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Pretty Little Liars

This was a drama that was recommended by a friend, and to date (i.e Season 1 Episode 12) I still pretty much love it! 

If anything, I fell in love with the main theme song, Secrets by The Pierces. It's utterly hooking and creepy. 

4 girls who became friends again when they started receiving messages from this mysterious person named A. 

This A seems to know all their secrets, secrets that only Allison, their friend who had mysteriously disappeared for a year and later to be found dead, would know. 

I love this look that Aria gives.

So our four main leads are:

Spencer — initially threatened by A because she seemed to have something for her sister's boyfriends (mainly Ian and Rann -spelling  I'm unsure of-) As of now, she seemed to be perfectly happy with Alex so A's trying to break the two of them up. 

Sigh. I really like Rann. I wish she stuck with him, instead of moving on to Alex zzz. 

Emily — threatened by A because she's a gay. Kinda resolved because now her friends&family knew about it. I'm sure a new complication would come up soon though.

Aria — threatened, and currently still being threatened, because of her relationship with her English teacher, Mr Fitz. I'm not really a fan of this romance. 

I rather she goes with Noel, except that he went along and threatened Mr Fitz for a better grade because he knew about Aria&Fitz. EVILLLLL.

Hanna — threatened because she stole from a store, currently threatened because her mum 'borrowed' money from her client (meaning she stole the money too)

I kinda really like Hanna. She's probably my favourite character out of the four. 

Allison — the leader of the group and the one who made her friends felt special, so that they felt inclined to tell her secrets.

I think the show did a pretty good job till now! I'm not sure if you guys know, but I'm definitely not a fan of characters jumping onto bed to have sex like ten times throughout the whole show. Not my type. Which is why the number of American dramas I've watched could be counted with one hand (er….two fingers actually –> Prison Break and The Ghost's Whisperer) but I can take passionate kissing, and it's nice to watch 'school-themed' drama once in a while (didn't really want to get started on Glee so yep..) I  read a criticism somewhere (probably on Wiki) that this seemed more like a bad cross between Gossip Girl&I Know What You Did Last Summer, but for me, I think it was a nice cross. 

There was enough entertaining romances to keep the plot going, and the thriller bits are good enough for me. Not much tolerance for creepy shadows, and footages filmed from inside Spencer's closet etc. Brr. I just really wish that it wouldn't become a same repetitive structure even all the way to Season 2 and 3!

ALSO, I like Toby right now. I'm all right with Emily being a gay but how I wish that Toby can find a nice girl too! Instead of Jenna.

Ugh, the song has been in my head for ages

Cos two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

Have any of you guys watched this?



  1. Reading your review, I’m reminded a little of Veronica Mars, which was the most awesome teen drama ever. Just wondering if you saw it^^ I might start on this one if time allows. Always love a good mystery/thriller.


    • Ooh I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never watched it before.

      Haha please do watch it if you have time, I think you’ll like it!:D Unless you don’t get freak out by shadows, creepy stalkers, people-in-my-house…if not I think you will love the thriller bits.


  2. I started this and loved it but never finished it for some reason…its on my list on Sidereel and I’ve been going alphabetically so I guess I’ll get their eventually lol…I also love Secrets by the Peirces I heard it for the first time in Gossip Girl.


    • Oooh you should finish it!:D I’m on my way to finishing what’s left of Season 2, and I really can’t wait for the next half to be released!

      Lol but ‘P’ ‘s a pretty long way down hahaha^^ Oh really? Why did it appear in Gossip Girl? (another drama which I’ve attempted to start but didn’t survive more than 2 episodes) I love that song~


  3. It’s Wren or Wrenn not Rann I think and you’ll see him again. XD

    My fave character is Hannah. And I really like Aria’s looks. Tho she was a bit annoying at first.

    I’m no sure if you know this already but Emily is Half-Filipino. So the people cased as her parents have Filipino blood as well, I think?

    And Toby will be with… oops spoilers. 😀


    • Oh yep I found that out on Wikipedia, and later on the show! It’s Wren I think, but thanks!:D Heh indeed I saw him again and I love it.

      Ooh my fav character is Hanna too! I don’t really like Aria’s looks for some reason…haha but my friend thought she looked really pretty.

      Heh heh. Yeah now I know who Toby is with, and I like it. ^^


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