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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

So has anyone watched the finale yet? IT'S AWESOME.

I've no time to write out a recap, but here's just some of my thoughts included under the spoiler tag!

AH:((( I knew it that Caleb will be shot. I mean dude, did no one teach you not to put down a gun when a pyschopath is still alive and twitching? I'm just hoping that he will survive the shooting. He better be. Nate is dead, but that means whatever he knows goes down to the grave with him. I'm just thinking, what if when A said that he/she owes Emily one, it was referring to killing Nate? I've been reading a few speculation theories online and apparently Marlene King has confirmed that Toby has no good intentions right now. Really?:( that might just be a vague answer thrown out to distract us, because when Toby hugged Spencer and they shot a scene of him, he looked conflicted and determined and sad, not hateful. But one of the speculation theories I've liked is that Toby was on the team all along, which explains why they wanted to recruit Spencer as an A member. However, I don't want to doubt Toby's love for Spencer, and I do think that he loves her!

On the other hand, I wish that Caleb will be given more depth in his role/ a change in the character because he's starting to be a too-repetitive character. He's just this nice, devoted guy who wants to protect Hanna at all costs, and sometimes he's not too smart about it. I don't know, but I'd love to see more of those computer-cracking skills, or some bad-ass quality.

Looking forward to the Halloween Special!


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