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Alice In Wonder City Behind The Scenes


I finally had a breather and yes after a week of fun and sleep, I'm back on thoughtsramble and with behind the scenes! I'm not going to write the last episode's recap, but here's the recap of the behind the scenes that I've promised. I'm not quite sure if this works out, but here's a try anyway(:

here's the link where I watch: http://sugoibd.info/alice-in-wonder-city-episode-14/3/ behind the scenes start at 71.50:

72.02: Lara starts humming the theme song, stands at a position and asks, "Is she appearing here? To sing for him?"
72.18: Aaron, "Why don't we try putting her at the grass plains outside ah?" (Hahaha) Lara, "Don't make trouble for me hahaha" Aaron, "Floating in the pond~"
72.26: Aaron and Lara are testing out the positions on the sofa. Lara feels that it's easier if she sits on the arm of the sofa, and the Director tells them to try it out. 
72.45: Aaron, "Take it o~" and tickles Lara's knees but she laughs, "Don't play anymore la!" 
72.56: Aaron, "Why don't you need to wear thick clothes?" Lara, "Because I'm in your imagination, I don't need to fulfil the requirements of the seasons." (Hahaha because Aaron has to wear a long sleeved pullover even though it's hot in reality) Then Lara squeals as Aaron quietly tickles her knees again. 
73.07: Lara chokes while singing, and Aaron quips, "Eh, don't slow down everyone's progress just because you are almost done with your parts o~" 
73.16: Aaron, "I rather die from cold than to die from heat." 
73.23: Aaron, "Romantic is romantic, but the moment the director shouts, Cut!, we fall back to reality…and reality is…38 Degrees Celsius, and we are shooting in a place that resembles a greenhouse.." Lara joins in, "Yeah, actually the difficulty lies in not perspiring (laughs)" Aaron, "Yeah, there's still Japanese Light (he's just describing the kind of sunlight, like the bright and pretty kind), and we need to look at each other, but I'm lying on her thighs, and when I look up it's the transparent glass, so the sunlight is actually shooting straight at my eyes, and I need to keep looking like this (I suppose squinting his eyes or something, the camera didn't cut back to show his face.) Lara, "So isn't it very magical, like you've seen a fairy or something~"
73.59: Aaron turns around and back to the camera, "And there's something else that is not romantic , is that there's lots of insects here." Lara agrees and adds on, "Another thing that I've learnt while shooting this drama is that there's someone else who is even more scared by the insects than me." Aaron starts swaying at the side and owns up with a, "Yeah.." while Lara laughs and says, "It's this gentleman here."
74:09: The director is talking about the sofa positions again, and suddenly a huge insect flies past. Aaron instinctively and quickly darts behind Lara's back, and a second later, Lara laughs, "O they caught the insect!" Aaron finally sits up again (hehe)
74.26: Aaron hides behind a worker as the scene plunges into chaos over a huge moth. (You can hear Lara saying in English that she thinks it's a butterfly. I love her accent!(: ) Aaron can't take it anymore and shouts, "Oh my god!" before darting out of the greenhouse. In another scene, the moth makes a reappearance, and Aaron escapes to the door but comes back in and starts saying, "I dodge, I dodge" while doing kung fu movements. 
75.14: Director, "There's no more insects inside ah." Aaron, "Yep no more." Director, "The small ones don't count ah." Aaron, "Okay okay the small insects don't count." Director, "The small ones aren't counted as insects," and they laugh. (kind of a word play, a switch in the position of different words to mean different things in this case)
75.40: Director tells them to have another take, and Aaron gets a shock by a nearby insect.
75.46: Lara fans Aaron and says, "I feel that I'm very man doing this o." (Man is their way of saying Macho) Aaron, "Nonsense la. You obviously will be scared later on too okay."
76.08: Director finishes up with a scene and Aaron pulls Lara's hands and runs out of the greenhouse. Lara laughs, "We escaped."


81.06: Cai Shi pretends that she's being exorcised while the workers scattered salt around her (the salt is to make it look as if there was a lot of the flowers on the ground)

83.35: Aaron and Lara are nurturing their feelings in preparation for the scene. What follows is an entire take of Aaron shouting at Lara for her to leave him (I loveee this part…I feel like Aaron has improved in acting here!)
84.45: Lara laughs 'sadly' because she ran too slow and she couldn't hug Aaron/Ting Yu in time 
85.26: They try for another time but the Director says that Aaron knows that Lara is going to hug him (and they don't want that because in the show Ting Yu didn't know that Die Fei was going to hug him) Lara laughs that she felt like she could lift him up (because Aaron purposely stops a little) and Aaron says, "I was scared that she couldn't hug in time" 

86.09: Mei Jie (the actress of Lisa) shouts, "No! I was sitting there, I came super early, how come they finished kissing!" Lara, "We finished…so sorry." Mei Jie, "Aiyoooo no no." Director, "Mei Jie I rewind the tape for you." Mei Jie, "Rewinding and watching the real scene is different~! I was still changing my position to see where I could watch better." Worker, "Just now, they've already kissed from there (by the swimming pool) to here (the door)." Mei Jie gasps, "From there they kissed to here?" Worker 2, "It was very passionate o~" Worker 3, "Yeah~" (hahahaha they are all rubbing it in) Aaron comes and hugs her, before saying, "Why don't we kiss for you to see now~" Mei Jie, "Yeah yeah yeah!" while Lara laughs.


All right! So here's the recap((: I could only choose scenes that I like, and think is funny to translate and recap because I've realised this is very tedious. Instead of normal recaps where you could use indirect speech and summary, the purpose of recapping behind the scenes is to attempt to encapsulate the meaning as far as possible, hence the word for word translation. Since I've only recapped the parts I've liked, I kind of skipped over Xiu's and Cai Shi's behind the scenes.

Do tell me if you guys have any more requests! For any NGs, bloopers or behind the scenes that you would like me to translate and recap(:

I loveee how Aaron and Lara interact behind the stage. They have a lot of chemistry and you can tell that Aaron really loves working with her, what with all the teasing and disturbing. Their voices complement each other so well too! Aaah, I was so sad when the series ended:( I love the ending, where Ting Yu takes a supporting role and plays the violin just for Die Fei to hear, and that now Die Fei is the one who will reach great fame. I love the idea of them chasing their own dreams and finding a miracle in different places. It might be a show that is shaky with holes, or that it didn't reach its full potential, but I do applaud the cast for their hard work and ability. I love the little fantasy bits that they added here and there, to create a sense of mystery, a sense of unknown in our mundane, everyday lives. While I didn't recap every episode of this series, I hope that you guys have enjoyed the journey along with me, and I will miss you guys(:

Hope you all enjoyed the recap!

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