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Pretty Little Liars~~

Hey you guys must be prepared that you will see major spam-mage of posts on this, because it's the only series that I'm currently watching crazily (i.e loading episode after episode, after episode). Here's a couple of things that I felt (note: major spoilers if you haven't watched Season 1!) :

1. OMG I'm majorily creeped out by Season 2. My friend wasn't kidding when she said that it was better, and arghh all the mysterious/dangerous things A is doing to the four girls is really getting to me. Maybe I should stop watching this late into the night, where I start to hallucinate that someone is watching me from the windows. 

2. Accidentally read a couple of spoilers on Wiki, heh 😛 From which I found out that whoo hoo Wren is coming back!! (Yes I finally found out the spelling of his name ._.) and that Spencer shared a kiss with him. Can't really decide who I'm siding here, because I like Toby and Wren both!! Okay and this is really premature thinking, because I've not even seen the scene yet. 

3. Finallyyy, omg you know why I'm not a fan of Mr Fitz and Aria? That's because I see a lot of simple solutions for their relationship that could just stop A from stepping in! And it's like finally Mr Fitz could think of teaching college instead, so that Aria wouldn't be his student anymore, and that evil Noel can stop his evil schemes. Okay, I know I'm being a little harsh here. After all, it takes time to search for a new job opening blah blah blah, yep, I do understand…but then I don't know, it makes me less invested in their relationship, because I don't see many problems with it in the first place. 

Oh right, though the fact that A could actually sneak into his house and take a picture creeped me out entirely. I think I need to start finding synonyms for 'creeped out'. 

4. Haha, during this fangirling discussion, we found out that my favourite couple is hannaxcaleb, while my friend's was tobyxspencer. That got me thinking on why I just couldn't really root for tobyxspencer yet. I know, they're a really cute, loving, understanding couple, but I figure out that it's because I really miss the friendship Toby and Emily had, and I think that it wasn't nice to ignore that aspect while developing the romance between Toby and Spencer. Of course, I feel better now that Emily and Toby went back together to be good friends/really close friends, so I guess I can start rooting for Toby and Spencer then (*coughs* though you should know who is my top favourite couple)! 

Done. Oh wow, I didn't realise my thoughts will be that long. 

I saw a couple of comments on Pretty Little Liars already, but haven't gotten down to reading/replying them! Can't wait to do so though, I love companionship in fandom. 

Oh OH did I mention how happy I was when I saw Caleb sitting Hanna's kitchen? 😀


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