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Sneak Peek for Winter Premiere of Pretty Little Liars

Sneak Peek under the cut!

Mike&Aria run into Ezra.

I wonder what's going to happen? Please just let them have an open relationship already. I love them yeah, but there's no way they should allow Jackie to break them apart…and that was really sweet of Ezra to rush to the station for Aria. 

After that break up between Toby and Spencer, what's going to happen next?

Oh no, Spencer's looking pretty guarded here. I really wish that she can tell Toby the truth, especially since Toby was framed before, just like her. But I guess that's out of the question…because I would rather Toby be out of the situation and survive, than to be in the loop and dies…though technically Dr Sullivan didn't die.

AND <333

Enough said already. Can't wait to watch more fireworks between Hanna and Caleb!

And then we see fire, in a bad way. It seems like the girls were sent to do some service of sorts (community service perhaps?) and Emily attacks Spencer.

Is it really how it seems though? We all know how sneak peeks do love to play around with the pictures and hype things up a little.

Caption that came along with the picture below was "Lucas helps Hanna out during a time of need." Great! Can't wait to see what kind of help this is talking about. 

And then we have one of my favourite friendships.

Emily and Toby(: 

The evil guy.

I don't think he's A. 

And Hanna receives more texts!

So, according to the website that I've listed below, here's a couple of sneak peeks/spoilers:

  1. Identity of A will be revealed on the March 19 Season Finale. (omg finallyyy!! I bet you guys have been making a lot of guesses as to who this can be right?)
  2. Someone will be arrested for murdering Alison.
  3. There will be a death of a beloved character. (Sheeet. Please don't kill off any of the Pretty Little Liars, Toby and Caleb thanks, oh and Wren)
  4. The story picks up a month after the four Liars were caught by the police and they are now no longer best friends. Emily has been completely iced out. (So uhm, that means the photo above is true? Saddd.) 
  5. Jenna will have that eye surgery (but it's a secret as to whether it's a success or not. Urgh that woman is creepy. Full stop.)

taken from abcfamily.go.com

The next episode premieres on the 2nd of Jan. 

Which are your favourite sneak peeks/photos? Haha, you should know what's mine^^


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