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Oh no!

I was looking through my posts, and I realise that I forgot to share this one: How could I? Lol~ Anyway, this is going to be the last Tyler Blackburn/Pretty Little Liar's post you are going to see for this week.  <3thoughtsramble

Right before the last episode/Halloween’s special…

Oh yes, I've finished yet another 10 episodes in one day, and whoooo I can't wait to get started on the last episode!! I feel so glad that I started on this late; I can't think how you guys manage to wait since October for the next half of Season 2 to be released! I'm not too sure on this, but I read that it's going to be coming out in early Jan? Yayy.  I'm putting this under the cut because I took too many screen caps for this to be a short post, and also I didn't want to spoil any episodes for anybody. SO please don't click on this unless you are completely sure you want to spoil the suspense for yourself. But for you guys who have already watched this, PLEASE JOIN ME! I'm a little too late on the uptake of fangirling over this yes, but better late than never right? 😀

Pretty Little Liars/ Tyler Blackburn

Indeed, gosh has it only been one day that I've watched 10 episodes? It has been a long time since I did that, and it feels greaaaat. Yep, that means I've finished Pretty Little Liars Season 1:D And I got Season 2 Episode 1 all loaded and ready to go on my computer.  Which also means that I'm not entirely sure what is considered spoiler-free and spoiler-ful anymore. So I will leave it up to your discretion kay. I love writing about how I feel, but I wouldn't want to spoil the episodes for any of you guys((:  SO!! Gotta be my favourite couple so far: Caleb Rivers and Hanna!!<333 Actually to be honest, even though my friend has been telling me how great Pretty Little Liars was for ages, I didn't really want to get down to it, thinking that it's just going to be that usual American drama where there's lots of grope and romp which I hate. Then I got bored and the usual thing, but I still wasn't that ready to …