Xing takes over and she chews down some food obediently. He asks her to tell him what she would like to eat so that he can buy for her the next time he visits. Huan Huan beams and both Mother and Lance are happy to see that she's happy.


No:( Is he going to take care of her forever out of his guilt?

Lance later asks if Tian Xing will return to the hospital and Tian Xing assures him that he will, after he washes up at his house. Lance reminds him that he's unable to sit at a side watching Huan Huan get hurt because of him. "No matter how her injuries turn out in the future, whether you like her or not, don't let her be sad because of you."


Tian Xing replies that he will remember Lance's wishes. Poor guy. It's not even your fault that she's like this:(

Leo accompanies Tao Zi while she's at the balcony-ish area. She answers truthfully that she's not all right when he asks and starts crying. He turns her towards him and hugs her, "If you are willing, I will always be by your side, not just as your big brother, but also someone who protects you and OZ forever."


-the end-

I like this episode because it is full of reveals and action, unlike Episode 8 and 9. I'm not sure if any of you may disagree with me but I like how they have done the ultimate reveal on Tao Zi. The signature was a chop on the lie and I thought it was pretty good that they draw the link back to the credit card, even though it is highly unlikely that Tao Zi could have remembered the signature. Even then, the signature had the words "Tian Xing" inside so that's proof enough.

I'm hoping that Tian Xing will not take care of Huan Huan and just stay by her side out of guilt because that's one plot gimmick which I never liked. However, I have faith in Tian Xing and I'm anticipating the episodes where he solves this tricky situation. I wonder how he will react when he realises it was Lance who told the secret to Tao Zi.

I know Leo is a really sweet second lead and if I didn't like Aaron so much, maybe I would have liked him (even though technically he's not the second lead but the third lead, seeing that well, Xiao Lu is kind of a second lead) but the way he swoops in on Tao Zi was a teeny bit sudden and even though I know he doesn't mean it, it comes off as opportunistic. I do admire Leo's thinking about how he will not reveal the secret to Tao Zi because he just wants her to be happy, because like what we know, this is a good way to remove Tian Xing from the love equation (and uh which eventually happened).

Just one suggestion — I thought the scene where Tao Zi confronted Tian Xing would have been even better if she pushed his sleeve up to reveal the bracelet. He would be wearing it since the bracelet could not be taken off, and would have served to seal the image of his betrayal and also two identities.

What do you guys think of this episode?



  1. Anonymous says

    bad episode for me

    I wished that i couldve enjoyed this episode as much as you, but i felt like this drama has been going downhill for me ever since the previous ‘xiao lu exits tao zi life’ saga. I absolutely cannot understand why taozi cant seem the amount of effort he put into loving her. To make things worse i feel that huanhuan’s acting outshines taozi’s. Taozi’s acting just isnt convincing enough for me. I can foresee the plot going in the direction of tianxing having to be responsible for huanhuan, and taozi eventually clearing her dumb thoughts up and finally see that she love both xiaolu & tianxing, but realize she cant get back with him due to huanhuan. Oh well..


    • Re: bad episode for me

      Huan Huan’s acting is really not bad – I quite liked her outburst at the hospital. I thought Tao Zi improved a lot from the first few episodes, but I think her character may not have as big a space to improve and improvise. Hehe I’m anticipating how Tian Xing is going to solve this situation because I think he will not stick with Huan Huan and give up on Tao Zi! (But he may very well just disappoint me:P) Hope you enjoy next week’s episode more!!


    • Anonymous says

      Re: bad episode for me

      I have the same feeling. Didn’t enjoy how the storyline goes. I think Aaron did a convincing job trying to explain to Tao zi his love n intention, but Tia just spoiled it for me. I love Tia in the first few episodes, cheerful, upbeat, but her character been going downhill since xiao lu left. Even when xiao lu came back, she could not expressed the normal “girl in love” sort of feeling onscreen. To me, her acting is flat n one dimensional. and even tho huan huans character is a bit childish, I somehow feel Beatrice fang did a good job with her crying scenes. Hope that the storyline and Tia’s acting will improve. It’s only my personal opinion. Others may not agree. What made me love this drama was the happy cheerful love story…why oh why it sort of turning into a sob story….

      Thanks for the recap! Well written!


      • Re: bad episode for me

        I agree with you that one major selling point of the drama is the cheerful upbeat comic relief and that’s why I can’t wait for the story to turn back to its usual mood. However, I’m still quite eager to see how the storyline will develop because there are a few options that Tian Xing can take and I hope he makes the right choice.

        Mmhmm, indeed Beatrice did a good job with the crying scenes, I was impressed! I think I’m just biased against Huan Huan and hence couldn’t admire Beatrice’s acting as much.XD

        Thank you for your support!


  2. Anonymous says

    Ep 11

    Thanks so much for the recaps! I totally agree with you that it would have been better if they had shown the bracelet on his wrist as well. I wonder where the show is gonna go now that the Big reveal has already happened about halfway through the drama. I wish they had shown a preview of episode 12 at the end of this episode like they did every episode before. Can’t wait for next week (and your recap)!! 😀


    • Re: Ep 11

      No problem! Thank you for liking my recaps:D Yeah I was looking forward to the preview but I guess they just want us to suffer the wait!:P Indeed, I was quite surprised that there are so many episodes to go and not many conflicts left to solve. Hopefully, it won’t be a draggy end because that will be such a pity.


  3. When Huan Huan yelled “she doesn’t want you, can’t you tell that?” all I could think was, “hello?! Look in the mirror much?” And I agree – she totally threw herself down that hill – she is the biggest idiot ever. And I had the same thought and am sooo glad he wasn’t asked to choose between them. Also – that cliff did not look very steep at all – especially if Tian Xing was able to walk his way down to get Huan Huan. (But that was probably the logistics of filming and not intentional.)

    I feel bad for Huan Huan but at the same time, I am so sick to death of her crying all the time. It’s like she already used up her tears quota being whiney and now that she had a genuine reason to be throwing fits, I am all out of caring.

    Regarding the shares, there’s an easy way to get them to realize it wasn’t so crazy plot. Give back the shares! Although, it would be nice if any of them remembered the fact that they forced him to take them and he didn’t want them in the first place. :\

    I agree, too, about Leo. Of all the times to throw your hat in the ring, he had to pick the worst!! It’s kinda scuzzy.

    I’ve been watching close to see if we ever get a peak at the bracelet on Tian Xing. It’ll be interesting to see how they work the necklace back into the story.


    • Hehe glad that someone agrees with me on how idiotic Huan Huan appeared in that moment! Mmhmm, I think it was raining while they were filming the scene so I guess they tried to oomph the scary factor of the scene up by inserting lots of cuts of the waves crashing treacherously on the rocksXD

      I think it’s such an unfortunate thing Tian Xing took the shares. Even if he brings up the fact that he didn’t ask for it, or that he’s willing to give it back, they are still going to think that he’s trying to cheat OZ out of them. Sigh.

      Mmhmm, I’m quite eager to see how the bracelet is going to play a role in the story, since they have held out showing us scenes of it at all!


  4. Re: thank you for recapping!!

    Oh that was a good point! I totally forgot about the watch hahaha and even now, the watch has not been mentioned. Let’s hope that the scriptwriters will not forget to tie up the loose ends!


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