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Pretty Little Liars/ Tyler Blackburn

Indeed, gosh has it only been one day that I've watched 10 episodes? It has been a long time since I did that, and it feels greaaaat. Yep, that means I've finished Pretty Little Liars Season 1:D And I got Season 2 Episode 1 all loaded and ready to go on my computer. 

Which also means that I'm not entirely sure what is considered spoiler-free and spoiler-ful anymore. So I will leave it up to your discretion kay. I love writing about how I feel, but I wouldn't want to spoil the episodes for any of you guys((: 

SO!! Gotta be my favourite couple so far:

Caleb Rivers and Hanna!!<333 Actually to be honest, even though my friend has been telling me how great Pretty Little Liars was for ages, I didn't really want to get down to it, thinking that it's just going to be that usual American drama where there's lots of grope and romp which I hate. Then I got bored and the usual thing, but I still wasn't that ready to start, till I see related GIFs made on Tumblr and whoosh there I go loading Episode 1. 

So which means you can also say that right from Episode 1, I've been waiting for the appearance of Tyler Blackburn, and yes I'm talking about that famous bathroom scene. 

IS HE GOOD LOOKING OR WHAT?? Lol my screen shots don't even do the entire scene justice, you guys should either check out the real scene or GIFs. Basically Hanna allowed Caleb to use the shower, but didn't expect her mother to return so soon, so she was forced to pop into the same shower as Caleb and pretend that she was the one using the shower.

I loveee this scene and when I thought about it afterwards, I realise it might be because it was kind of like a cross between the Asian and American drama thing. Pardon the stereotypical situations, but it will be more than likely that if this was an Asian Drama, it will be all awkward and lots of shrieking&shouting&omg-you've-seen-me-naked?!!!, and if it was a usual American drama, the next thing we should see was Hanna and Caleb trying to get each other's clothes off. :/ I concluded that the cool, slightly nonchalant "Do you want to share a towel too?" remark from Caleb and the fact that nothing happened after that set a very nice tone to the whole scene. ❤ 

Though well…technically, this scene did lead to them having a steamy kiss half an episode later, but that's not the point:D

Also, I think that Aria's younger brother looks really good. Darnnn why is he only just a younger brother.

And er, it's not like I didn't warn you, look at the title of this post lol —

Heh. It's really quite rare that I like guys with long hair actually. The only other character that I can think of was Ling from Mars (woah major love on that. Mars remains in the top favourite dramas after all these years) 

AND since Lucas was seen driving Caleb back, this means I'm going to see more of Caleb, right? Right. It better be so. 

Merry Christmas/Merry Christmas Eve to you guys out there!



  1. I also love the CalebxHannah couple. I’ve been watching PLL since it started. Can’t wait for next month for the latest episode. 🙂


    • Do you?? I reallyy love this couple, and I always can’t wait to see more sceentime on the both of them:D

      Yeah, I can’t wait too! Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait that long…but when January comes and rolls over, we will be dying (provided that the series is still good) with only one episode a week.


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