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Behind The Scenes: You who came from the stars — Secrets revealed

So I just stumbled across this subbed clip where the interviewers polled a number of viewers and the production crew answered a few questions that they (we) all have. #1: Where is Do Min Joon's planet in actual fact? Well, in reality, KMT 184.05 doesn't exist. It's a made-up name where KMT stands for the name of the telescope and the numbers stand for stars which the telescope has discovered. #2: Did the UFO really appear in ancient Joseon times? Apparently, there is concrete evidence detailing sightings of UFO way back in Joseon times. So yes, there's very clear support. #3: How did they film the scene where the UFO was sighted? Uhmm….instead of a UFO, they shot the scenes with a helicopter, so everyone would look at the helicopter and pretend that they saw a UFO. HAHA. #4: How did they film the stop-motion scenes? Wow, this is really amazing, they use 60 cameras to capture the scene and when they overlap the film together, it will look like everything has stopped. Other interesting …

You who came from the stars Part lll

Hahaha what I'm best at after being in love with a show, hope this didn't clog up your page! stalked from Facebook and Tudou, these aren't my photos of course. The first two photos ahhh hahaha they simply sizzle on my screen. I found out Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun have co-stared in Thieves before, maybe I should give that movie a shot! And then the next two (this greatly reminds me of post Moon syndromes, I distinctly remember that my page was filled with Kim Soo Hyun's face) hehe. Then some behind the scenes! I can't wait for the next two episodes to come out. <3thoughtsramble


HAHA thoughtsramble isn't just a site for me to post recaps, but also mainly to fangirl. And here's my fangirl post of the month…on Aaron! No guys, seriously if you can understand Mandarin, you should always watch behind the scenes, that's when you fall in love with the actors themselves and not just the characters. I really started liking Aaron after Love Buffet. True, Ah Yi is so sweet, but the real deal is looking at how playful Aaron is, and that's what makes me follow on with the other shows. And I've been watching behind the scenes for Alice in Wonder City, and I'm so glad that he's still as cheeky as ever. If anything, I think it's something innate, rather than produced. I've watched behind the scenes for Miss Rose as well, and try as they might, the leads weren't able to be very funny off set. I sat there watching, and found myself laughing for a grand total of… one time. That's when I realise that behind the scenes are so important, …

Kim Soo Hyun’s and Han Ga In’s birthdays

I swear I'm on a roll.  Hyung Sun dabbing cake on a very cute Hwon's face I shall be immature and whine that I will like to have two good looking guys sing a birthday song for me too.  And I know I got into this a little late, but well, better late than never — I think I'm beginning to like Kim Soo Hyun a lot:DD  <3thoughtsrambletaken from,