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Alice In Wonder City Episode 12 Recap

At this rate, I'm going to churn out one recap a month hahaha. That sounds…not bad^^

The finals of the competition is going to start, and the finalists, including Die Fei, give the first competitor lots of encouragement. Soon, it's the last singer of the show, Die Fei, who gives a mesmerizing performance in her ballroom dress and dance moves.


Hahaha, look at how mesmerized he is. He shakes himself out of the daze, as the emcee brings up the past of how Die Fei's brought up by her father alone. She chokes a little bit as she tells her father on stage that her father is her wings, but she has grown up now. Aww. It's the judges turn to speak. George praises Die Fei to the skies, and gives Chairman a knowing glance. Die Fei waits anxiously for Ting Yu's comments, and he says, "I like people who have dreams….and your dream…is beautiful."


Whoo~ After the commercial break, it's time to announce the winner. The finalists wait with abated breath and tight linking hands…and the winner is Die Fei! The three judges acknowledge one another in a we-all-know-who-will-win manner, and Ting Yu smiles as he looks at how happy Die Fei is.


Xiao Shu asks if Hai Jie could help sooth Die Fei's nerves during the celebratory party and he brings cup noodles for Die Fei, who asks him to meet her after the party as she has something to say. He nods and replies, "I have something to tell you too." Die Fei finally emerges from her waiting room to make a speech. Amidst her gibberish, she talks about how she was contented with a simple life, and as she turns towards Hai Jie and Ting Yu, "But due to someone…" 


All the cameras start snapping away at the two of them, as she continues, "Someone that is normal and plain like me has the rights to dream, and stand on a stage that was unimaginable. Thank you for believing in me, and giving me a dream that I myself didn't know was so radiant." Ting Yu looks pleased hahaha. 

Die Fei ends off her speech by thanking the fellow contestants, who join her onstage. Later, she finds George to thank hims for his comments, and he leaks out the fact that Chairman has paved the entire competition for her. Die Fei is shocked by this thunderbolt of a news and hauls her sister off to question her. Xiao Shu tries to lie her way through, but her habit of biting her lower lip when she lies betrays her, and Die Fei leaves the party. 

Ting Yu is back at home writing songs for the musical, and the camera pans to show a photo of Die Fei on the scores.


Awwww. She's indeed his muse. How cool is it to be someone's muse:O

He hears someone entering his house and quickly shuts the book of scores together. Die Fei comes in, confronting him about the validity of the competition, saying that if he had really believed in her talent he wouldn't organise a fake competition. Ting Yu asks, "So what do you want now? Do you still want to sing?" and she replies angrily, "I don't want to. I don't want to sign the contract, and I don't want to sing anymore." She doesn't even want to star in the musical anymore, and Ting Yu protests, "I don't allow."


He hands her the score book and tells her to throw it away if she doesn't want it anymore. Die Fei thrusts the book back at him, causing the photo to slip out onto the floor. She sees it, and Ting Yu sees that sees it. He takes the book but Die Fei clings onto to it now. He shouts, "What do you want now! Let me tell you, I've only been thinking about one person throughout writing this musical…and the person is you. You're always my female lead, do you get it?"

Die Fei tells him that even so he shouldn't lie, and he turns her back to face him, "I don't want to lie to myself anymore either…. Let me tell you…I love you."


Die Fei protests that he's lying too, and he grabs her face to kiss her.


Of course to which Die Fei responds with a slap.


And he pulls her in for another kiss.


And she pushes him away. I love the slowly breaking down of walls here. First a slap, then a mere shove. 


Ting Yu looks so sad awww. He stops, but Die Fei looks at him…and slowly walks up to him, before taking his face in her hands.


And tralala, they kiss.


The cool-mirror-reflection.


I don't know what you guys think. Granted, the whole love thing may come like a whirlwind and many of us are like Whaaaaat? but I'm willing to let it go. After all, 3 weeks of break for this series have allowed me to forget most of the prior episodes, and the fact that Ting Yu hasn't really shown signs of LOVE for Die Fei. But if I watch this episode with the mindset that both of them have already fallen in love with each other, then I absolutely love this scene. First, like I've said, the breaking down of Die Fei's walls. Second, the mirror reflection. Third, who says a girl can't kiss a guy?

Hai Jie waits alone and calls Die Fei who obviously doesn't pick up. 


She gets out of bed to change into a shirt, and Ting Yu wakes up with smiley eyes.


He pulls her in for a hug, and tells her that he hasn't slept so well in ages. That's really sweet. He can sleep well on Lisa's bed, but Die Fei made him sleep well in his own bed, where he always has insomnia in. He then tells her, "You look really sexy wearing my shirt…and your hair smiles really good."


He buries his nose in her hair as she laughs and hides her face under hair towards the pillow. Awww so cute!

The storm soon hits however, as Die Fei leaves the next morning and a paparazzi takes shots of her. This quickly goes up on the news and Die Fei's dad sees it on his laptop. He tells Xiao Shu to remind Die Fei to watch herself properly and not let the paparazzi has chances to shoot her down. Xiao Shu's friend comes along to borrow Die Fei's clothes. Chairman is anxious for Die Fei to turn up and sign the contract, but instead of a happy ending there, she texts Xiao Shu to tell her that she won't sign the contract nor star in the musical. 


Ting Yu gets worked up, as Chairman suggests that if Die Fei doesn't turn up, they will sign up on the second finalist. He recalls some bed scenes that we've not seen yet, such as Die Fei whispering something in his ear (did anyone catch what she said? It didn't look like I love You to me), and insists that Die Fei is the only one who gets to sing in the musical, and Chairman tells him that he will release the end-of-year album earlier so as to create news that is significant enough to push down the news of Die Fei's contract. 

Turns out Die Fei is staying in the friend's shop for a while. Chairman pays a visit to the recording studios and frowns as he listens to a few versions of Ting Yu's playing. He gets distracted by a call, and hears a really good version, but is taken aback when the sound engineer tells him that's not Ting Yu's playing…that's Hai Jie's playing. 

Die Fei finally picks up Hai Jie's call and apologises.


She then starts to cry in helplessness.


Being the good friend as he is, Hai Jie goes to the shop to talk to her, and she asks him about a hypothetical situation, "Is it possible to only realise that you love a person after you have a sexual relationship with him?" Hai Jie stares at her for a while, before jumping up, "You and He Ting Yu did it?!"



Hai Jie jokes that she has fallen in love with a weird person. Die Fei explains that she seems to have fallen in love with Ting Yu for a long time but she didn't realise. It was only at the last minute of the competition when he said that her dream was beautiful that she felt it.


Hai Jie asks if he loves her, and she nods surely, "He does. I know." That explains her dilemma because the musical was written for her but she doesn't want to sing anymore.

Hai Jie asks her to talk about the plot, and we see a garden, where people bring their nightmares in the representation of black balloons to exchange for dreams in colourful balloons. A boy came to this garden where a fairy called Mi Duo Lu will exchange black balloons for colourful ones. Yet, this boy cannot even dream, because he doesn't have a tomorrow. Mi Duo Lu wants this guy to have a dream, and brings him to the magic fountain. She asks him, "Will you give your everything for the ability to dream?" 

And we see Ting Yu telling Lisa, "And the boy replies…it doesn't matter what kind of dreams…I will give everything."


The boy starts to have emotions after being washed by the fountain, but Mi Duo Lu loses her wings and becomes a commoner, because she has violated the garden's rules.


Lisa asks who he's thinking of when he wrote this story, and he answers, "A girl who can sing really well."

As Die Fei hugs her cushions on the armchair, she tells Hai Jie that now she understands how he feels, "After going a big round, I've finally understood what love is, but turns out the person isn't you anymore." Hai Jie says that he's contented as long as he and Alice have loved each other before.

In the morning, Xiao Shu finds Die Fei at the shop and apologises.


But the truth is, setting up a scam like this is a common tool used by the industry. Die Fei may have the talent, but she needs the packaging, and she needs this publicity to get onto the headlines. Besides, no one is harmed in doing this. However, if she doesn't turn up to sign the contract, Hai Da Ge Lan will collapse just from paying the compensation fees. Die Fei talks about how her fellow competitors have no idea it's a scam, and is shocked when Xiao Shu replies, "They know. They all know."

The storm hits its peak when a magazine accuses, alongside with photos as substantiation, that Ting Yu has been going out with 2 females at the same time — Alice and Die Fei, and that Die Fei sleeps with Ting Yu in exchange for the winner title. The friend tries to keep this from Die Fei, but Hai Jie shows her the magazine all the same.


Chairman gives Ting Yu a scolding, who retorts that he doesn't remember responding so agitatedly when the Chairman's scandal was on the news. Hai Jie talks to Die Fei, and tells her that Alice is the one whom Ting Yu was dating. He admits that the two of them have the same sense of mystery around them.


Die Fei says that she seems to have really fallen in love with Ting Yu, because any thoughts that he's going to be destroyed like that hurts her heart.


Hai Jie proposes to quit the orchestra together, and Die Fei tells him that now she has the strength and courage to face whatever obstacles. Hai Jie asks if it's because of Ting Yu, and she shrugs, "Maybe… it's the first time I've liked someone and not be scared. I will find him and talk to him, instead of believing the news."

Die Fei finally goes home, where her dad repeats, "It's good that you're home." She tries to explain but turns out Xiao Shu has already told her dad what happened, "That's not your fault..you're always dad's champion." Die Fei sticks back up all the posters of Ting Yu and falls asleep while listening to his recordings.


Eh, that's quite creepy, sleeping with a giant poster looking at you, no?

The next day, Hai Jie brings Die Fei to the Chairman where she tells him that she's quitting. She doesn't want to sign the contract nor sing in the musical anymore. The Chairman raises his voice, but tries to calm himself down, asking if she has considered this carefully, especially when her decision affects not just herself but everyone else. Die Fei runs out after reiterating her stand but in distress, and Hai Jie follows her. 

Alice and Lisa stroll on the street together, full of smiles.


Lisa gets suspicous of a man and asks if Alice recognizes him.


Alice shakes her head, and Lisa hurries her. The two of them walk down the street and turn into an aisle, with the suspicous guy just following them like that. They start running and seem to be alone for a while. Lisa calls someone on the phone, "I'm Lisa King. I'm getting chased..this place is…." Before she can finish her sentence, someone snatches her phone away. The two of them try  to run but a bunch of thugs corner them. Lisa beats up and defends both of them admirably, while Alice gets thrown into a wall. In her daze, Alice sees one thug take out a huge knife and as he strikes it down towards Lisa, she lunges in front of her mother. 


Ouch, as the knife buries itself into Alice's back. The thug pulls the knife out and they all run away as the public realises what happened. Lisa wails out her daughter's name, "Seikoooo!" as Alice lies in her mother's arms, unconscious.

-the end-

I like this episode a lot! The front of the series was a bit shaky to me, especially when you have the Who on earth does Ting Yu like part, but I think this episode stablises the romance because it's very clear now that Ting Yu likes Die Fei and the feeling is mutual and let's not dwelve into the question of who Hai Jie likes now. Hmm. 

I like it that they had Die Fei to explain her feelings in the show, because without that explanation, I'm sure many of us will be thrown into another question pit. Does she really like Ting Yu or are her feelings just a manifestation of immense gratitude? But after she explained, I could see it — Hai Jie was merely a crush, and Ting Yu's the real deal for her. Likewise, like what Hai Jie has pointed out, and I did too in my previous recap, Ting Yu and Alice are really similar in the sense that they are both shrouded in darkness and mystery. Hai Jie and Die Fei are the ones in the sunlight, and they're the ones that bring light to Ting Yu's and Alice's characters. In that very sense, I hope the plot isn't going to develop in such a way that Die Fei and Hai Jie are going to date each other for a while, because while it's a tempting possibility for scriptwriters, it's kind of off-putting for the audience. What, so everyone is going to have a relationship with everyone, like a merry-go-round?

Acting wise, I'm just Aaron-biased so I think he's trying hard, and I can see his hard work. Lara has improved. I mean, I'm actually involved in the episode, not just watching, but really wanting to know what's going to happen next. She does need to work on making realistic crying sounds though. 

The plot development looks good here. Hai Jie's ripped off his own music, and Ting Yu realises. Chairman offers money, much to Hai Jie's disbelief. Alice's in hospital, and the whole main thing that hits me? Chairman offers Hai Jie a shot at being the first chair.

You're such a hypocrite. I love it when Ting Yu retorts that he doesn't see such a violent reaction from Chairman when he himself was on the magazine covers. Exactly. The mess was started by the Chairman, but who is going down because of that? Die Fei's reputation is a little dent, but the ultimate victim is Ting Yu. Hmmph. 
I hope you fall into a pit filled with tigers, Chairman. 


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