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Has been something that is on my mind recently.

Are ratings really that important, and are they a good reflection of the show's quality, or even the show's popularity? You might have guessed already, that this post is triggered by Alice in Wonder City. I really do think that it deserves a higher rating than it has right now (which is below 1 I think) — is it really comparable to Momo Love which suffered from the same ratings, and is it really much worse than other shows like Down With Love? 

For a show's quality, the ratings can always be masked with the casts' popularity. You have a few hotshots, mediocre acting, passable script and you can survive with not-bad-ish ratings. But even a show's popularity can't be determined from ratings. Taiwan has a rather flawed system of installing track devices in a small number of televisions, so their percentages are all really based on a small population of people. Also, if you think about it, who controls the remote? Most often than not, it's the mother. Youths and even young adults probably just head online to watch whichever episodes they are interested in. Then, we have slot timings. Is it really fair to compare television shows of a golden time, where it's night but not sleeptime, to a slot timing such as ten on a Sunday night, where students need to sleep and get ready for school the next day? You might point out that they also compare shows of the same slot timing from different channels, but that just brings me to a full circle to my first point — the one that triumphs most often than not is based on popularity, or even a popular line of plot. Admit it, we all go gaga over the same kind of cliche plots — if a drama with that plot has attacked tons of viewers, most likely the next drama with just a few tweaks here and there will get the same effect. 

Nevertheless, good ratings are always encouraging! And shows that have good ratings, such as Fated to Love You, do deserve those ratings. Autumn's Concerto fared well too. My Queen wasn't bad either. Yet, much as I'm an equal fan of both City Hunter and Moon That Embraces The Sun, I would think that it's hardly fair that City Hunter got half the ratings of Moon That Embraces The Sun, despite both having good ratings. City Hunter had a good plot, good action, good acting and hardly any shaky parts, but Moon That Embraces The Sun had a simple plot with shaky middle bits, instead thriving mainly on its cast of good actors. 

My point is, should we really cite ratings as any form of substantiation for how good a drama is? True, I guess when you have a good drama with good ratings, it's cause for celebration, but should ratings serve to prove how bad a drama is? Can you ever say, oh don't watch that show, it sucks, the ratings are sooo bad? 

It's a topic that bothers me every time I feel unfair for any drama, hence the ramble of thoughts above. But really, how many of you guys feel the same way as I do? I'd love to hear comments((:



  1. Anonymous says

    My opinion: it’s a tool for determining how successful a drama is, but it’s not the only tool to judge how good a drama is.

    It used to be a factor for us as the viewers to pick shows that were good, but nowadays, there are lots of dramas and it’s impossible for each and every of them, especially the good ones, to get high ratings. Sometimes, it depends on the luck of the drama itself: the time slot and the competing dramas are the leading factors that I think affect the drama ratings.

    That being said, it’s up to us as the viewers to pick up the shows that we think it’s good, rather than judging it solely based on the numbers alone.

    But still, the production team and broadcasting station of a drama still think that the ratings as one of the important factors in a drama’s success. I beg to differ 🙂


    • Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I’m busy with studies(:

      I agree(: A lot of it has gotten to do with luck, and yes those with good ratings most often than not deserved them, but that doesn’t mean that those with bad ratings are horrible either — they probably just didn’t have the right mix of luck and factors to get those ratings! Hence, it irritates me a little whenever someone uses ratings as a form of substantiation why a certain drama isn’t good.


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