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Fall In Love With Me Episode 14 Recap

I think some people may hate this episode, but I personally like it — not in the way I love Xiao Lu X Tao Zi cute moments, but that I actually felt sad for the couple instead of feeling tired with the moodiness.

Warning, this recap has loads of screenshots focusing on Tian Xing hehe. You will find out why later(:

The episode opens quite cheerily with Tao Zi getting a brainwave and coming up with a slogan for their project – "Here's a Guai Guai gift card for you, let's Guai Guai (obediently) fulfil our dreams, let's share Guai Guai!"

Everyone is amazed with the slogan and claps.


Okayyy. (I realise I am not too impressed with the adverts they always come up with hehe.)

Jia Gai Xian receives a text and almost chokes on his happiness. Turns out Helen replied his text and Miao Miao asks what the text was about.


"She told me to be more focussed during work!" HAHA. Jia Gai Xian, that's not a reply to be happy about.


Miao Miao sets off to fetch Xu Mi Bao from a health check up and Ting Wei gets up to leave as well, much to Jia Gai Xian's suspicions that there's something going on between them. Ting Wei disclaims that the dog is coming back and since there's nothing more to do with the project, he's going back to Tian Ji. Hmm I wonder if Miao Miao is a teenny bit disappointed when she hears that?XD

Tian Xing arrives in time to run into the trio and sends them off (Jia Gai Xian is off to find Helen hahaha). Tao Zi shows him the card from Xiao Jie, "An important part of it happened because of your hard work."

Tian Xing looks at the card and smiles. He thanks her for thinking of showing him the card.


She asks him if he's still taking care of Huan Huan and he affirms it, before asking her, "How about you? You didn't go on a date with Leo?" She replies that Leo is at the editing room and he nods. There was a quiet moment before Tian Xing sits down. He laments that he only has friends in OZ, but now, OZ doesn't want him as a friend.


He laughs that everyone who has come to OZ has changed, including him and Ting Wei. "Do you know what OZ means?" Tao Zi knows that it's the OZ in Wizard of OZ. "My brother said before that he named the company because it represented fantasy and beauty, and that the other reason was because of my name." (Tao Le Si is the chinese translation of Dorothy).

Tian Xing asks her if she has found the help Dorothy seeks when she loses her way and she starts on the thing about how he stole the office away. He cuts her off and says that he hasn't snatched it away since Dorothy is still in OZ. The day he decided to become Xiao Lu, he really thought OZ will help him find his dreams and passion. A silence lapses between them and he reaches out to tuck her fringe behind her ear. She moves away and he tells her determinedly that one day, OZ will give them what they want.

He makes a move to leave and she quickly asks if he's going (hehe). She then pretends like she only asked that to discuss about Huan Huan's treatment the next day and he takes a selfie while she's distracted.


We FINALLY have a tiny happy moment here when Tao Zi asks what he's doing and he says that he's going to send the photo to Leo so as to update him about the battle between the two of them. HAHA.

Tao Zi accompanies Huan Huan during her treatment and even takes care of her, but Huan Huan declines her help, saying that Tian Xing and Lance will be here soon.


When she turns to leave, she has a look on her face which I couldn't decipher at first whether it was meant to be evil or guilty.


Let's just say I've decided it's a guilty expression, but that doesn't mean she's not evil:<

Tao Zi leaves the room and runs into the two guys, who are debating over OZ's future projects. Lance wants to provide some feedback about OZ but Tian Xing wants to be the one who directly liases with OZ. Lance doesn't like it and Tian Xing apologises, "You know how much OZ means to me, so I don't want them to take on cases that are not suitable for them, that's all."

"You behave as if they aren't just a company, it's as if they are your family."


Yes yes yes, time for Tao Zi to realise that Tian Xing has been sincere all along.

"Indeed, I do think so."

"If OZ doesn't have Tao Le Si, will you still treasure OZ as much?"

Tian Xing declines answering the question and reiterates his desire for Lance to not interfere with OZ's affairs. Lance returns home and the Mother eagerly asks about the status with the bank. They are happy that no one will know what they are up to until OZ receives the notification letter. Huan Huan enters the room and asks what they are discussing. Much to my disgust, her mother replies that they are talking about a present for her.


WOMAN, Tian Xing is not a thing that you can give someone, get that into your head.

Tao Zi receives a thank-you poster of sorts from Guai Guai and they paste it on the wall. She smiles and tells her brother that they have finally achieved something for OZ. Just at this moment, Bad Guy arrives and drops a mega bomb on OZ — that OZ has been sold to an investment management company and that they have three days before eviction takes place.

Jia Gai Xian goes berserk at the news and shouts at Ting Wei, knowing that Tian Ji must be behind this. Miao Miao tries to stop him and he turns on her, saying that she's now siding with the outsiders.


The Mother receives a call that OZ has been notified of the eviction and she calls Lance to prepare him for Tian Xing's visit. At OZ's side, Ting Wei informs Tian Xing so he quickly rushes over. Just as he arrives, Ting Wei has a shouting match with Jia Gai Xian over whether Tian Xing is behind this (I suddenly have a lot of love for Ting Wei.) Tian Xing reads the papers and Miao Miao shouts at him, "Is this how you show your love towards Leader?" Ting Wei is so indignant at the way Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian are treating Tian Xing but all the latter can say is "It's not me." While this is happening, Tao Zi hears the chaos but locks herself within her inner turmoil.


The noise builds up and she finally can't take it any longer, "Don't argue anymore!!"


Everyone stops fighting and looks at her. She tells them to stop blaming each other because she's the one at fault. She blames herself for OZ's predicament and for not having protected OZ, "It's all my fault!!!" It kinda hurts that she's looking at Tian Xing while saying this. She rushes out and Tian Xing follows right after her.


Leo arrives after them and reads the letter. He calls Tao Zi, who doesn't pick up, and chases after the couple in his car. He gets stuck behind a group of motorcycles and a red light, thus losing the couple much to his disappointment.

Tian Xing, on the other hand, manages to tag Tao Zi to a small road amidst greenery. She drives her van across the train tracks and the vehicle (timely) breaks down, so she gets out of it. Must be all that angst driving, not that I'm complaining.

Tian Xing quickly gets off his car just when the warning sirens for the oncoming train sound. He calls out her name and she turns, but he's already affected by the chiming sirens.

"Tao Le Si!!"


The world sort of turns around him as he suffers from a headache. He kneels to the ground in pain and wheezes out her name. She recalls his previous episode with her when they were at the train tracks and how Xiao Lu told her that his parents passed away from a train accident. Finally, this girl puts the pieces together.


She shouts out, "Lu Tian Xing, quickly leave!!"

Just as she finishes her sentence, the train goes by and it looks like it's going to kill Tian Xing with all the sound and movement. But it didn't, and what we know is that Tao Zi does care for him as she looks on worriedly.

The train passes and the barriers are raised. Tian Xing stumbles to his feet and slowly walks across the tracks. As if saying her name gives him strength, he runs the last few metres and grabs her in a tight embrace.


The first thing she asks is, "Are you okay, Lu Tian Xing?" He disregards her question and replies, "Don't be scared. Didn't I say that I will protect you? No matter what it is, where I am, I will protect you."

I love how the first thing they say to each other is about the other person.

"I know you will protect me, but now I'm not scared, and I'm not escaping. I just want to have some alone time to prepare myself for the things I have to face." Tian Xing smiles in approval and tells her there's something he has never told her.


For a moment, my brain ran ahead of me and I thought that he's going to tell her he loves her except he's going to be interrupted by another train or Leo.

Thankfully, both events didn't happen. Instead, he draws back and tells her, "You are awesome. You are really awesome, do you know that?" Tao Zi looks into his eyes, "I am awesome…because of you. You told me to be strong and remind me not to cry."



"I wanted to be the strong Tao Le Si that you have in your heart."

"So…so you aren't angry with me? You believe in me now? Right?"

"I believe you."

Tian Xing grabs her in another tight hug and smiles with thankfulness. MOMENT OF RECONCILIATION. His smile freezes when he recalls what the Mother said about the shares.


He rushes to Lance's house and rings the doorbell fervently, wishing that his Auntie will open up the door and explain things to him. He calls her and her phone is off, so he gets increasingly frustrated. Of course, the Mother is smart enough not to be at home, knowing that Tian Xing will rush over immediately upon hearing the news. She has actually brought Huan Huan out for dinner and reveals to Huan Huan over food about 'her present'.

You evil woman.

Leo calls Tian Xing out and tells him that he has no defence in this matter. Suspecting that he's indirectly related to the issue, he can't say anything. Before Tian Xing arrived at OZ, even though OZ was struggling, but Tao Zi was happy and never gave up. "When you appeared, her smile disappeared. She was either crying everyday or living in an uncertain relationship. Now, she's going to lose OZ, and that's all because of you, Lu Tian Xing!" Tian Xing knows, he knows, so he can only nod in silence. But he hopes that Leo will trust in him, that he will do his best to salvage the situation. "I will be with everyone till the very end."

OZ checks up on the investment company but can't find anything. Leo suspects correctly that it's an empty company set up recently just to take over OZ legitimately. Lance is nowhere to be found so Ting Wei tries to seek help from a friend who is a lawyer. Leo reassures Tao Zi and she calms herself down to seek more information about this company.

In the meantime, Tian Xing is standing in the living room facing three evil douches. He asks slowly if the recent events happen because of the Mother. She protests that it's all for his good.


*nope, guys, don't stop me from punching her*

Tian Xing asks how Lance could have just sat at a side and not do anything. The Mother says it's her decision and Tian Xing is starting to lose his hold, "Why did you do that??" Lance warns him to be more polite (puhlease).


He asks what the link is between what is happening to OZ and what is for his own good. Indeed!! The Mother answers that she wants him to be a proper partner in Tian Ji and he finally shouts, "Do you want me to be ashamed in front of OZ?!" "Is it so serious?" "YES!" Huan Huan looks alarmed when he shouts. He wants the Mother to stop everything and she stands up (and gives a crappy mother speech bleurgh) "Tian Xing, in the last few years, I've been like your mother, taking care of your food, clothes, education and even let Fu Bo accompany you for so many years."

She talks about how she sees him pushing Tian Ji to greater heights, "Huan Huan is going to sit on the wheelchair forever because of you. I want you to stay in Tian Ji, I want you to stay with Huan Huan, did I do anything wrong?"

Lance adds on that Tian Xing didn't refuse when his mother transferred shares. And in this moment, Tian Xing knows just how much of a puppet he is.


A tear rolls out from his eye, and guys I think I felt a tear roll out from my eye too:( And because I really loved this scene, here's more screenshots:(


Lance says that they will still be a family when they talk things through and that his mother is doing this for his own good. Tian Xing hates it.


Huan Huan calls out his name and he replies curtly, "What do you have to say."

She asks if he's so angry because OZ is gone or because Tao Le Si is sad. They don't get it, do they? No they don't, and he shouts at them, "I'm so angry because you guys thought that you are my family and have some obligation to arrange everything for me…in reality, you guys just want me to be a slave to this Li Family!"

Huan Huan tears and says that he's too much. It's not like he doesn't know that she likes him so much till she has lost herself.


Exactly, and in what way is this a healthy relationship?

Tian Xing begs the Mother to stop everything and she reaches her motive, "You just have to marry Huan Huan." He inhales sharply in shock and looks at Huan Huan.


He finally understands what all this is about.


The Mother wants happiness for her daughter. She wants him to stay in Tian Ji and she wants Huan Huan to be happy, can he agree to her request?


Tian Xing leaves the house and shouts in frustration. He's trapped, he's helpless and he knows it.

He walks back to where Xiao Lu lives but Leo is waiting for him. Knowing that he is directly the cause of OZ's situation now, he can't say anything when Leo asks him about his solution towards OZ's eviction. Leo throws him against the wall, "The fire that you have started, you should stop it!" He still remains quiet despite Leo's disappointment, and Leo leaves, thinking that Tian Xing is a useless bum who promises to save OZ but ends up doing nothing, "I look down on you."


Tian Xing:(

He sits on the sofa and looks at the photo of him and Tao Zi. Remembering all the things that he has heard over the day, including the Mother's evil words, Leo's disappointment, OZ's anger and Tao Zi's forgiveness, he struggles over what he is supposed to do.


Night turns into day, and Tian Xing still remains in the same position on the sofa. He reaches a decision and rushes out of his house. The bad guys have come to forcefully tear down OZ's building. OZ tries to stop them by forming a barrier and it's getting quite chaotic, but Tian Xing suddenly appears and thrusts a phone for the Bad Guy to talk to. It is the Mother, who informs him to postpone the tearing down of OZ.

This crisis has been averted, even though OZ still remains controlled by the investment company. They have been ordered to keep their things and leave the place immediately. Tao Zi wonders out loud what Tian Xing did to stop it. He has a flashback —

Yes, Tian Xing has agreed to marry Huan Huan. The Mother asks happily if he has really decided to marry her, and he nods.


This doesn't look like the blissful guy who is going to get married. No, he looks sad and depressed, can't you see that??

He wants her to stop everything that she's doing now to OZ and return OZ to Tao Le Si. The Mother is smart and will only return the management rights to Tian Xing when he walks down the altar with Huan Huan. He looks at her in disbelief and turns away. She sits next to him and goes on blah blah about how she cannot let him ruin his future, that he will realise love is fleeting and that he will forget Tao Le Si.


"And everything will be on the right track." She reaches out of his hand which he moves away. She wants him to listen to her and forget Tao Le Si.


The flashback ends here. Tian Xing evades the question and asks them to move to a new location so that they can think about OZ's next move. Tao Zi suggests moving back to her house and OZ goes into the building to pack their things. Tian Xing looks at Leo and sends him a silent message with his eyes — I have protected OZ.

Huan Huan asks if Tian Xing is really going to marry her and what is going to happen Tao Le Si.


I'm glad you still have the brains to ask. She thanks her mother for doing so much for her, and her mother replies that sometimes people need to be a little selfish to be happy.

OZ (including Ting Wei now hehe) is back at Tao Zi's house and the parents learnt that Tian Xing must have done something to help avert the crisis. Tao Zi speaks up for him and tells the rest that they have misunderstood about Tian Xing. She can see that he really worries for OZ and has been tired out by it. Leo suggests opening a private company in his name so that they can continue working on their projects temporarily.

Tao Zi smiles at this new idea and visits OZ at night.


Mmm, if you can open a private company so easily, why can't you all just let OZ go? I know there's the issue of clients and more, but I'm sure transferring them over should be no problem and then Tian Ji will just be left with an empty shell. Your brother's dream is not carried in the physical shell of the company, but in OZ's spirit.

She runs into Tian Xing, who is also here to visit OZ. Awww, they exchange a smile across the road and he joins her. Tao Zi wants to know how he stopped the tearing down of OZ. He tries to evade the question again but she wants to hear his honest answer.


I thought Tian Xing was going to tell her then, but instead, he takes a step towards her, "Do you remember that day at the crossings? You said that you would trust me…so no matter what I do next, or what happens, or what the truth really is, you will believe me, right? Tao Le Si, you will believe me like what you said, right?"

"Yes, I trust you. I won't ask anymore, I will believe whatever you said."


He smiles at her trust and notices her bracelet. He's happy that she hasn't taken it off but she awkwardly tells him that it's because she can't take it off, not because she wanted to leave it on. He laughs quietly and takes out the necklace that he has given her last time. This necklace is actually the key to opening the bracelet.

He puts the necklace in her palm and closes her fingers over it. "Initally, it was Xiao Lu who helped you wear it." Whatever he said was sincere and genuine, but since Xiao Lu has disappeared…if she wants to take it off, she should. "From now on, any disaster caused by me will disappear. Sorry, for making you cry so much."

She smiles up at him. What if she tells him that he isn't a disaster, but a gift?


She finally realises that he has done so much just for her and OZ, "You are our guardian angel." He grins with bliss and asks her why her lucky number was seven. She answers hesitantly that it's because OZ has six members…and Xiao Lu was the seventh.




She doesn't want to take the bracelet off yet, because she believes him, and she believes what Xiao Lu said to her. "So…put the necklace on for me?"

Tian Xing takes over the necklace and leans in.


I know you want to kiss her.


They smile at each other and Tao Zi holds his hand and the necklace gently. His smile disappears slowly and he pulls his hand softly away. He steps back and gazes into her eyes.

Later, Tian Xing is a bit annoyed that Lance has called him over in a hurry, "Because you want me to accompany Huan Huan?" As if it's of any logical defence, Lance says that Huan Huan has really waited him for a long time. He further congratulates Tian Xing on his marriage and wants Tian Xing to continue doing his creativity thing and pursuing his dreams, "You can leave the running of the company to me."

Tian Xing asks him, "Do you really think that Huan Huan will be happy marrying someone who doesn't love her?"


Huan Huan hears this conversation, as Tian Xing continues that happiness should be between two people who love each other, but he can't love Huan Huan because the one he loves is Tao Le Si.


In Lance's logic, if Huan Huan marries Tian Xing, she will have half the happiness.

Huan Huan tears a little at Tian Xing's words.

Tian Xing drives past Tao Zi's home and coincidentally receives a text from her, "Have you fallen asleep? I want to visit Huan Huan tomorrow, can you accompany me?" Tian Xing types this in reply — Tao Le Si, I love you, but I need to marry Huan Huan. Will you forgive me?

Obviously he doesn't send this out, and instead replies, "Ok. Goodnight." Tao Zi smiles at his reply and thinks to herself, "Lu Tian Xing, don't leave me ever again, okay?" Outside her house, Tian Xing looks at his phone in resignation and sadness, before turning his face to the house and murmurs, "Tao Le Si…I'm sorry…I love you."


But now, I have to hide this piece of love in my heart.

Huan Huan doesn't want to eat her breakfast in the morning because she has no appetite. She perks up immediately when she hears the bell ring. Her face falls upon seeing Tao Zi emerge from behind Tian Xing. Tao Zi unknowingly still tells Huan Huan that she has brought food for her, "I wanted to accompany you in case you are bored."


Look how compatible they are, don't break them up~

Huan Huan's mother returns just in time to see the couple. Tao Zi greets her, "I came to visit Huan Huan." "Huan Huan is great, look at her, someone who is going to get married still need others to pamper her so that she will eat her breakfast." Uh-oh. Tian Xing tries to stop the Mother and she asks in innocence, "You haven't told her that you are going to get married to Huan Huan?"


-the end-

Is it just me or did this episode appear really long? I didn't mean it in a draggy way but I certainly took a much longer time to recap this episode.

Anyway, I find Tao Zi's acceptance of Tian Xing rather sudden, but I'm not complaining because I think it's time to get the plot moving and I think we have achieved quite a lot in this episode. Tian Xing realises how manipulated he is (but the final lie has yet to be found out!), Tao Zi gets back on good terms with him, and the marriage is forced upon him. I know they rushed her forgiveness because the scriptwriters probably want to make the plot more poignant — now that she finally accepts that she loves him and he loves her, she's going to lose him all over again.

I also find Lance's character a bit more interesting than his family members. I feel that he's forcing the marriage onto Tian Xing for a few reasons. This may sound confusing but I think apart from wanting his sister to be happy, he also wants to make Tian Xing miserable. In some sort of a sadistic manner, he's like okay if my mother and my sister love you so much, they can have you, and I know that will make you depressed so the more I'm going to do it. I also sense that he's insecure over his position in the company as he feels the need to remind Tian Xing to leave the management of the company to him. In one aspect, he's trying to reduce Tian Xing to a puppet true and through, but in another aspect, he still understands that Tian Xing poses a threat to his position in the family and in the company.

I think the Mother may actually really think what she's doing is right for Tian Xing and Huan Huan, but the way she does it is so irritable. Her maternal love is so misguided and she treats Tian Xing almost like an object. One that can be obtained with the right means. It's not just towards Tian Xing, she also makes Fu Bo sound like a 'thing' that she has loaned to Tian Xing.

The preview of Episode 15 was quite touching – I'd admit that I felt a bit teary when Tao Zi asks why he sacrificed their happiness to protect her.

I think the solution is really simple, but what will our leads take to realise?



  1. Anonymous says

    Tao Le Si has to let go Oz and follow her own dream

    thanks for the recap, I enjoy it too!! ^^


  2. Anonymous says

    After this episode I want Tian Xing to find out the truth on his own. I really really do. This episode does feel sad rather than mopey. I mean it must suck that the person you live finally forgives you and decides to trust you only for you to have to marry another to save your loved one. Tao Zi’a forgivness does feel kind of sudden but at the same time it doesn’t. Based on scences from other episodes, I don’t think she was indifferent to Tian Xing. I think it was the shock of being lied to by someone she trust and loved that hurt the most so she tried to be a hardass but untimately her love was greater and she forgave him. It’s hard to tell since they don’t show much of a backstory to her decisions.


    • ME TOO! I think Huan Huan does not deserve the opportunity to ‘fess up and apologise – Tian Xing must be the one to discover and unleash all anger and disappointment! Heh. Mmhmm, I thought it was quite sad but not draggy, that’s why I liked it:D


      • Anonymous says

        Had the episodes with mopey Tao Zi been like this I eould have liked them, and her, more. Since Tian Xing and Tao Zi have suffered so much, they deserve a really happy ending. And Huan Huan and her clan can jump off a cliff.


      • Yeah me too, I would have liked those episodes more but I guess mopey is a stage Tao Zi has to go through before she can become the Tao Zi she is now. Really can’t wait for the final showdown hahaha, hope the show won’t fail us!


      • Anonymous says

        Hmmm. I agree with that. She went through the mopey stage earlier so she got to vent out feelings of hurt and anger now; maybe that’s why she forgave him so soon. She knows what it’s like to be without him already. The show will deliever in a spectacular way–I will be depressed otherwise.


  3. I couldn’t believe he didn’t kiss her.

    And I really wanted a lot of screaming profanities directed at the three evil stooges. Why do you have to be so polite, LTX??


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