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Fall In Love With Me Episode 17 Recap

THIS EPISODE makes me so…angry at some points. I liked the build-up and the script but now that the scriptwriters are trying to go down a different plot line than what was foreshadowed, I'm just a little frustrated with the story and wish that they would get on with it. Worse still, it seems like they're trying to make Evil Mother realise her mistake and turn good, which is the most unsatisfactory ending you can give to an evil character. They are also taking away our satisfaction of Tian Xing realising that he has been LIED to and manipulated this whole time.

Continuing from last week's episode, Huan Huan is startled to hear Leo's voice and decides to sit herself back in the wheelchair, at the risk of losing her life.


This shows us just how important she deems her lie to be, because it links directly to her chance to marry Tian Xing and force him to stay by her side. What she doesn't expect is that Leo dashes to her side and covers her with himself.


Even though that was really heroic of you Leo, I doubt that would have helped anything. Thankfully for the both of them, the truck manages to swerve in time, even though the driver is angry. (Like what is this strange scene of a couple hugging on the road)

At night, Leo recalls the incident and definitely noticed that Huan Huan stood up.

The next day, Jia Gai Xian confronts Leo about his decision to join Tian Ji, because Tian Ji is the one that destroyed OZ, "Leo, are you still going to help Tian Ji even though it has destroyed us?" Leo replies that the decision is final and that those who don't like it should leave, causing Jia Gai Xian to take his backpack and leave angrily.

Tao Zi chases out and tries to convince him to return. To her, as long as they have a project, it is an opportunity for her. She wants OZ back, so she doesn't care where the source of the project is, as long as she can do it well.


Helen appears and is confused as to why Jia Gai Xian would want to leave, "If you are gone, won't they have even lesser manpower?"


Jia Gai Xian's demeanour visibly softens and he worries that Leo has changed. Tao Zi replies that everyone, not just Leo, has changed in this period of time. Sighhh.

I like this scene because it shows that Tao Zi has really matured. Now she gets the big picture, she understands that an opportunity is a chance she shouldn't miss. In the past, Tao Zi would have thrown a tantrum but I like it that she's stronger now.

She gives Tian Xing a text and asks to meet him. He finds her at the place where they had the thrash out talk the other time and he recalls the tight slap she has received.


Feeling extremely guilty, he walks towards her with no smiles. She doesn't notice and instead, eagerly makes him sit so that he can share the cupcakes that she has baked. Eating baked goods is a memory she had with Xiao Lu and Tian Xing laments that the Xiao Lu then was really happy, "It's a simple kind of happiness."


They sit in silence for a while before Tian Xing asks if she's all right working for Tian Ji, with Huan Huan as the advertisement's female lead. She assures him that she will be fine and will not let personal feelings interfere with work. Tian Xing touches her face gently and apologises.


She holds his hand with hers and asks him not to apologise ever again, because he has done and suffered so much for her, "So from now on, let me take on this burden with you, let me give you strength." She puts her cupcake down and holds his face in her palms.


She wants him to find her in his heart whenever he thinks of her in the future. No matter what happens now, they should not cry anymore because they don't even have much time left to enjoy the limited happiness they have.


Lance broods over what his mother has said to Tian Xing the other day again and his mother comes into the living room. He asks her directly if she was just trying to humour Tian Xing when she said that she could give him the entire Tian Ji or she was being sincere. Evil Mother tries to assure him that of course she's just trying to humour Tian Xing.


Only someone from the Li Family can inherit Tian Ji, and since she's getting old, she will be handing it to the young generation soon. Lance wants her to know that since he's part of the Li Family, she should be aware who the heir of Tian Ji should rightfully be. Despite his mother's assurances, he starts drinking again as he thinks about his mother's words, "When Tian Xing marries Huan Huan, he will be your brother-in-law. I remembered that you told you wanted him to stay in Tian Ji? Him being here will be good for both you and Tian Ji."

Not that I can see why these words are so disturbing but okay, maybe Lance doesn't like how highly his mother thinks of Tian Xing.

OZ starts delegating work because it's time to start making the video for Huan Huan's engagement party. Miao Miao grumbles why she couldn't have asked another firm. Leo instructs that they find photos of Huan Huan and Tian Xing during the sauna party and everyone turns to look at Tao Zi.


Tao Zi is obviously sad to hear this.


But she pulls herself out of the moment pretty fast and asks nonchalantly why everyone is looking at her. She hurries them to start working and Ting Wei smiles, knowing that she's all right.


Later on in the day, Tian Xing visits OZ but there's only Jia Gai Xian there. He walks over to his work desk and watches as Jia Gai Xian tries to pick a nice photo from the sauna party. That's when Tian Xing notices something strange in their group photo.


He asks if he could borrow the laptop and Jia Gai Xian happily skips off to find Helen. Sitting down in Jia Gai Xian's seat, Tian Xing looks at the photo closely.


And starts to zoom in.


Dum dum dum. It's undeniably a photo of Huan Huan standing up.


Tao Zi returns home to find Evil Mother talking to her parents. Turns out she's here to invite her parents to the wedding because of the excuse that they have treated Xiao Lu so well. She's also here to ask Tao Zi not to meet Tian Xing privately again because she doesn't want rumours or for people to misunderstand.


HAHA Tao Zi's mother's indignance is quite cute. She almost throws a punch at the mother (which I would have totally loved) but clams her mouth together when Tao Zi stops her. Tao Zi simply replies that she has understood but Evil Mother pushes further by volunteering to find suitable partners for her. When she leaves, Tao Zi's mum tries to eat her fist in anger.


That's so funny HAHA.

Tian Xing sits in his car and looks at the printed photo. He recalls the day when Huan Huan first realised she couldn't use her legs any more, when Lance delivered the news that her legs had been declared forever invalid by the doctor, and when she purposely let herself fall when she saw Tian Xing at her room door. His mouth curls in disgust and anger but Leo's call breaks the moment.


Leo meets him to tell him his suspicions that Huan Huan's legs have recovered. He brings up the evidence that he has collected, mainly Huan Huan's reactions to Tao Zi's mother's offer to massage her legs, Huan Huan being able to buy the bottle at the top shelf and the most recent incident where he saw her stand up when she was almost knocked down.

Tian Xing now understands that he joins Tian Ji so as to gain Lance's trust and to be able to gain evidence of Huan Huan's lie. Leo acknowledges this by replying that he has already told him he would protect Tao Zi in his own way. Tian Xing replies that he is also protecting Tao Zi in his way.


At night, Tian Xing asks Tao Zi out for a meet and she says hi gently.


He stands up and gives her a tight embrace. He tells her that from now on, he's going to do something that will either destroy him or release him from this crisis and disaster. He hopes that before then, she can be with him, quietly by his side.


Tao Zi nods with tears in her eyes, and Tian Xing closes his eyes, touched at her trust.


And they stand like this for a long while in the park.

Huan Huan is looking at her gown in delight when Lance enters her room and asks her a weird question. From young, the one who dotes on her the most is him. Whatever she wanted, he would get it for her, including Tian Xing. "Will you help your brother in the future too?" Huan Huan doesn't really understand the significance of this question, but nods anyway.


Fat hope though Lance. If it's a showdown between Lance and Tian Xing, Huan Huan would have chosen Tian Xing anyday, unless she's taking her vengeance.

It's engagement day!

OZ arrives at the hotel to set up for the video shoot. Leo takes Tao Zi in first so that they can have an idea of where to shoot, so the rest of them unload the equipment. Helen appears to help, much to Jia Gai Xian's delight, and the other couple laughs at them.


Too cute, they already look like they can get married!

While this side is having a lot of silly fun, Tian Xing is dressing himself up for the big occasion. Not to get engaged to Huan Huan, but to expose her.


Looking good eh?:P

He tucks the photo in his blazer and leaves the room, but not before he gives his reflection one last determined look.


So there are now three groups of people — Tao Zi and Leo walking around the hotel, Tian Xing on his way to the bride's room, and Huan Huan being happy.


Huan Huan's mother and brother arrive at the hotel and Evil Mother sends one of her minions to watch Tian Xing. However, Tian Xing is already on the move. He buttons up his suit as he takes the escalator down. At the landing, he pauses for a moment but there's no hesitation in his eyes. It's a little dramatic, but I'm loving the build-up.


He finally arrives at the bride's resting room and sends all her attendants away. She is a little taken aback with his attitude and asks him what's wrong. He avoids her question and asks her if she remembers the game that they always played when they were young — The King's Truth. "When the king asks at the end of the game 'Is there anything you are supposed to tell me', the game has ended and all the truth should be revealed."

Huan Huan's smile freezes on her face.


"Now I ask you, do you have anything to tell me?"


Huan Huan starts to tear up a little in her fear and (fake) indignance, as she asks if Tian Xing is insinuating that she's lying. Tian Xing replies, "It's not that I'm suspecting you, it is that you have been lying to me all this time."

Evil Mother and Brother enter the room. Tian Xing ignores them and tells Huan Huan to stand up, since he's giving her a chance now to redeem herself.


She repeatedly ignores his words and just tears even more badly. Tian Xing can't take it any longer and finally shouts at her, "I'M TELLING YOU TO STAND UP NOW!"


Tao Zi and Leo wanted to visit the bride's room and they hear Tian Xing's outburst outside the room. Leo immediately opens the door and the both of them see and hear what's going on. Tian Xing takes out the photo as he says softly, "Huan Huan's legs have already recovered right…this was our group photo and someone accidentally made the shot. This is evidence."

Oh damn.

(Then this is when the episode starts going downhill for me.)

Evil Mother and Lance take a look at the photograph and should know that that's hard evidence. It's irrefutable. But Evil Mother still had some form of non-existent brains to insist that he cannot shirk his responsibility for Huan Huan based on this photo. "This is not any evidence!"

Tian Xing replies, "I want to know…I sacrificed everything…was it in exchange for this scam."


Huan Huan stops her mother's scoldings and goes on the offensive attack mode. Since Tian Xing is doubting her, then fine, she is willing to be subjected to another round of hospital tests. Tian Xing can choose the doctor himself. This is so suspicious! Even Evil Mother and Lance are taken aback with her suggestions, knowing that her legs are all right. Huan Huan even requests for Tao Zi to be there since she feels that the latter is the cause of this 'misunderstanding'. Leo immediately offers to come along too and Huan Huan is like oh that's good I have one more witness to my innocence.

But since that's her wish, they decide cancel the engagement, but not before Evil Mother (who always has to make some threats or do whatever) turns around and tells Tian Xing, "I hope you have the mental preparation to clean the mess you have made."

At the hospital, Tao Zi gives Tian Xing a really worried look and walks away.


Tian Xing wants to follow her but Leo stops him and gives him a reassuring glance, I got this.


Indeed, Leo manages to convince Tao Zi to trust in Tian Xing. Besides, he has the same suspicions as Tian Xing about Huan Huan's legs. He just didn't expect that Tian Xing would be confronting the evils on the engagement day with evidence.

Lance pulls Tian Xing into the stairway for a talk and starts being all angry about HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO HUAN HUAN. Tian Xing replies sarcastically that once the report is out, they will know who is doing things behind whose back. Lance retorts that he shouldn't have done it on their engagement day, and Tian Xing replies just as aggressively that if he didn't, Huan Huan wouldn't have agreed to come to the hospital and they wouldn't have let him bring her here anyway.


Lance pulls him by his collar in his anger and calls him manipulative.




Tian Xing shrugs his hands off, "When the lab report comes out, if it reveals that Huan Huan's legs are alright and that she's just pretending, I will ask you two — Lance, is it you or Auntie who cause Huan Huan to be like this now."


Here comes the twist — the doctor declares Huan Huan's legs to be unresponsive still and that some nerves are even deteriorating.


Tian Xing knows he has lost this fight but remains very very confused. Likewise for the evil family, they are utterly bewildered but manage to hide this puzzlement behind looks of hatred towards Tian Xing. SOMEONE JUST PUNCH THEIR FACES NOW.

When they leave the clinic room, Tian Xing asks gently if Huan Huan really didn't lie to him. Evil Mother asks if he really has to resort to such means in order to marry Huan Huan willingly, and Huan Huan starts to tear up again. She starts shouting, "You lost everything in order to marry me, did you ever think about what I have to sacrifice?? If it's so hard on you, you can go, you don't have to marry me. I don't want anything anymore, I don't, is this enough?"


Evil Mother takes over, saying that she wants to talk to Tao Zi privately. Leo and Tian Xing watch her go but can't do anything. Evil Mother blames the day's event on Tao Zi. If she doesn't exist, Tian Xing would still have doted on Huan Huan, follow her plans to be Tian Ji's heir and even have the chance to be a renowned artist. Tao Zi retorts that he wouldn't be happy even he has those things that she planned for him. Evil Mother semi-screams and threatens that if the thing that will make Tian Xing happy is her, "I will use means that you cannot even imagine to destroy your lives, so that you guys can also feel how it is like to stand by the cliff's edge — that feeling of the wind biting into your bones!"


Is Tao Zi scared now? Good, because she thinks this expression fits her really well. The scene suddenly transforms into one of Tao Zi walking on the street. She collapses onto a bench and hesitates texting Tian Xing. We think that she has lost the fight, but a flashback shows us that we are wrong.

Evil Mother threatens that she will use all her power to destroy them, OZ and even make Tian Xing disappear from the advertising world. "Do not destroy a budding artist with your love, because you are not worth it."

Just as she turns to leave, Tao Zi protests, "Whether it's worth it or not is decided by Tian Xing and me."


"Because our love is genuine, so, no matter what happens in the future, and no matter how you try to defeat us, I will not be scared."


You go girl!

Back to the present, Tao Zi tears upon recalling this incident.

Evil Mother and brother would like to take Huan Huan back for another check since the lab report's result wasn't what we expected. Haha, funniest situation ever when even the evil guys don't know what's happening. Huan Huan innocently replies that it's okay for her legs to deteriorate. Through a flashback and a voiceover, it's revealed that a doctor told her the month following the accident is crucial for her recovery and she would have to eat medicine and do physio actively. If she misses this golden period, the injured muscles and nerves may even shrink. Fu Bo wheeled her to the physio room but she asked him to visit more wedding boutiques and get more gown samples for her. He left her with the reminder to be careful, but her smile disappeared the moment Fu Bo left…and she wheeled herself out of the room.


So this is why during the doctor's check, it's announced that her legs are not responding, because she's purposely missing physio and not eating her medicine so as to make her legs truly incapable of walking.

Back to the present, Huan Huan continues smilingly, "Today's report proves to Tian Xing that I will never be able to stand again."


Look what you have done to your daughter?

Tian Xing calls Ting Wei to check on some situation but does not receive very positive news. I suppose this is the secret between them when he asked if Ting Wei was willing to protect OZ like him.

Huan Huan recalls the way Tian Xing shouted at her to stand up and she wheels herself to her dressing table. She is just about to open her drawer to pour the pills into the box…when the helper announces Tian Xing's arrival. She closes the drawer in a hurry and fumbles to put the pills back on the table but the cup drops to the floor. She wheels over them in an attempt to hide her mess and smiles guiltily at him.


Tian Xing seems to have noticed the pills on the floor, but makes no mention of it.

Instead, he tries to convince her to go for physio again. Huan Huan doesn't want to because he doesn't trust her anyway, but he wants her to try just a little harder for him and for herself. Huan Huan has a momentary evil look and suggests visiting Tao Zi's mother for a massage instead.

Leo visits Tao Zi to deliver some materials, just when Tian Xing and Huan Huan arrive. Tao Zi's mother eagerly accepts Huan Huan's request to massage her legs and Huan Huan asks if Tao Zi will be very happy if her legs recover.


Tao Zi is going to answer in the affirmative but Huan Huan cuts her off, "Of course you are happy. If my legs recover, then you can be with Tian Xing right?" Her smiles drop into a bitch face (I'm sorry if this word offends anyone, but really there's no better word for her looks right now) as she continues, "All of you think that I'm lying and that I am the one who broke Tian Xing and Tao Le Si up…but have you guys realised that I LOVE Tian Xing first, and she's the one who stole Tian Xing away from me. She's the real thief!"

Tao Zi's dad bangs the table with his abacus and rushes out towards her. He doesn't care about the relationship between Huan Huan and Tian Xing, but his daughter has never harmed her before. Huan Huan retorts that Tao Zi's every single sentence and action has been hurting her.


Tian Xing tells her to shut up, well in a nicer way, but that only adds on to her insolence, "Why can't I say? The one who is in the wrong is not me, it's her!"


"Why is everyone looking at me like this, WHERE HAVE I DONE WRONG AH!"


Omg her tone is impossible to convey perfectly using words. But her insolence and self-righteousness is brimming to the full here and I HATE HER SO MUCH IN THIS SCENE. But because she/Beatrice was also really good, so I couldn't resist giving more screenshots. But really, SO MUCH ANGER.

Tao Zi tells her to stop it. She genuinely wishes that Huan Huan's legs get better, and she even hoped that she was the one who had fallen down the slope because then she wouldn't have to feel guilty about it. "Even if I'm injured, I will not use this as a weapon and force Tian Xing into a corner."

Ooh burn. Huan Huan looks down with pouted lips.

Later, Huan Huan asks if Tian Xing also thinks that she's making use of her injury. Tian Xing turns towards her and summarises what she's been doing — in order to marry him, she's stubborn about her plans even though she knows who he loves and knows that her insolence will hurt a lot of people, "If this is not a weapon, what is it?" Huan Huan asks sadly if she wasn't injured and if there was no issue over OZ's management rights, would he sacrifice everything in order to be with Tao Le Si?

Tian Xing answers immediately, "That's right."


Huan Huan reels a little inside at his confirmation but starts smiling. She replies sweetly that she's grateful she was the one who had fallen down the slope instead of Tao Le Si.


Tao Zi's parents worry about her after Huan Huan's outburst, and Tao Zi's mother wants to do something for her. She suggests looking for Tian Xing.

Back at home, Huan Huan throws another crazy fit because she doesn't want to eat her medicine and her meals. She asks everyone to get out, including Tian Xing and her mother.


Crazy ass. I think the stress from having to keep up her lie, and realising that her lie is the only thing keeping Tian Xing with her, is driving her depressed. But I don't like this plot development because depression can often be a convenient tool for characters to draw sympathy and pity towards themselves.

The Evil Mother is shocked that her daughter such rude stuff to Tao Zi's parents. WHAT? YOU SAID ALMOST AS RUDE THINGS AS SHE DID. YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PARENT.

Tian Xing laments that Huan Huan has changed and is no longer like the girl they used to know. He has nothing to say if they want to blame him for Huan Huan's predicament, but he wants to emphasise that his feelings for Tao Zi will not change. The Mother asks if he's going to keep making the same mistake, but Tian Xing replies, "The one not willing to change is not me, it's you." Evil Mother's eyes flickers because she's starting to see the truth, but she doesn't want to listen. Tian Xing says softly that they are his family and he doesn't want to lose them.


But she tells him to stop talking and sends him home. Before he leaves, he suggests tenderly that she can asks Fu Bo for a warm cup of milk instead of eating aspirin.

He leaves the house and looks back, before walking off with some sense of determination.


He arrives back home to find Tao Zi's parents at his doorstep. He apologises for what has happened earlier but they don't blame him. He's unlucky to have fallen in love with Tao Zi but seems to have no fate to be with her. Tao Zi's dad laments that they are at fault for being so helpless and unable to change things for them. Tao Zi's mum holds his hands and starts tearing. She just wants her only daughter to be happy.

"Let us fulfil your wish. I only have one question for you…will you love our Tao Zi forever?"


Tian Xing nods and answers, "Yes I will."


Tao Zi's mother sits back, "Then you guys should leave."

Tian Xing smiles as a tear rolls down from his eye.


-the end-

Okay watching it a second time doesn't irritate me as much, but I guess I was just very disappointed with the way things turned out. The build-up and foreshadowing in the previous episodes made it look like the reveal is going to be revolving around Huan Huan's lie. But now that the lie is kind of out and hidden again, it's not like they can do the same dramatic scene of STAND UP NOW, when Tian Xing realises Huan Huan was indeed lying. And Huan Huan is being real smart by trying to convert her lie into the truth.

Now that's where I have an issue too. Didn't Huan Huan just stand up at the start of this episode? There's no way she could have stand up and still failed the doctor's test – that was just within a span of a few days. It doesn't seem like bribery is in the picture because the scriptwriters even went all the way for a flashback to show us that Huan Huan has been skipping meds and physio session. In that case, of what use is the scene at the start of this episode other than to provide a cliffhanger for Episode 16? Because now all it does is to confuse the viewers, can her legs function or not??

One redeeming factor of this episode is that Tao Zi's character has really become much stronger. In every confrontation and scolding, she either gently holds her ground or protests with equal measure. That's really admirable, seeing that she was such a weak character before, always crying when she faces difficulties. I like it that her love makes her strong and capable.

I'm just not sure what they are trying to do anymore. Is elopement in the picture now? I think I shall stop expecting/deducing a plot line for this drama because it seems like they are trying to include as many twists as possible. Please do it well and we will be incredibly pleased.

I also do not want Evil Mother to repent her mistake by herself because arghhh then that makes her a better character and does not give us the satisfaction of watching Tian Xing reduce her to nothingness.



  1. Anonymous says

    That was so funny the abs HAHA! Nah I think now Huan Huan is getting crazier:(


  2. Maybe it was just me but I thought Huan Huan seemed to be having trouble standing up at the beginning. She was using a lot of her arm strength to get up and I don’t think she would have gotten away from the truck in time. But Huan Huan is very, very messed up mentally now. And I wonder how much of her not taking the meds is her being smart to manipulate or if it is her trying to alleviate her guilt for lying.


    • I guess you are right, but for me, that scene was not obvious enough in showing the difference in pushing herself up between during-meds and post-no-meds. It felt like a semi-useless cliffhanger to me but that’s just my opinion! She’s definitely going a bit nuts, and is nicely contrasted with the bimbotic but sweet girl she used to be.


  3. Anonymous says

    This episode pissed me off sooooo much. It started out amazing and then it sucked. Seriously what in the hell..? This is not what I signed up for. I was expecting cute and maybe some, okay a lot, of drama when Tian Xing’s other persona was discovered. The writer could have done so much with it.


    • I AGREE. The episode was amazing till the halfway mark then it fell through with the sudden change in plot. I think there were a lot of reveals that could have been better fleshed out but it’s okay I’m still willing to give the drama a chance to end beautifully!


  4. Anonymous says

    Arrgh!! Again with all the DRAMA in the drama. You have gotta give us the cute soon. And I have one more request of you, drama. DO NOT REDEEM Huan Huans’s character. Send her to a mental institution, fine, but do not make her into a goody-two-saint-shoes right away. Same goes for Evil mom and Lance.

    Aaaaand also, thank you so much for the recaps. I am still only reading the recaps till the OTP/OZ gang cuteness comes back which better be in the next episode. Seriously, this drama was so enjoyable before they started dragging the HH-wheelchair plotline. Bad move, show. Bad move.


    • HAHA I have the same sentiments. I hate it when k-dramas (or any dramas, but it seems like k-dramas do this particularly often) in the past redeemed their evil characters. It does not give me/viewers the satisfaction that the evil will get what they deserve.

      No problem at all! I enjoy writing the recaps and reading the comments. Hope you had a better time with this week’s episode!


  5. I know this is rather OT here, but I was wondering if you were watching The Way We Were? I really like it but I haven’t seen anyone recapping it yet 😦


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