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Fall In Love With Me Episode 18 Recap

I'm not sure what you guys think (do share with me!) but I like this episode much more than the previous one. Even though there were some moments where I felt that the characters were being real stupid, I like that at least there was some action and movement in plot. I can't help but recall all the previous build-ups and lies, and wonder what the purpose in foreshadowing was, since they ultimately don't serve as big a function as we were led to think.

Remember last week's episode where Tao Zi's parents want Tian Xing to elope with Tao Zi? We continue this week with Tao Zi's dad making an endearing threat that he would use his life to fight Tian Xing if he chooses to abandon Tao Zi in the future. He reassures them that he will treasure her, and the parents urge him to pack quickly.

Tao Zi comes out from a shower and thinks of calling Tian Xing. Before she can make that call, she is whisked by her mother into her bedroom. Tao Zi's mum mindlessly rambles about how she can buy more clothes "over there" and finally clues Tao Zi in on the new plan — take the earliest flight the next morning with Tian Xing and leave the country. Tao Zi is reluctant to leave because she doesn't want to abandon her family and OZ.


However, Tao Zi's mum hugs her with tears in her eyes and persuades her — she's their only daughter. OZ is something that her brother left behind but it will have its own fate. If Tian Xing marries Huan Huan, there will be no turning back and they will suffer for life.


Tao Zi worries that the Li Family will target her parents but Miao Miao promises that OZ will protect them. Tao Zi is finally convinced and joins Miao Miao and her mother in packing her luggage.

Early morning, Tian Xing waits outside her house and Miao Miao quickly puts the luggage into the car. Before leaving, Tao Zi's dad places Tao Zi's hand onto Tian Xing's and pats them, "I hand my daughter, Tao Zi, over to you. Please follow through with your promise and protect her forever, okay?"


Tian Xing promises that he will call them the moment they reach their destination. Tao Zi hugs her parents and Miao Miao reminds the couple to be happy. The couple quickly drives off in the car and Tao Zi turns around to take a last look.


I quite like the momentum here — fast and no fuss. Makes me kinda want to do an elopement now HAHA.

Lance receives a call about Tian Xing's plans to elope (because he has spies tagging Tian Xing's every movement). Huan Huan is emptying her medicine into her box as usual, when her brother barges in and informs her that Tian Xing is bringing Tao Zi out of the country. He quickly leaves the house with Huan Huan, and the Evil Mother watches them go with a worried expression.

Tian Xing soon realises that they are being tagged by another car and increases his speed. True enough, Lance's minions do not give up the chase, until Tian Xing makes a sudden right turn and the bad guys' car runs into a trolley of water bottles. Lance is unhappy to hear this latest update and holds Huan Huan's hands to comfort her.


The couple makes it to the parking lot and Tian Xing holds her hand tightly, "Don't be scared, no matter what happens, I will be with you."


Tao ZI's face of worry immediately melts into that of trust and they walk off to the terminal. I do wish Tian Xing was wearing his bangle though, that would have been a lovely image.


Fu Bo (who is the one who helped settle the last minute booking of tickets) returns home to find it completely empty. He wanders into Huan Huan's room and realises she's gone too. He notices that her drawer is open and helps to close it, before he realises something — opening the drawer again, he takes out the box and sees the pills.


On the plane, Tian Xing assures Tao Zi, "In a few hours, we will be free."


Alas, fate does not allow that to happen, for the minions appear with a magical poof. "They have some objections to your decision to leave. I think you need to explain to them." Tian Xing and Tao Zi turn around to see Lance and Huan Huan right behind them.


Lance is curious to know if the couple really thinks that their plan will work, and while he's talking, the couple's hands reach out for each other instinctively.


Huan Huan notices the clasped hands, to her displeasure.


Lance makes a jibe about how they really think that they can leave behind everything, including Tian Ji and OZ. Tao Zi doesn't back down of course, "I love Lu Tian Xing. He can sacrifice everything for me, and so can I, in gambling for my happiness."


Huan Huan stops her brother and talks to Tao Zi (oh no, it must be another crazy moment!). She asks if Tao Zi really loves Tian Xing and the answer is yes, duh. She is unhappy that Tao Zi wants to destroy her happiness completely, "Who is the one who caused me to be sitting on the wheelchair today? Who is the one who tries to steal my love from my side?!" Lance and Tian Xing try to calm her down but she goes off on her crazy rocket and is unstoppable, "Tian Xing Ge Ge, if you really leave, I will not forgive you forever! I will make you feel pain every time you think of me, I will make you feel regret every time you hear my name -"


Tao Zi's brave demeanour changes into that of guilt and worry.


"No matter how far you guys go, I will make you unable to smile with a happy heart! If this is what you want, then take it!! TAKE IT! TAKE ITT!"


At her last words, she lets out a scream and falls onto the floor in a faint. Tian Xing instinctively lets go of Tao Zi's hands and brings Huan Huan to the hospital. Meanwhile, Tao Zi looks lost and closes her hand.


This is where I get my -omg Lu Tian Xing, how could you?!!!- moment. I thought you left Tao Zi because you thought it would be just for a short while, but you actually left for the hospital, can't you at least say something to reassure Tao Zi before you leave??

While on the stretcher, Huan Huan wakes up momentarily and sees Tian Xing's face. She smiles and falls back unconscious. Tao Zi walks home with her luggage and looks at her hand again.


I don't blame you at all Tao Zi. Seriously, a guy who just promises to elope with you does not simply let go of your hand like that.

Huan Huan wakes up finally, and smiles weakly, "Tian Xing Ge Ge, you stayed…for me. I'm so happy."


Tian Xing sees that she's awake and coldly turns around to leave. Lance asks him where he's going and he replies that Tao Zi's still waiting for him at the airport. Glad that you know.

Lance asks threateningly if Tian Xing really thinks that he can leave for good. Tian Xing wants Lance to understand that if not for Huan Huan today, he would not have stepped off the plane. If not today, he will take Tao Zi and leave tomorrow anyway. Evil Mother starts on her "Huan Huan is on the wheelchair for you" thing and Tian Xing cuts her off, "Yeah it's all because of me! Blame me! From the start, you guys have been picking on me and blaming me. I'm fine with that." He tells Huan Huan that he will never be able to look at her as a wife and urges her to take care of herself.

He leaves the ward and Evil Mother chases after him desperately. She wants him to stay behind and save Huan Huan, "Auntie will return OZ, Auntie will give you Tian Ji! No matter what you want, Auntie will support you!"


Tian Xing cool-ly cuts her off and tells her that she doesn't understand. What he wants is to be happy with the people he loves, "Let us go."


Tian Xing gives Tao Zi a call but the call doesn't go through. He gets a call from Fu Bo instead and meets him. Fu Bo sighs about he watched the three of them grow up and he feels heartache watching them go down the wrong path. Tian Xing asks if he knows something and Fu Bo reveals that he saw a box of pills in Huan Huan's drawer. He even called the hospital and checked that she hadn't been going for physio for a very long time. Tian Xing recalls the time Huan Huan dropped her pills in shock when he visited her and exhales in disbelief. The truth is out — Huan Huan is the one who gives up on her own treatment and that's why her legs deteriorate.

The moment the news set into Tian Xing's brain, he rushes off and goes straight to the Li Family's house. He barges towards Huan Huan's room, despite Lance's and Evil Mother's questions, and throws open the door, "Where's your medicine?"


Huan Huan tries to evade his question but Tian Xing walks over and searches her drawers. Huan Huan subconsciously places her hands on the main drawer while he throws the side drawers open. Lance and Evil Mother are right behind him and try to stop him, but he notices Huan Huan's actions and pushes her hands aside. He takes the box and opens it in a fury, "What is this?! ANSWER ME!"


He also informs Lance and Evil Mother that Huan Huan hasn't gone for physio either. In order to marry him, she purposely caused her legs to worsen. Huan Huan goes on the defensive about how he has no rights to assume that eating medicine and going for physio will mean that her legs will recover for sure. Evil Mother rushes up to her and urges her to be obedient. She worries about her daughter's current state. Huan Huan looks at them with cold eyes and slowly pops the pills into her mouth. One, two, then many.


They stop her and she breaks down about how she loves Tian Xing so much that she's willing to do anything for him. She questions if he's willing to be a cripple for Tao Zi, and answers for him that he can't. Only she can.


"If you chooses to leave with Tao Zi, I will disappear forever from this world. I will do what I say!"

I knew it – the death threat would have come up somewhere. Lance holds a cold smile as he watches the scene unfold in front of him.


Evil Mother walks up to him and screams, "Is this how you repay us? Because of you, everything is coming apart and is in shambles. Do you know that, do you??"

Tian Xing starts to cry, realising that he's trapped once again.


He turns around to leave without a word and stops outside the house. I'm really enjoying Aaron's crying scenes. He starts recalling the past, the difficulties he suffered, the slaps that Tao Zi and him had, the corners that he had been pushed into, and he keeps punching the wall in an attempt to get the frustration out. He hits the wall repeatedly and rapidly, before letting out an agonized shout. He slumps to the floor and curls his fingers in pain.


Instead of returning home, Tao Zi has been sitting by the roadside to wait for Tian Xing's call. She calls him again and turns out that he is just right behind her. But he doesn't pick up her calls, even though he desperately wants to and he has to watch her leave.


Tao Zi returns home to her loved ones who have been waiting for her (because Fu Bo has already told them what happened). Tao Zi's dad is angry that Tian Xing abandoned Tao Zi for Huan Huan and tries to convince Tao Zi that Tian Xing and her are from two different worlds, "Let go of him. I know you like him a lot, but we have all tried our best, and yet we still can't win. Listen to me, okay?"

I wonder if they should have played up the 'different world' thing a little more because I never felt like it was much of a problem in this show. On the other hand, I'm thankful that they didn't because it's an issue quite overdone in many dramas.

Tao Zi wants her parents to believe in Tian Xing and Miao Miao steps in to give Tao Zi some much wanted rest.

Lance gives Huan Huan warm milk and tells her that it's such a waste because her legs could have been better with a few months of hard work. Huan Huan doesn't care and Lance promises that when they get married, he will ask Tian Xing to bring her overseas for treatment in order for her to recover.

I got a bit 'confused' here because this is so contradictory to the mantra they've been repeating for episodes — "If you want your happiness, you must sit on the wheelchair forever." Seems like this Evil Family (and scriptwriters) can't decide what they want/have whims. Evil Mother proves my point by worrying that Huan Huan has changed and she's anxious about her scary actions. Lance loves the new development though, and promises his mother that he will take good care of his sister, "In the Li Family, don't we always try our best to get things we want most?"

Tian Xing sits quietly in his bath tub and recalls what the Evil Mother said earlier on in the hospital.


I know he's supposed to be in agony, but that hair HAHAHA.

In the morning, Miao Miao asks if she should request for leave on Tao Zi's behalf.


Tao Zi doesn't turn around and assures Miao Miao that she's all right. When Miao Miao leaves, she faces the ceiling with tears in her eyes. She gets ready for work and sees Tian Xing waiting for her. Tian Xing reaches out for the necklace around her neck and she is shocked to see his injury. She holds his hand and says softly, "Tian Xing, I will believe in you no matter what you do next."


But Tian Xing surprisingly replies, "No. This time round, no matter what I say –


or what I do, don't believe it."


He lets go of her hand and walks off without another word, leaving Tao Zi in a confused state.


Miao Miao clues OZ in on what happened the day before and Jia Gai Xian wants to rush off to find Xiao Lu so that he can get revenge for Tao Zi. He knocks into Helen, who has come to visit OZ again, "My light, my love, why are you here?"



He quickly forgets his agenda and sticks happily with Helen. Tao Zi appears for work and pretends that everything is all right. Leo smiles at her reassuringly but is actually concerned for her.


Tian Xing helps Huan Huan into her wheelchair and answers to Huan Huan's question that they are visiting the wedding boutique for her altered gown.

Huan Huan may be reeling from this sudden development but I'm excited to see what Tian Xing has up his sleeves.


He turns around when Huan Huan is dressed in her gown. He asks her if she likes her dress and she nods.  He smiles, "It's great that you like it."


He asks her if she's happy and when she returns the same question to him, he replies, "If you happy, I will be happy too." He touches her face gently and Huan Huan breaks into a touched smile.


Lance is suspicious of Tian Xing's act of bringing Huan Huan to the boutique and is even more doubtful of his announcement that he wants to marry Huan Huan.


Tian Xing apologises for his rash behaviour and suggests that instead of holding an engagement ceremony, they should just have a wedding in three days. Huan Huan is shocked to hear this.


Evil Mother worries that there's no time, so Tian Xing asks for Lance's opinion.


Lance quickly keeps his face of doubts and says that he's glad to have him in the family as the brother-in-law. Tian Xing answers cryptically that he has always been a brother to him, "Partner."

At night, Tao Zi gets a text from Tian Xing – "I'm going to marry Huan Huan."


Tao Zi looks up from the phone and tries to register this news.


She stands up and clenches her fist in thought. She walks back to her phone and replies, "If you have decided on it, I will give you my blessings." Tian Xing replies quickly, "Don't give me your blessings, and don't believe it. Just stand quietly at a side and watch this unfold."


Tao Zi reads his reply and steels herself for the impending wedding.


Ting Wei and Fu Bo have a secret meeting in the car about this Mr Long whom they have been trying to meet. With a secret handshake that involves open palms and spectacles (and look more comical than mysterious HAHA), they encourage each other with a "Jiayou!" before Ting Wei hops off the car. Lance gets a call from his minion that "they are looking for Mr Long too".

OZ carries out the shooting for Huan Huan's new advertisement and everything is going normal until Tian Xing appears on the set with demands – "What's wrong with this lighting? Do it again." "Xu Miao Miao, her make up is all messy, what have you been doing?" Leo is indignant and calls him upstairs for a talk.


Leo asks what Tian Xing thinks he's doing and he replies, "I work today and I get married tomorrow." Leo is taken aback that he really wants to marry Huan Huan but Tian Xing retorts that he, likewise, is making an advertisement with Huan Huan as the lead. Leo is going to protest about how he did all this to reveal Huan Huan's lie but he stops, upon realising what Tian Xing has been trying to tell him. Indeed, Tian Xing watches him with expectant eyes and Leo asks, "What are you planning?"


Tian Xing feels that Leo can see him through the best. He tells him that he has a war to fight but he can only fight it whole heartedly without implicating Tao Zi. He requests for Leo to take care of Tao Zi in this period of time.


I thought Tian Xing's sudden change of behaviour was because he just wanted to be a jerk or something, but I realise that he was actually being really clever. By doing what he did, he managed to get a private talk with Leo without anyone tagging him, or suspecting him.

Tian Xing has been summoned to the house by the Evil Mother who has two documents to show him — OZ's shares and her 30% shares in Tian Ji. Lance happens to return home and watches this from behind a wall.


Evil Mother informs Tian Xing that she will give him OZ's management rights during the wedding the next day, and that she will give Huan Huan her Tian Ji shares as dowry. Whether Huan Huan wants to give him the shares ultimately, she will leave it up to her daughter to decide but needless to say, Tian Xing will be the only heir to the company. Tian Xing asks about Lance and Evil Mother replies that Lance will only lead the company astray.


Tian Xing replies awkwardly that she's being unfair to Lance but she assures him that she knows her son best, "He's a businessman and only knows how to do business. But what advertising needs is creativity…Tian Xing, you know clearly that you are the only successor to the company in Auntie's heart." Lance adjusts his tie with controlled anger and walks off. Evil Mother reminds Tian Xing to call him Mother since they will be one family soon and he laughs.


Lance recalls his mother's promise that she was merely comforting Tian Xing the other time when she promised to give up the entire Tian Ji if only he could stay with Huan Huan. He also remembers Tian Xing's words about how they are partners (an echo of the words he used himself when he congratulated Tian Xing on his rise to a partner in the company). He thinks to himself, Lu Tian Xing, I will not let you win, and tells his minion to call Mr Long, the elusive guy who has been found.


Is this a cameo or a guy that the company is trying to promote, because in this episode, he's the face of the minions and it's quite unusual to give a face to the leader of the minions when all they are, are people dressed in black suits following orders.

Lance sets up for a meeting with Mr Long.

The wedding day has arrived. Fu Bo tries to console Tian Xing that he has already tried his best for him. Tian Xing replies, "Fu Bo, today you shall replace my parents, and give your blessings happily."


I love the mirror symbol – it's showing that this is an act, another reflection of him, but not the real him.

Tao Zi visits Huan Huan at the waiting room and says that she's here for OZ's work. She admires the gown and reaches out to touch it, but Huan Huan draws back.


Tao Zi laments that if this wedding happened before everything else had, she would have been happy for her. But now she can't do that, because when she thinks of how the groom is Lu Tian Xing, she feels pain in her heart. Huan Huan questions her presence and she replies that she's here to do something for her as a friend.


She plucks off a rose and puts it in Huan Huan's hair, reminding her to think of the girl that she used to be and to stop hurting people.


If this was any other girl I would have thought that the suggestion about how the rose could prompt Huan Huan to think of the person she used to be as sarcastic and loaded. Coming from Tao Zi, however, I feel that she could be sincerely wishing for Huan Huan to turn over a new leaf.

Huan Huan throws the rose onto the floor and says that she won't hurt Tian Xing. Tao Zi retorts that forcing him into a marriage is hurting him. It's giving him scars.


And even if she can't console him now, she will feel sad for him forever. "No matter who he marries, or if the person is you, it won't change our love, because our love exists in reality. And this is the proof, no one can take it away." She holds out the necklace for Huan Huan to see and leaves when the co-ordinator informs Huan Huan that it's time to enter the church.


The couple runs into each other in the corridor and they look at each other…before walking off without a word.


She doesn't question, she merely walks away with a sad but determined face. He closes his eyes in pain but continues.

At the church doors, Tian Xing kneels in front of Huan Huan and reassures her that she looks beautiful, "I've always wanted to see the sister I love in a wedding gown. I finally saw it today." Huan Huan asks if he still sees her only as a sister and he answers, "I've said before, you are the sister that I love most. It's like this in the past, and in the future, today's wedding is a gift from me to you, you must accept it happily, understand?"

Huan Huan smiles and nods. Tian Xing places the veil over her head and motions for the doors to be opened. They walk down the aisle amidst claps and music, and stop in front of the pastor.


When Tian Xing is asked with the important question, "Are you willing to take Li Huan Huan's hand in marriage as your wife?" he replies without hesitance, "I am!"


I think Tao Zi was expecting something spectacular to happen because her face falls.


Now it's Huan Huan's turn, "Are you willing to be Lu Tian Xing's wife?" Huan Huan grins and opens her mouth but a voice cuts her reply off, "I oppose!" Everyone turns around in shock, and the camera reveals that it's Lance who has appeared to oppose to the wedding.


-the end-

I quite like this episode because there's not much fuss and angst. If there is, I think it's rather needed so I don't find it draggy at all. In fact, I think we have achieved quite a lot in one episode — a potential elopement, a death threat, a sudden change of mind, a wedding, and an opposition to the wedding. The pace is rather surprising, given that the past few episodes have been disappointing at points in time, but I (finally) like where this is going, if my guess about Tian Xing's plan is correct.

And if it is, I wonder why it takes him so long to come up with this idea, but I think this episode has been a sort of explanation to doubts like this. I'm guessing that Tian Xing purposely agrees to the wedding and leads Lance into thinking that he's fighting for the company, so that he can make use of Lance's jealousy and turns it as a force for himself. This is why when he was sitting inside the bathtub, he was thinking about how the mother so desperately wanted him to stay and promised to give him the entire Tian Ji. It's this sense of helplessness and ultimate begging that I'm thinking the episode is trying to instil in the mother, and it's this sense that pushes Tian Xing to the final plan, because he now knows for sure that he will get Tian Ji, so long as he marries Huan Huan. It's also why while others look towards the door in shock and surprise, Tian Xing merely turns around with a determined face.

I'm not sure if I'm overthinking this, but I do enjoy this episode. Even though I was annoyed with Tian Xing at the start, I think he has redeemed himself with the sudden rebound of ideas and war tactics. I also like that Tao Zi has a small battle with Huan Huan right before the wedding and wins it, and that the couple meets silently in the corridor later on. They need no words between them, but they are on the same frequency, and Tao Zi knows to trust Tian Xing and his words about how she shouldn't trust him (haha, what a mindblowing situation:P).

I think the next episode might be the last episode, or the second last, so I hope the drama will finish off really well!



  1. While Huan Huan was screaming (several times during the episode), I was just begging someone to give her a tap on the cheek just to calm her down. She was so close to hyperventilating and she was just rambling.
    I like that even though Tian Xing is cooperating and ‘willingly’ marrying Huan Huan, all three family members are so uncomfortable with it. He is doing exactly what they want, and they don’t trust it. They are absolutely right to not trust it, but they can’t call him out on it, because he is doing exactly what they want.

    I wish Tian Xing didn’t take so long to go back to Tao Zi after Huan Huan collapsed. He is a good person, so it was natural for him to look after Huan Huan, but it was unnecessary to go in the ambulance. Lance was there, so Huan Huan had someone to support her.

    Just a tiny sidenote; I loved Tao Zi’s wedding outfit. It was classy, but still in Tao Zi’s casual style.


    • I think Beatrice did a good job with those scenes but yeah I really wanted to kick Huan Huan hahaha, pretty much like what Tian Xing/Aaron wanted to do when the actors were going through their lines behind the scenes.

      Mmhmm, that’s what I like too and find amusing. Me too, I thought it was semi-ridiculous the way he runs off, leaving Tao Zi behind on their impending elopement.


  2. Wow – you’re giving LTX a lot more credit than I did. I was thinking he was finally fed up with all the BS and decided, “fine, if I’m going down, I’m taking everything with me.”

    I’m very curious who Mr Long is. It’s annoying to introduce a mystery character right at the end. Could he be the last shareholder? If Lance has 30%, LTX has 30% and Auntie has 30%, there’s still 10% out there – if LTX got it, he’d be controlling the company whether HuanHuan gives him her shares or not.


    • Haha that’s why I’m not sure if I’m overthinking Tian Xing’s intentions, but I would really wish that he finally had the brains to come up with a nice plan!

      I think your theory may be right! And could have been foreshadowed by Lance’s question previously whether Huan Huan would help him if he asked her for a favour in the future.


  3. Anonymous says

    The scene when Tian Xing came out of the house and started punching that wall my heart ached, i was hurting with him. And that bathtub scene, you’re right omg that hair. But what i don’t understand is how the heck did those evil henchman found them that quickly and how did Lance and Huan Huan got on a plane? Tian Xing got away in that car chase, but in the next scene here they are on an plane happy to introduce Lance. And where is the security and staff and, well, everybody, did Lance just gave them money to let them pass or what.


    • Yeah the hair was not right at allXD I think for that scene, the plane had not taken off and that’s why Lance and Huan Huan could get on the plane. As for the henchmen, if I’m not wrong, Lance had someone tailing Tian Xing, so that he would know about Tian Xing’s movements. The car chase was probably an attempt to stop the couple from reaching the airport in the first place, but since the henchmen knew where they were heading to, it will be quite easy to track them down ultimately. ER as for that, I guess that’s just one of those drama loopholesXD


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