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Right before the last episode/Halloween’s special…

Oh yes, I've finished yet another 10 episodes in one day, and whoooo I can't wait to get started on the last episode!! I feel so glad that I started on this late; I can't think how you guys manage to wait since October for the next half of Season 2 to be released! I'm not too sure on this, but I read that it's going to be coming out in early Jan? Yayy. 

I'm putting this under the cut because I took too many screen caps for this to be a short post, and also I didn't want to spoil any episodes for anybody. SO please don't click on this unless you are completely sure you want to spoil the suspense for yourself. But for you guys who have already watched this, PLEASE JOIN ME! I'm a little too late on the uptake of fangirling over this yes, but better late than never right? 😀

Starting from the earlier episodes:

Yayyy seeing Lucas driving Caleb back whoo hoo. I've taken to looking at the credits that play every time after the theme song finishes just so that I know whether 'Tyler Blackburn' is going to appear or not. Of course I'm also very interested in other characters, but I was just scared that they will kill him off, or I don't know, pack him to his mother and then he will never come back again. At least for Toby, I know that the actor had been promoted to a regular status on the series (according to Wiki) so I knew he wouldn't be pulled off that early. 

So here's the nice guy!

I'm glad that he got over his crush on Hanna and moved on to another crush, which was so sweeet. More on that later. 

See my earlier post about Wren coming back? We didn't get to see him until a few episodes later (I think…blazing through the episodes make the timeline a little blurred) at the hospital, and I think I was grinning from ear to ear….right.

Hanna trying to help Lucas get a date with the girl he liked was sooo cute, because that meant Caleb was kinda back in her life!:D Who lovesss the scene where Hanna got Caleb to put his arm around her so that they could 'pretend' to be all lovey-dovey? I do! And come on, we all know that it wasn't a pretence when you look at Caleb.

Oh dear. I see too many Tyler Blackburn screen shots. Bear with me. 

And of course, a suit makes a good looking guy even better right? 

It was nice watching Toby complimenting Spencer, Caleb standing at a side watching Hanna in all her pretty clothes (I thought the interactions between Hanna and Caleb when she refused to accept that Caleb's back in her life pretty cute^^ ) and all, I mean I was genuinely enjoying watching the girls owning the fashion runway because they all look great.

Then they have to do that horrible thing of making Alison's eyes glow and the whole finale was just ruined. Brr that was horrible. I wonder how the scriptwriters got their ideas from. Oh right, and Caleb won points by being there for Hanna after the ordeal. 

My favourite couple, really. All that "Where's your mother?" "She's out having dinner with my dad." "Oh." "…What does that mean?"

"It means…oh." and then the passionate kiss? Very awesome lol. 

I do like Toby x Spencer too! Toby's reallyyyy cute and sweet to Spencer, and vice versa, and their interactions are probably the only rare humour we could find in this show, because comedy is totally not Pretty Little Liar's genre. I love it that Toby's such a genuine and sincere guy, but he gets so ready to help out with Spencer, like how he said he would rush into Jason's house and Spencer was all "What can you do??" "I will do something!" "What??" "…I don't know.." 


It's just sad how none of the girls can actually let in the secret to their boyfriends…because I will love watching Toby and Caleb being all protective over them. As for Ezra….well, I did love him for a few episodes because his interactions with Aria were very sweet…but he's not scoring points in my book, and neither is Aria, for keeping the relationship secret. Hello? They are already holding hands and kissing in public, so why not just cross that obstacle with the parents? 

And then….we have Wren again, appearing with yet another pot of flowers.

HAHAH. I love the character Wren; what's up with him and pots of flowers anyway.

Sidetracking a little, I really do hope that they can come up with a good explanation as to who A is. I was kinda suspecting that it will be one of the four girls, because then that will be a major plot twist…but then, that will be a convenient twist don't you think? If it's any of the girls, then sending those texts and knowing their secrets wouldn't pose a problem at all, and that's what's intriguing about the whole thing — How did A do all those things? 

Oh right, and that Jenna, Garrett thing…they might be the killers, but I don't think they are A at all…lol what I've learnt from Kindaichi is that the most suspicious person you have doesn't turn out to be the culprit in the end. 

Back to the main point. 

Who have we been missing for one or two episodes? 

Yep Caleb, who returns with a slightly shorter hairstyle, but still looks great all the same. 

And I finally get to see the kiss that Wiki had said. All that charm, before Wren said that he felt quite desperate to kiss Spencer.

He's such a loveable character! I don't know…I imagine his patients will be very glad that he's the doctor. 

And of course, I didn't think I will have such a reaction from watching Pretty Little Liars, but yes, I shrieked at my computer when I saw this. 

He looks gooood in suits seriously. He rocks the casual style, but also the cool, smart look. Besides, I think Caleb Rivers/Tyler Blackburn and Hanna/Ashley Benson simply just look great together!

And who doesn't like a guy who stands up for his girlfriend.

Somehow, I like this look that Caleb gave when he saw Spencer and Aria getting out of the church. It's like he's kinda suspecting something.

Or maybe I just think too much. I wouldn't know. But all right, enough with me fangirling over Caleb.

And let's move on to Toby. Spencer just broke up with him (and that's how the kiss with Wren happened, because she was so upset over the break up which was forced by A) and there he was, at the police station, ready to tell Spencer that he loved her, and that he would be there for her. 

He's moving too fast for me to even get a clear shot. 

But <3. My three biases: Caleb, Toby, Wren. Two favourite couples: HannaxCaleb, TobyxSpencer (aww though back in Season 1, I'd really hoped for a WrenxSpencer) 

This whole A thing is quite the mystery. 

And we will all wait patiently for the next week or so before we get another episode. 


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