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HAHA thoughtsramble isn't just a site for me to post recaps, but also mainly to fangirl. And here's my fangirl post of the month…on Aaron!

No guys, seriously if you can understand Mandarin, you should always watch behind the scenes, that's when you fall in love with the actors themselves and not just the characters. I really started liking Aaron after Love Buffet. True, Ah Yi is so sweet, but the real deal is looking at how playful Aaron is, and that's what makes me follow on with the other shows. And I've been watching behind the scenes for Alice in Wonder City, and I'm so glad that he's still as cheeky as ever. If anything, I think it's something innate, rather than produced. I've watched behind the scenes for Miss Rose as well, and try as they might, the leads weren't able to be very funny off set. I sat there watching, and found myself laughing for a grand total of… one time. That's when I realise that behind the scenes are so important, and that Taiwanese Dramas almost always have loads of them available to the audience. Which is really smart if you think about it.

Haha, and they're just so cute — Aaron and Lara, to make a passionate kissing scene and a bed scene afterwards into something funny and cute. I would 'recap' it if I could, but I'm not exactly sure of the demand, so we shall see! 




  1. May I has baby recap of le bts? I started watching Alice in Wonder City, but then all these big high-end korean productions (King 2 Hearts, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Faith, Arang) came along, and the Alice Viki channel was having troubles, and I accidently stopped watching it 2 episodes in >.


    • Oh yay I’m glad you’ve asked for it; I would love to write the recaps of behind-the-scenes! But no promises though. Ever since goodness-knows-when, I’ve been doing recaps…once a month:P.

      King 2 Hearts was quite good!(:

      I’m glad you love my LJ:DD Thanks so much!


  2. Anonymous says

    Hello πŸ™‚

    Stumbled here looking for Alice in Wonder City’s episode recaps. I wanted to find out what people think of it so I’ve been looking around ^^

    It was awesome for me to find out that you’re an Aaron fan. I thought he was really cute ever since Fahrenheit, but watch MIT really got me to go into full fangirl mode. I was reading your previous posts, and it’s quite surprising for me that you like Love Buffet. I don’t like it :/ The relationships are too superficial and the girl’s crush on the two guys didn’t seem very sincere. I thought Reen was cute, but as the show progressed I began to got really frustrated with her.

    I’m totally a GuiLun fan. πŸ™‚ Aww, what’s wrong with her talking? I thought it was fine actually, since the “act-cute” voice is so common in Taiwan. She’s adorable, and after liking GuiLun I am now kind of a Guigui fan too ^^

    I love the BTS πŸ™‚ Aaron’s just so cute everytime πŸ™‚ Alice in Wonder City and MIT are by far my favourite shows of Aaron’s because there was real chemistry and closer relationships between the actors.

    Do do do recap the BTS! πŸ˜€

    PS I love Aaron’s EP too. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for his full album! πŸ™‚


    • Hello!(: Sorry for the late reply here.

      I actually kind of agree with you! But I think I like Ah Yi so much that it has just smoothed over everything else. I remembered writing about how Love Buffet isn’t a good show, but it will never be a bad show in my heart because it was the show that introduced me to Aaron^^ so it has some sort of significance heh.

      I didn’t like GuiGui at first because I really don’t like the “act-cute” voice and I felt like it impeded her acting, but she slowly dropped it through the episodes so I liked her character after that. Also, I’ve watched loads of behind the scenes and interviews, and yes I’ve come to find her adorable(:

      Indeed! Don’t you think Lara and Aaron are quite compatible too? They both love music and singing, and look great together awww.

      Aww! All right, I will recap when I have the time!:D Which will be about two weeks later, I hope that’s all right(:


      • Anonymous says

        Oh yes Ah Yi was so cute but I was like “what??” when he chose Ying Zhi again and again. But Aaron looks really good in there and his acting really improved in that show πŸ™‚

        I would love to see Aaron and Lara have a music collaboration πŸ™‚ Their voices go so well together.

        And I will definitely read your recap of the BTS πŸ™‚

        I’m excited for Aaron’s album πŸ˜€


      • I’ve finally done up the recap of the BTS!(: Hope you like it~

        Yeah exactly:( but I guess the point is that Ah Yi is a faithful, passionate kind of guy, and that’s why even after he got over Ying Zhi and likes Xiao Feng, he didn’t stop liking her just because she likes Da Ye now.

        Have you watched the last episode yet? Their duet(Y)(Y)


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