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Fall In Love With Me Episode 16 Recap

This episode…I hated some parts and I liked some parts. I think it's starting to be draggy, even though they are inserting different plot elements each time – like this episode is our couple's supposed last night together, and Huan Huan steps up on her game, but really in the overall grand scheme of things, I don't think we have moved very much and that irritates me a little. Of course, I was happy to see the return of cute OZ moments and some good kissing between our leads.

So yes Huan Huan was being annoying and pecked Tian Xing on the cheek. Continuing from that, we have the leads staring at each other after she did that.


Tian Xing does not react except to look at Tao Zi in pain, as Huan Huan says that Tao Zi has promised to give her blessings. Evil Mother appears to inform them that the wedding co-ordinator has arrived. She makes Tian Xing carry Huan Huan down to the living room and insists ever so kindly for Tao Zi to stay and listen too. She keeps harping about how the wedding ceremony AND the engagement party must be the best because they are "the Li Family". As if we care.


Huan Huan beams about all of this but Tian Xing is just like sigh, oh no. She pipes up again about how Tao Zi is going to give her and Tian Xing her blessings, so Evil Mother reminds Tao Zi to be there for the engagement party and extends the invitation to those from OZ. In this moment, Tian Xing turns his gaze towards Tao Zi while she stammers her replies that she will do just that.


She wants to make her move but Evil Mother requests that she stays to give the couple a few suggestions about the upcoming wedding. "You are their good friend right?"

Huan Huan also holds on to Tao Zi and doesn't want her to leave because "you are my only good friend".


Sigh manipulative Huan Huan vs gentle Tao Zi?


Tao Zi obviously nods and agrees to stay.

At night, Lance broods over what his mother said to Tian Xing the other day — that she would give him the entire Tian Ji if he would like it. He mutters, "Tian Ji is mine. I'm the only heir in this Li Family."

While one sibling is going slightly psycho and muttering stuff to himself, the other is smiling to herself. She picks up a concealer stick and murmurs about how Tian Xing has suffered from Tao Zi's love. Huan Huan's love on the other hand, is a decision and not a condition.


She repeats the words that she shouted at Tao Zi earlier in the afternoon and smiles at her reflection, "Tao Le Si, I've said before that I'm the only one who can bring happiness to Tian Xing, you understand right? I'm sure you've understood, so let's end it here. Give me your blessings!"


Crazy girl then proceeds to drop her pills into a box, that is already filled with pills.


I'm not sure if these pills are for depression or for her legs, but either way we know that Huan Huan is not taking medication like she's supposed to. The concealer stick makes for a strange make-up tool but I think that it having been used in a previous episode could be a symbolism of how Huan Huan is concealing her true self and secrets. Previously, it was Lance who held the concealer stick for her, showing that he's the one teaching her how to be manipulative and deceiving, but now, she has learnt and she's the one wielding control.

Tian Xing drives Tao Zi home and asks her if she's all right. Huan Huan sends him a text to ask if she could call him and Tao Zi sees the message. He ignores Huan Huan and offers to walk Tao Zi home but she declines. Before stepping out of the car, she halts and tells Tian Xing that she's thinking of sincerely blessing Huan Huan and Tian Xing…but she just can't bring herself to say it. "Because my heart is in pain and it really hurts, and I also know that…"

She reaches out to caress his face, "You don't feel good too." In this heart-breaking scene, Tian Xing touches her hand and cries.


Tao Zi pulls away and leaves the car, leaving Tian Xing still in tears.


I really like Tian Xing/Aaron's portrayal in this scene! Few words but poignant.

Tao Zi's mother confides in her husband, "I feel that Miss Huan Huan is a bit strange." Huan Huan was exactly like Xiao Lu the last time she offered both of them help in massaging. Most people who are injured would be really happy to hear that they can recover, but Huan Huan reacted in the opposite manner. Leo overhears this conversation and ponders over what he had seen in the shop as well. He hatches a plan and calls Lance.


He tells Lance that he would like to collaborate with Tian Ji and Lance is really happy, despite being a bit suspicious over Leo's sudden change of behaviour.

Leo, I think your plan kinda sucks at this moment but I hope it will pick up soon!

Helen runs into Jia Gai Xian in the middle of the road and mindlessly rambles over how she has to settle a meeting between Leo and Lance. Jia Gai Xian is really shocked to hear this and Helen explains that maybe it's because OZ has collapsed. He pretends to be hurt, "You don't like me, and OZ is destroyed by others, there's no more meaning in me living onnn."


Helen tries to console him but he keeps wailing about OZ's predicament and requests that she lends him her shoulder for a minute. (HAHA comparison to the main couple's one minute, this is hilarious.)


Helen half-grudgingly lets him hug her and his sad face dissolves into an ecstatic one.



Leo meets Lance and explains that he wants to work with Tian Ji because he has no more job now that OZ is gone. " 'Dreams' is only what these losers use as an excuse." Lance asks if those are his heartfelt words and Leo says, "You can't make a living out of dreams."


Lance is ready to offer him the collaboration/work in Tian Ji but Leo has two conditions. 1. To use the team that he has chosen and 2. that Huan Huan will be the female lead in his first advertisement. Lance is fine with that but wants him to check that Huan Huan is all right with his condition first. He asks Leo if Tao Zi knows of his decision and he replies, "Whatever decision I make has nothing to do with her."


Yeah right.

Miao Miao texts Ting Wei that OZ should go camping that night because spirits are really low. Ting Wei signals 'OK' and that he will tell Tian Xing. When Helen (and Jia Gai Xian being all sticky to her) visits OZ with some cake, the idea is brought up to Tao Zi. She is evidently not in a good mood but she agrees anyway.

Tian Xing arrives, asking what the important thing that Ting Wei mentioned on the phone was. HAHA. You got duped.

The couple exchanges a glance and Tao Zi realises that Tian Xing will be going along on this camping trip.


Ting Wei and Miao Miao throw the couple into the van and off they go! A black van suspiciously tags along behind them.

When they arrive at some nice scenic place, Jia Gai Xian offers to massage Helen's feet and they disappear (because Helen is running away from him heh). Miao Miao mentions that it's a pity Xu Mi Bao is not here and Ting Wei observes that she really likes dogs. He asks her what kind of dog he would be and she replies that he's like a Dobermann. They are cool, toned and have strong guarding abilities, "But…these dogs are proud so it's hard to win them over…" She looks away sadly but Ting Wei replies, "But… I don't think so(:"


AHH so cute HAHA. For those who didn't get it, he means that he doesn't think he's hard to win over, which also implies that Miao Miao has won him over.

Miao Miao giggles happily and says that they will go get some drinks from the van.

The main couple is now left alone and smile over what they have just heard. What they don't know is that a guy is photographing them.


Over food, Miao Miao happily passes a message along to the other OZ members except the main couple. They push for them to go for a stroll while they pack up the food, so okay, the couple decides to go along with the plan hahaha. The real plan that Miao Miao devised was to leave them alone for the night since they won't have much time together in the future. Jia Gai Xian comes up with the good idea of switching their phones off so that the couple can't reach them.

The duo is now overlooking some hills and greenery, and Tao Zi comments that she has never felt so peaceful before. Tian Xing feels the same way and the two of them look at each other solemnly. She breaks the moment by wanting to call Miao Miao but realises that she has left her phone in the van. Tian Xing stops her and calls Ting Wei instead. He soon realises that all of their phones were off, and the couple realises at the same time what their friends have been up to.


Indeed, when they return to the parking lot, the OZ van is nowhere to be seen.


They laugh and Tian Xing comments, "They are…." "Really cute, right?"


This happy moment is interrupted by Huan Huan's call. Evil Mother takes over the phone to speak to Tian Xing, and while we don't hear what the mother is saying, we see how pissed Tian Xing gets. He shouts at the phone, requesting for a day off so that he can breathe. "What do you want me to do??"


Tao Zi walks over and takes his phone. She turns it off and requests that today will be a day they forget about everything. It will be a day just about them.


Tian Xing likes the idea so he takes her hand and they happily walk off.

The cute OZ members have driven themselves to another scenic spot. Miao Miao wants to pray at a nearby temple for OZ and Tao Zi, so Ting Wei goes with her. Jia Gai Xian wants to take an umbrella for Helen but accidentally twists his ankle because he's wearing those ridiculous platform shoes. Helen worries about him but he says that he wants to look cool in front of him. She shyly replies, "Who told you I like cool guys? I think you are already very cute when you jump around me usually."




Look at how happy this guy is HAHA.

Miao Miao wishes that OZ's management rights will be returned and Tao Zi's love will be smoother. Ting Wei looks at her and seems to like how she's so considerate for others. They return to the other two with a fortune lot that they have taken from the temple. I can't translate it HAHA because it's so profound but basically they have a cute moment trying to decipher whether the lot indicates good or bad luck.

Tian Xing has brought Tao Zi to a nearby stream and Tao Zi suggests catching shrimps in an attempt to prove that she has a strength (because Tian Xing insinuates that she doesn't have the observance required from a top-notch producer like him).


They start having a water fight but Tao Zi falls on her butt. She's okay, but her rear hurts. So Tian Xing happily sweeps her onto his back and they go finding a place to stay for the night.


A tent miraculously appears, and Tao Zi changes inside the tent. She has stripped her outer layers for Tian Xing to dry by the fire. He asks her if she wants to come out to warm herself but feeling shy because she's only wearing a singlet, she opts to stay inside. A snake's appearance causes her to leap out of the tent however, and into Tian Xing's embrace. Since he's half-naked, well, there's a lot of skin showing. He chases the snake away, "Don't be scared. Remember, I said I would protect you."


He touches her hair…then her mouth, and slowly, he leans in for the kiss.


The moment their lips connect, they melt into the kiss, knowing that this will probably be the last time they could have alone time together.


He draws back and touches her face gently. He plucks a strand of grass and twists it into a ring. The intent is clear, as he picks another strand to make another ring. He slowly puts hers on her finger, and she does the same.


It's quite a sad and romantic scene. In this moment, they are pledging their love for each other. No audience, no unnecessary words, just their love for each other.

"Tao Le Si, no matter how much the world changes, as long as our hearts don't change, it will be okay, right?"


"As long as our hearts are connected, no matter how far we are from each other, we will be able to feel that love…and that feeling gives warmth." She holds his face in her hands and asks him to promise her, "Both of us will remember this night forever." Tian Xing nods and kisses her hand.


They then lean in for another kiss, this time more passionate.

Sad music melts into ominous notes, as the camera reveals that the photographer is busy snapping shots of the couple kissing.


And my first thought was, HOW SCREWED UP IS THIS?! I understand where this is going, but that doesn't mean I can appreciate a camera snapping away this couple's most intimate moment ever.

Huan Huan tells her mother that she is thinking of ways to stop Tian Xing from protecting Tao Zi. She doesn't want anyone to take any bit of Tian Xing, "Not even a little bit."


Oh, surprise surprise, Mother is worried because Huan Huan has changed. Huan Huan nonchalantly replies that she won't allow anyone to change her decision to love Tian Xing.


Lance overhears this conversation and walks over. He approves of Huan Huan's change, and that because they have the blood of the Li Family, they will not let anything go once they have their sights set on it. He just receives a document which he thought he wanted to deal with privately, but Huan Huan's change has convinced him otherwise.

And what document will it be, but photos of the couple kissing (half-naked too mind you)? Evil Mother looks the most horrified and exclaims over what Tian Xing is doing but Huan Huan calmly remarks, "Their hearts are already together…Are these photos very strange?"


She requests for the photos to be sent to her and Lance brings her upstairs. Obviously she's not as calm as she seems, and she breaks down back in her room. She looks at the photos with an obsession and tries to call Tian Xing but the phone is off. She then texts Tao Zi in tears.


"Tao Le Si, you are with Tian Xing Ge Ge right now right? Why did you do this?"

A crash brings Fu Bo up to Huan Huan's room and he discovers that she has smashed many bottles onto the floor. He cleans up quietly as she looks into the mirror with a straight face but tears in her eyes.

The meeting among Lance, Leo and Tian Xing doesn't go well because Tian Xing is very taken aback with Leo's sudden change of philosophy.


Leo goes into an aggressive mode about how he has contributed so much to OZ till he has lost himself. He can't be happy about Tao Zi's choice so he's going to start living for himself. "I ask myself, does this love still exist? Or should I say, should I still love? This is all because of you! And now you ask me why I left OZ?! Why I left Tao Le Si?! Aren't you too selfish!"

Tian Xing doesn't feel good, yet he has no choice and leaves the room, allowing Leo to discuss with Lance about his future. Lance consoles him, "When we have the whole world, do we still need to be scared that we have no women?" Tao Zi finally replies to Huan Huan's message and requests for a meet-up, to which Huan Huan replies that she can find her at her house.


When Tian Xing calls Huan Huan, she also asks him to come by her house later. Oh I sense something going on.

Tao Zi arrives to find that Huan Huan is already waiting for her in the living room, full aggressive mode on. She demands for an explanation for the night before and Tao Zi answers honestly that she can't escape from her feelings towards Tian Xing. Tian Xing arrives at this moment and listens as Tao Zi kneels down (so that she can talk to her eye to eye, not because she's begging) in front of Huan Huan and apologises. She hopes that she can own at least a day with Tian Xing.

"You want to snatch my Tian Xing away right?"


"Love cannot be snatched away. If it's possible, I wish time can stop at yesterday, the moments where feelings were the truest."

Huan Huan scoffs at her words and says that she has no rights to own these feelings, not even to mention the right to wish that time stopped at the night before.

Tian Xing tries to stop her from saying anything else but she shouts at him too.


Tao Zi explains that it's her fault because she was the one who initiated and that it's because her rationality couldn't control her emotions. Huan Huan insists that she shouldn't have stayed out the night with Tian Xing and Tao Zi stammers, "That's…"

"That's the humiliation that you guys treated me with!" And she slaps Tao Zi.


Tian Xing immediately rushes up. Lance and Leo arrive just in time to see Huan Huan slap Tao Zi but Leo could only watch from a side.


With a straight face, Huan Huan asks if Tao Zi is in pain. She continues that she has no right to complain because she deserves to be slapped and to be scolded. Tao Zi had already promised her not to accept Tian Xing's love but she still did in the end. Tian Xing wants to push her upstairs, and she screams, "I'm not done talking, don't touch my wheelchair!" Lance nods approvingly in the background as she tells Tao Zi that she let go of Tian Xing's hands the other time because she knew Tian Xing like Tao Zi and would like to bless the two of them. Because of that, she has to sit on the wheelchair forever.

"Now you steal him away from me…one..whole…day, is this how you repay me?"

Tian Xing finally asks Huan Huan why she chose to walk down a path that will cause all three of them pain. Tao Zi unhesitatingly tells Huan Huan, "The bliss I felt yesterday…even though I don't have the ability to sustain it, it will always be in my heart. No matter how much the world changes, my heart won't change." Tian Xing is touched by her confession and she turns around to leave. She notices Leo's and Lance's presence but says nothing.

Leo asks if he could discuss with Huan Huan about the advertisement he has in mind and Huan Huan cool-ly wipes her remaining tears away.

When Tian Xing leaves the house, Fu Bo tags along and reminds him to be careful because he thinks that Lance actually really minds about Evil Mother's bias towards him.

Tao Zi recalls the confessions they made to each other the previous night and the tight slap she just received.


Huan Huan once again keeps her pills instead of eating them. She talks to the mirror, "Tian Xing Ge Ge, I won't let our happiness slip away."

She decides to meet Leo outside and requests that he starts the work earlier than planned. Since the idea is to tie in the advert with her upcoming marriage, why don't he start earlier and create a promo video for her engagement in a few days? Leo is slightly surprised but accepts her request. He asks her directly, "How much sacrifice do you think a person has to pay before he can get the happiness he truly deserves?"

She answers ambiguously that she doesn't know but she has already gambled everything  on her happiness, so she can only use her entire life to prove that it's right. Leo mutters Tian Xing's name but Huan Huan cuts him off and suggests that he snatches Tao Zi over now. She smiles into her drink and doesn't notice Leo's deep and suspicious gaze.

Fu Bo leaves Huan Huan outside the cafe to take the car and she puts on the earphones while waiting. As she has closed her eyes, she doesn't realise that her wheelchair is moving because someone accidentally kicked it and not because Fu Bo is pushing her towards the car. By the time she opens her eyes, the wheelchair is moving uncontrollably towards the road and into the path of an oncoming lorry.

She panics and starts to push herself up because yes she might be able to escape in time.


The thing is, Leo happens to leave the cafe at the same time and notices the danger she's in. He rushes towards her and shouts her name.


Now she's caught in a life-and-death, -do I expose my own lie or do I die- kind of situation.


-the end-

I think I'm a bit annoyed with this episode because it feels like most of the episode has achieved nothing much. I may be a little harsh in saying this but I guess I have been eagerly waiting for some huge woah plot movement and I've not been satisfied yet.

It's true that this episode has significant events. I particularly quite like the couple's night together, because I thought the script and kisses were carried off quite well. I didn't quite see the point of the lack of clothes but I guess the point is that they are the most intimate and passionate on that night because it was their last night together. (And also maybe because it creates better scandalous photos when Huan Huan views them later haha.) I like it that they exchange rings without too much flowery languages that will make one cringe. I think Tia could have looked a leeetle more in love and in pain but overall, I really like the scene…until the camera pops up, and that really spoils everything. When I rewatched it, the scene didn't, couldn't and wouldn't feel as magical as I watched it for the first time. Imagine one's most intimate moment captured in photographs and shown to the others. It just feels so wrong!

I think we are also meant to see how much stronger Tao Zi has become, because now she dares to tell Huan Huan about how much she loves Tian Xing. I wish it was done in a more aggressive manner though and Tian Xing felt like he melted into the background for this scene. He was totally owned by Huan Huan.

Happy moments are hard to come by since recent episodes so I really appreciate the short-lived cuteness our four OZ members showed heh. I never get tired with the two pairings even though they can be so nonsensical sometimes hahahah so kudos to the team for trying to liven the spirits up with OZ, or else I might not be able to survive the drama.

I can foresee the impending accident taking a few paths but none that I quite like at the moment. I really wish that when Tian Xing find out, he will feel scandalised, betrayed, broken, angry and determined. HAHA so much to ask for, but this is the expectations I have after so much build-up. If Leo manages to find out first about Huan Huan's secret, I'm not sure if it might distil Tian Xing's reactions sooner or later. And please please do not give me a scenario whereby Leo gets injured because he saved Huan Huan, so Huan Huan felt bad and decided to turn good. No.

Let's see how this goes!



  1. Anonymous says

    I also hope they don’t redeem Huan Huan, no just no. Lance I like more than her, so I can deal with redemtion if they go that way. This episode felt like they took a step forward and two,or ten, steps back. The photographer being there during such an intimate moment was beyond creepy.I honestly wish that the writer had just strung along the double identity thing along more. That had soooooo much more potential to be entertaining that a fake paraplegic Huan Huan. -_-


    • Oh yes, I do miss the fake identity thing. It seems like now the drama is taking forever to deal with Huan Huan and I’m not even sure what they are trying to do anymore. It seems like they are even going to redeem the Evil Mother, whom I do not like.


  2. Anonymous says

    thanks for the recap! i love this drama but the li family is driving me insane. i got so mad when aunty was like “huan huan, you changed, im worried”…um excuse you but you’re partially responible for your daughter turning out like this so it shouldnt come as a surprise. also, its kind of like karma with huan huan and the incoming truck LOL but i agree with you when you say you dont want a situation where leo saves huan huan and then she becomes good. thanks again! x


    • Hello! I’m glad you enjoyed my recap(: I really do not sympathise with the Evil Mother — she reaps what she sows. You show your daughter the cruel things you can do, and she learns, and now you are shocked. I totally agree with your madness heh.


  3. Anonymous says

    hello, thanks for the recap. I started watching this drama when it started airing but then at some point i was too busy to watch, so i put it on pause, but now i finally started to watch it again. And may i say, i’m so glad that there is some one to talk to about drama. I love Aaron and he’s great as Tian Xing but whole Li family is driving me crazy, there are times when i just want to smack their heads against each other. It was ok episode for me, but that scene with Aaron shirtless, boy is it hot in here or what, wow. But then they shoved the camera guy, and perfect picture was over.


    • HAHAHA I would love to smack their heads against each other too. And YEAH OMG the picture was perfect and sweet and wonderful, till the camera guy got in and nope, nope that does not work out at all.


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