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Alice in Wonder City Episode 14 Recap

I don't know…I think this show definitely deserves a higher rating than it has right now. There might be loopholes and plot-holes and pace-holes and whatever holes here and there along the way, but no doubt, it has much better content, directing and I would even go so far to claim, better acting than what a lot of better-rated idol dramas have! 

Ting Yu, in front of a live press conference, reveals the truth — Chen Hai Jie was the one who played the piece, not him. 

This plunges Chairman into a panic as he tries to calm the reporters down. Die Fei watches the live feed from a street, while Hai Jie watches from a cafe.

The reporters press on, and ask if Ting Yu can no longer play the violin. One even shouts, "Are rumours of you being an alcoholic true? Are your hands truly handicapped?" Xiao Shu, by the request of the Chairman, brings the violin to Ting Yu, who looks at it and recalls all the discouraging, disillusioning comments that have been thrown at him in the past few days. Chairman wants him to play the piece, to prove that he's still a great violinist, but Ting Yu runs out of the room.

Chairman closes off the conference, runs after Ting Yu, and shouts at him, "Do you think that by doing this, you're noble and upright? Are you satisfied after ruining everyone?" Ting Yu starts laughing bitterly, and turns around, much to Chairman's chagrin. 

He turns around again and questions if Chairman feels lonely every time, watching the orchestra plays on stage.

Chairman brings up the point that he only pulled a small trick to extend Ting Yu's music life, "Is it wrong to do such things?" Even singers nowadays resort to brushing-up techniques to release albums! Ting Yu looks at him, and replies, "The only thing you care about is how it looks like to others…

You've never really understood someone! I can only say, we were never the same type of person." With that, he leaves the room.

I love the change in the expression of his eyes! 

Ting Yu finds Hai Jie in the hospital, and learns that Lisa has gone to America. He sits down and hopes that Hai Jie is satisfied with the results, "From now on, I won't perform in the public again."

Hai Jie is taken aback that it has gotten to such an extent, but Ting Yu replies that he's relieved that he doesn't need to play the violin again. Chairman returns home to find Xiao Shu having fallen asleep to the news, that is playing the footage of Ting Yu's conference earlier on. He tells Xiao Shu that by next morning, the company will go bust, and KaiDaGeLan Orchestra will be gone. Xiao Shu promises that she won't leave him at this point of time, and he gives her his bank book. 

Xiao Shu returns home at Chairman's request, and cooks a nice breakfast for the family the next day. Dad passes a few heirlooms to her, such as a ring that he wishes she could wear on her wedding day. He no longer protests to her relationship with the Chairman.

Well I think you should. I dislike the Chairman to the core. He's such a self-righteous man, and always claims that whatever he's doing is for the greater good. Nothing is ever his fault, and that irks me to death. 

And so, Chairman enters his cab the next day to find a wrapped up Xiao Shu, who takes off her scarf, and tells him, "Since you're not afraid to remarry, I'm not afraid to marry you either," and she flashes her ring. Chairman takes her hand, and together, they take the plane to escape from this mess together.


But I must say, I like how the scriptwriters use the Chairman as a medium to reflect the cruel reality of life, and especially the entertainment industry. Seriously, how much of the things that we see now is through a natural process? And even if there's underhanded means involved, is it truely wrong? 

Ting Yu gets annoyed by the constantly-ringing telephone, and unplugs it. The auditor finally deciphers all the documents, and tells him the bad news — all the commission, all the deposits that the company has earned has been transferred to a personal account in Hong Kong. 

Even the huge insuarance fee that they have obtained at the start of the year due to the loss of Seagull has also been transferred to the same account. Ting Yu brings this news to the awaiting board, and declares the disbandment of the orchestra. While everyone is shocked and discusses among themselves, Ting Yu brings Siren to the conductor, and tells him that the sale of Siren will be enough to recompensate everyone. 

He hands over Siren unwillingly and sadly, before bowing in apology. 

Talk about quick action. As Ting Yu walks down the corridor, he sees people clearing up the chairs used during practice times, and he looks through the window panes with sadness lingering in his eyes. Suddenly, he hears Die Fei's voice singing Where Have All the Flowers Gone, and in a blink, everything around him disappears. He's still in the corridor but there's no one else around him. He follows the voice, eventually breaking into a run, but still, he cannot find the person. As he spins around, there's a girl approaching and she hands over to him a balloon, which is tied to a bunch of keys.

Ting Yu reaches down for the keys, but grasps air instead. The girl has disappeared, everything has disappeared, and suddenly he finds himself back in reality, in the empty practice hall. He looks a little lost, but finds scores on the ground. As he picks them up, the music rings in him again, and he breaks into an excited leap-turningaround-run. 

SJ meets Lisa, and threatens her about finding the X-seed quickly.

She wants him to leave Hai Jie and Alice alone, or she'll call the deal off. SJ retorts, "Then you should leave quickly. I'm the kind that will do anything when I'm in a hurry."

Die Fei recalls all the memories, of Ting Yu asking her not to misunderstand him no matter what and more. She calls him on the phone worriedly, but he isn't at home, he's by the pool side, drinking sleeping pills with alcohol. He gets a call from his friend who manages to track down the Chairman and asks if Ting Yu wants him to bring the Chairman back. Ting Yu starts to feel woozy from the effects, and asks for more sleeping pills. 

After the phone call, he stands by the poolside, and once again, all the insults and expectations and nightmares start flooding him.

As all the voices build up into a climax, Ting Yu lets himself fall into the pool. He sinks into the water, and suddenly through the surface of the water, we see Ting Yu sitting down by the pool side, and Lisa sitting down to talk to him.

Lisa pats his head and says that she's proud of him for doing the right thing.

She guides his head to lean on her shoulders, and she continues to stroke his head. She tells him that with rest, he will be be better.

Ting Yu expresses that Time has no more meaning for him. He can't play the violin anymore, and no one needs him to play the violin.

Lisa, "You don't need to play the violin, you need to rest." Suddenly there's piano chords, and Ting Yu sits up straight, saying that his mum is here to take him away, "She doesn't let me rest." Lisa reminds him of the place where he can help many people, the place where he feels relaxed. Ting Yu opens his eyes in the water, and pulls himself up.

The ringtone of his phone jerks him back to reality.

Die Fei who finally gets through the call rushes out of the shop to ask Ting Yu where he is (while the alarms in the shop start ringing at the same time hahaha)

Die Fei finds Ting Yu by the pool side, and reminds him not to drink again.

She tells him not to act strong anymore, and that they're all worried about him. Ting Yu replies softly, "Everyone around me is leaving…they are all chased away by me." Die Fei promises that she will help him in whichever way he wants, and he says, "I want the night. I want to hide in that world."

Die Fei is worried and tells him to come out of that world.

She starts kissing him, and he's passive like a stone at first.

But a few moments later, he starts responding.

And then pushes her away again, "I want you to leave, and not to come back again." Die Fei replies that he wants to see her and he retorts, "What a joke, you're the one who want to see me, now that you've seen me, you can go." Die Fei holds on, but Ting Yu shouts at her, "I only want to be alone now, okay? I beg you, I just want to be alone. I like to be alone! I enjoy being alone! I just want to be alone, and so you can go!"

He pushes her away and walks off, but stops when she shouts, "He Ting Yu!" He pushes her away with his harsh words, but Die Fei runs forward and hugs him. His eyes softened in that moment.

Die Fei reminds him of all the times that he has encouraged her, and he tells her that what she misses is the stage, and what he advices is for her to leave the stage before she gets swallowed by it.

Die Fei protests that what she can't forget is him, and that she's his only female lead, but Ting Yu replies hurtingly that he has already started to forget her. "Leave, Lan Die Fei." But his face flickered with hurt when she let go of him, and runs away. 

I love his acting here guys. For once, I actually wanted to tear, especially at his heartfelt I want to be alone part.

Hai Jie learns that Die Fei was pushed away by Ting Yu, and comments wryly that it's just like Ting Yu to call Die Fei over and then pushes her away. Die Fei asks Hai Jie how he was so convinced that Alice would return to his side, and he teaches her the magic — to throw your hands in the sky and say Waka! Waka! Ookalaxiuka!

That's just a way to get Die Fei to cheer up, and soon she's throwing her hands high and laughing.

Ting Yu shuts the place up, and goes to the Garden of Dreams, which turns out to be a real place and not just a fictional name of his musical. There, he receives a bunch of keys and walks to his accomodation, which includes walking on a bridge. He remembers Die Fei whispering, "No matter what happens…" on the night that they slept together, and he frowns. I'm not sure if that's because he can't remember what she says afterwards, or if the memory hurts him though.

He shouts into the distance that he just wants to fall asleep, to dream, and to awake. And then, the fairy from the musical appears. Her voice rings and tells him that she has heard his wish, so which dream does he want to exchange? Ting Yu is plunged into this nightmare of everyone laughing at him playing on the stage, including himself sitting in the audience seat, laughing his head off with a bitter dark laughter. 

He wakes up, and the fairy tells him that she has received his nightmare. From now on, he will dream good dreams, but only if he falls asleep by himself, and not by sleeping pills. As she walks away, Ting Yu calls out for her but finds that he has lost his voice, only to wake up in reality and finds his voice back. He's lying by a tree and the birds chirp around him. He finds himself clutching on tight to something, and opens his fist, only to find himself holding the bunch of keys that the girl with the balloon gave him earlier on.

I love the touch of fantasy here, but still grounded in reality. It's not like the keys miraculously appeared his hands; we saw the lady pass a bunch of keys when he entered Garden of Dreams, but it's cool how it's so coincidental with the illusion that he had earlier on.

And with nicer, more hopeful music, Ting Yu finally locates his room, in the centre of nice wilderness, and which resembles the pavillion that the fairy stands in previously. Die Fei on the other hand, goes to the empty hall, and visualises a usual practice. Ting Yu turns around to smile at her, and she's happy.

But the sounds fade, the lights dim, and she's back in the old practice hall now. She walks to the window panes, and starts doing Waka! Waka! Ookalaxiuka! before she finally breaks down crying on the floor. 

Ting Yu still can't fall asleep at night, and he almost eats his sleeping pills but remembers what the fairy has said. He decides to write music instead. 

In the morning, Die Fei finally tells her father the truth — Xiao Shu has run away with the Chairman to escape from all the embezzlement of funds scandal. Her father tells her that Xiao Shu's brave and fights for herself, unlike Die Fei who is troubled over Ting Yu and him pushing her away.

At her father's words, she decides to find Ting Yu again but the place is locked up. 

Ting Yu finally finishes writing his song, and titles it "The boy with no dreams." As he hums out the first few lines, we realise that it's the theme song of this drama (quite cool! I thought it would be Aaron's ending song at first though).

Die Fei takes over the humming ( Die Fei in an illusion of course) and as he lies on the couch, Die Fei continues to hum the song and pats his head gently. Ting Yu has finally fallen asleep(: I like it that it's Die Fei's song and voice he ultimately seeks for solace(:

In the hospital, Alice finally tells Hai Jie about the truth — of how her father was given the task of finding the rare plant called Alice under the request of SJ's dad. 

-the end-

I was duped into thinking that this is the last episode, so for a while my imagination ran wild — He is actually dead, or mad, and whatever he has seen in the Garden of Dreams is merely an illusion to show his depression or you know, after death. I was ever so thankful to have seen the preview for the next episode phew. 

I read a few comments off the page where I watch this show from, and I'm so glad that people are acknowledging Aaron's acting skills. You can totally see the effort put here in this episode through the many different kinds of emotions that he has to show, be it him feeling depressed, relieved, puzzled, or contented. He may still be in rough works, but you probably can't deny that he has improved, and may I be daring enough to point out that he does act better than some of his Fahrenheit (or ex-Fahrenheit) counterparts. It's such a pity (yet a fortune, depending on how you see it) that he became famous through Fahrenheit, because whatever he does is deem as part of the idol package — Looks with no Talent. But that's not true, and I'm happy that some of the comments pointed out the exact same sentiments. 

Lara has improved a lot in my opinion as well. Her grasp of emotional scenes still fails sometimes, as you can feel her trying hard to force the feeling out, but there's some natural flow of emotions present, especially at her saying the magic spell words alone in the desolated practice hall. 

This is the first episode that leaves me really wanting more, so I guess they're doing something right(: I love the fusion of fantasy as well (as long as they're not a figment to prove Ting Yu's depression:<). It's not that I can relate to this episode per se, but they dwell on themes that are so close to my and our lives, I can't help but think a lot more of this episode — dreams, failures, nightmares, and how you deal with them. I love it how Ting Yu goes through so much of an emotional rollar coaster in this episode. From immense hopelessness and depression to hope and inspiration. 

If time permits, I will recap some of the behind-the-scenes, so I hope you guys will like that as well!(:



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