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Samurai High School

A really long ago drama, filmed in 2009 with Haruma Miura and Shirota Yu.

Didn't really want to watch it last time, when I was checking out the dramas that Shirota Yu had appeared in before. The story starts with me liking Haruma Miura now and am desperate to watch something of him. I mean, can you blame me?

So I finished up with the drama he acted in with Toda Erika, and decided to move on, till his cameo appearance in a tv special of Hi wa Mata Noboru.

Wahhh. I can't resist it. I would have checked out Hi wa Mata Noboru immediately, except I'm not really sure if him not being the main lead would make the show less interesting.

So I decided to go back to Samurai High School.

Shirota Yu! Being all geeky and speaking like a kid. 

But this, this —

LOL. I simply can't help but burst out laughing. Omygawd, I didn't know Haruma Miura was such a versatile actor! 

Anyway, I finished with Samurai High School a long time ago, but didn't get down to writing a review on it. I remember that I wasn't really lovingggg it but I like it because it did make me laugh (Haruma Miura just wins here) and he looks really cool whenever he transforms into the samurai guy (all the low voice and half-tied ponytail. Yay) I feel like laughing just by remembering one of the really funny scenes ( really burst out laughing when he made his 'horse' ride away and all the other students followed after him) 

Okay fine. This wasn't so much of a review on Samurai High School, but looking at the few caps made me want to share them! 

So if you ask me, I don't know, I don't think that the show is a must watch, but it will be entertaining enough, especially if you have watched Haruma Miura's shows before, or are a fan of Shirota Yu. 

What do you think?


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  1. Anonymous says

    lksfdgjhkfsgkj Commenting just to remind myself to come back to this to flail with you. XD


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