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Have you all watched the preview for Fall In Love With Me Episode 14??

My heart aches for Tian Xing already when the devillish mum announces “It’s not like there’s no remedy – you just have to marry Huan Huan.”

What even!!



  1. I forgot to say, I have serious suspiscions OZ will not survive this. But her brother is already telling her in her visions that she needs to pursue her own dreams. So I see her & Tian Xing setting off to start a new company after this is over.


  2. Anonymous says

    Ep 14

    Omg just finished ep 14 and I feel so bad for Tian Xing! That whole family is so selfish and heartless! “It’s for your own good?!” I wanted to smack her! Anyway, can’t wait to see your thoughts on this ep and the preview for episode 15 is a doozy, I totally teared up a little 😥


    • Re: Ep 14

      Hi! I’ve posted my recap – would love to hear what you think about it! ME TOO, I teared a little watching the preview.


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