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Fall In Love With Me Episode 13 Recap

I felt so bad for Tian Xing from the start of this episode to the end. Will you guys just stop bullying him already??

Miao Miao finishes a shower and comes out to see Tao Zi pondering over something. She knows she's feeling bad about Huan Huan and tells her that the whole thing is just an accident, "Stop blaming yourself." Tao Zi stands up and says hesitantly that there's something which she doesn't know how to reveal to Miao Miao.

"Is it concerning Leo?" Tao Zi nods.


Miao Miao guesses correctly that Leo has finally confessed to Tao Zi. She feels that it's great since Leo likes Tao Zi since a long time ago, but she says this with tears.


Even though she still likes Leo, she doesn't want Tao Zi to mind her feelings. As long as Tao Zi is happy, she will be happy too.

During a OZ gathering, Tian Xing suggests hiding a camera in the wishing tree to capture the children's emotions first-hand. Jia Gai Xian praises, "Xiao Lu your idea is great!"



Tao Zi looks uncomfortable again but Tian Xing tells them that they are free to call him Xiao Lu if it's better. Both of them reach out for the sauce at the same time and Tao Zi quickly withdraws her hand. Leo and Tian Xing offer her meat at the same time, but Leo puts the meat directly into the bowl. When Tian Xing tries to give her a prawn, Leo gives her one that has been peeled so Tian Xing gives it to Miao Miao. Tian Xing tries once more, "Capsicum?" Leo quickly puts one into her bowl.


Leo – 10000000 Tian Xing – 0


Miao Miao is very surprised and a little touched that Ting Wei bought pudding for the children, "Turns out that people from Tian Ji can be quite compassionate too."

It's time for the children to write their wishes on the Guai Guai packets. Xiao Jie comes in and watches carefully, so Tao Zi approaches her with a packet and a pen, asking her to write her wish down. Xiao Jie is upset, shouting that they are just a scam and that there's no genie in this world.


She runs out so Tao Zi follows after her. Huan Huan and Tian Xing happen to be outside, so she asks them if they saw a girl run past. Even though Tian Xing asks her what's wrong, she doesn't answer and quickly leaves.


I sense the helplessness from Tian Xing:(

Tao Zi convinces Xiao Jie to write her wishes down and to treat her like a genie because she will fulfil her wish. Tian Xing checks out Xiao Jie's background from the nurse and looks contemplative. Tao Zi looks on, pleased and contented, when Xiao Jie joins the rest of the children in hanging up their packets on the wishing tree.

At night, Miao Miao reads out the wishes so that they can collate and fulfil them. Most of the children have wishes that are tangible, such as red sports shoes and what not. But Xiao Jie's wish is that she can meet her brother again. OZ initially thinks this is easy, because they have the resources in finding people, but Tian Xing tells them, "There's no need to find her brother…because her brother has already passed away."


Turns out her brother was working very hard to earn money for Xiao Jie's operation (she's a leukaemia patient and is still waiting for a bone marrow transplant) but fell to his death at a construction site. Xiao Jie purposely writes this wish down to see if they can fulfil it. This evidently touches a chord with Tao Zi whose own brother has passed away.

Later, Leo suggests that she puts herself in Xiao Jie's shoes, what would make the loss of a brother better? Tao Zi realises that if she has something of her brother to hold on to, maybe it will be a sort of replacement object that can make things better.

Tian Xing meets Leo privately to pass him Xiao Jie's neighbour's number. He's not giving Leo slack, but he wants Leo to help Tao Zi in finishing this project since he has already said that he will not participate in any production process.

The Mother and Lance find out about OZ's shares status from Fu Bo and The Mother reveals her thought process, "I plan to acquire OZ into Tian Ji so that they will be right under our eyes, won't that make things easier?"


I know Fu Bo belongs to Lance's family and it's evident that he feels really bad, but I still don't like it that he answers questions correctly. Haha. He can't be blamed but I wish this sense of loyalty doesn't exist arghhh.

Tian Xing throws the ball up a few times and holds it, "It's time to return this ball to Tao Le Si."


He smiles while looking at the logo on the ball.

Tao Zi looks through old photos and asks her mother if she knows where the ball that her brother loved is. Huan Huan calls her out for a chat since she cannot sleep at night. Tao Zi apologises but Huan Huan stops her, "Are we friends?"


I'm not really sure Huan Huan.

Tao Zi nods and Huan Huan says that if they are friends, then Tao Zi shouldn't apologise. Besides, she has no intentions of blaming Tao Zi for her injury. She suddenly sinks into a very solemn mood and tells Tao Zi that she's scared everyday. Tao Zi asks for the reason and she suddenly breaks into tears, "I'm scared…if I'm going to be on the wheelchair forever, I will be Tian Xing Ge Ge's burden. I'm scared, scared that Tian Xing Ge Ge doesn't want to accompany me anymore. I'm scared that he will think I'm a nuisance. I'm scared that one day, he doesn't want me anymore!"


Tao Zi quickly hugs her and tells her that Tian Xing won't do that. Huan Huan feels better with her consolation and stops sobbing.


In a sense, these are two female characters who are competing with each other for the same guy as any drama, but I find the twist interesting in that who Huan Huan wants is Tian Xing, and who Tao Zi wants is Xiao Lu, so it's not really a direct competition.

It's the day of surprising the children with gifts. Xiao Jie asks where her present is and Tao Zi informs her that her present is under the tree. Xiao Jie feels that they are lying to her, since she wants her brother and her brother is already in Heaven, so she runs out again. Tao Zi chases after her, followed by OZ and the other hospital children.

Tao Zi kneels in front of Xiao Jie and tells her gently that her own brother has passed away too. Xiao Jie's brother would be upset if he knew that Xiao Jie doesn't want to eat her medicine and take injections. Xiao Jie asks how she reacted when her brother passed away. "I used to lose courage too, but I realise that if I'm not brave, then my friends and those who love me will be worried about me."


Just like Xiao Jie, she wants a brother that she can whine to, a brother who can protect her when she meets baddies. But they know that their brothers won't return anymore. Tian Xing has quietly turned up and is very pleased to see how she is dealing with this. Tao Zi continues, "And right now, Jie Jie's company has been taken away by a big bad monster, so I must be even braver to protect my brother's dream."


HAHA, look at Tian Xing's expression at being called a big bad monster.

Tao Zi and Xiao Jie open the present together. It's a present that her brother had prepared in hopes of giving it to her when she finished her surgery. Inside, there's small presents including a Guai Guai packet and a card from her brother.


The fact that the box has a Guai Guai packet initially led me to think that Leo must have faked the present. But turns out it's just a coincidence (what are the odds seriously hahaha), "I liked eating these crackers with my brother." Tao Zi reminds her, "You must recuperate quickly and go back to school, so that your brother will be happy, so that your brother will be proud of you, understand?" Xiao Jie hugs her in tears and this touches everyone present. In return, Xiao Jie writes on the Guai Guai packet that she will live her life. Everyone claps and Leo notices that Tian Xing is standing at a side, clapping too.

Tao Zi has a moment with her brother and she apologies to her brother for losing OZ to Tian Xing, but she will work hard to protect OZ and continue his dream.


Her brother replies, "Rather than continuing my dream, I hope that you will have your own dream." She turns a corner and sees a guy throwing a ball in the air. Thinking it's her brother, she rushes forward but stops when she realises it's Tian Xing.

Tian Xing stands up and hands her the ball, much to Tao Zi's bewilderment. "Twelve years ago, the boy that Le Yuan Brother saved…is me."


"Because of him, I start to have a dream. I start to love advertising." His words finally hit Tao Zi and she opens her eyes in shock.

"I'm sorry, it's only because of me that he passed away." "It's not your fault… It's me who didn't hold this ball tightly, who didn't hold his dream tightly, that's why the accident happened." Tian Xing finally lets out his tear while Tao Zi starts crying.


He puts the ball in her palm and closes her fingers over it, "I thank your brother for giving me a dream. Now you must hold it well."


Tao Zi looks down at the ball while tears flow. Tian Xing reaches out a hand to comfort her but pulls it back in the end. Tao Zi wipes her tears away, "Thank you for returning the ball to me. I know that you left the post it and helped me, helped OZ. I will use my own strength to get OZ back and protect my brother's dream in the future." She turns and leaves. Tian Xing smiles at her words.

Sigh, the moment where the two of them connect is over. i miss these moments.


Tao Zi returns the ball to her parents, who start crying at this reminder. Tao Zi tells them that they must be happy from now on, even when they think about her brother, so that he will be happy in heaven.

While dressing Tian Xing, Fu Bo reminds him not to talk about OZ and Tao Zi in front of The Mother. I guess this is the way Fu Bo tries to let Tian Xing know of what he has learnt, and Tian Xing nods at his reminder. Huan Huan asks her brother what happens if Tian Xing doesn't love her, and her brother replies that the human heart is unpredictable. It falls in love quickly, but it falls out of love just as fast. So the only person she can trust is herself, and if she wants something, he will get for her. Huan Huan shows her brother that she can stand up and Lance asks hopefully, "You can already –?"


She nods happily and just at this moment, Tian Xing comes into the room.


Huan Huan sees and quickly lets go of Lance's helping hands, thus crashing to the floor. Tian Xing immediately rushes over and hugs her while she wails about how she will never be able to walk again. (FAKE)


Huan Huan sneaks a look at Lance before resuming her sobs.


I think this scene (is but one of the many that) breaks my heart. You see how tightly Tian Xing hugs Huan Huan and you will know that he truly cares about her. He wants her to recover and he perhaps feels guilty for her state. Yet, the family just wants to tie him into the family for their own selfish purposes, and all I can think of is, when will you guys let this poor soul go?

To make it worse, the Mother informs Tian Xing of her grand plan — to exchange 60% of his OZ shares into Tian Ji's shares, so that he will have equal amount of shares as Lance does, and she can finally entrust the company to both of them. What a load of crap:( Tian Xing steps out of the house and we listen to the rest of the conversation via a voiceover. He knows that the Mother has always been the one to take care of his accounting and finances, but this time…"Did I do wrong? Are you going to blame Auntie?" Yes please do, Tian Xing, YOU HAVE BEEN TOO NICE.

OZ celebrates the closure of another project with bottled drinks and Ting Wei finally understands why Tian Xing likes to work in OZ. It's a place that is simple and with no motives. Miao Miao scolds him for even mentioning Tian Xing's name and rants about how he only pretends to be Xiao Lu so that he can get near to Tao Zi. Tao Zi ensures everyone that she has confidence OZ will do even better from now on.

Guys, you have already seen how much Tian Xing has done so far, and all you can say STILL, is that he's a cheater who only wants OZ's shares? Have you even thought about the scale of Tian Ji to OZ and wonder if there really is any point behind the supposed cheating OZ out of Tao Zi's theory?

On the way home, Tao Zi tells Leo that she likes this project the most because she feels like she completed it with her brother. She thanks Leo for his help in finding Xiao Jie's present and asks how he found the contact number. Leo recalls Tian Xing's meeting with him and avoids the question, instead saying, "Do you remember that I said I would protect OZ and  you forever? I know that now, your heart has no space for me. But from now on, I will work very hard to make you fall in love with me. Trust me, I will let you forget about someone who has never existed, okay?" Tao Zi looks down and steps forward…but Tian Xing appears.


I laughed when I saw this — Tian Xing, your appearance was a teeny bit abrupt don't you think?

"This is touching, but I will not give up on Tao Le Si." Leo retorts that he isn't talking to him and tells Tao Zi to go, but Tian Xing pushes, "Tao Le Si, will you accept Leo?" He waits for her answer, "Tao Zi, I'm waiting for your answer. You are right, I hurt her and I still have Huan Huan's issue to settle, but these matters still aren't sufficient for me to give up." Leo shouts, "I've already told you, if you hurt Tao Zi, I will not sit at a side and do nothing." Tao Zi tears up but when Tian Xing asks, "Tell me that you have no feelings at all towards me!" she looks up and tells Leo that they should go.


Tian Xing clenches his jaw and watches them leave. *Heartache*

Huan Huan falls on the ground and the Mother helps her up. Upon realising that Huan Huan has strength in her legs, she asks her if she has told Tian Xing yet. Huan Huan says that Lance doesn't allow her to say and the Mother agrees with him, saying that she's not lying to Tian Xing — she's just not telling Tian Xing some things, "I didn't tell Tian Xing everything too."


Huan Huan looks very guilty and troubled but doesn't argue with her mother anymore. Does anyone feel so bad for Tian Xing because it's evident that he's a puppet?

Miao Miao pretends that she has an errand to run in an attempt to leave Tao Zi and Leo alone. She knocks into Ting Wei and asks why he likes coming to OZ so much. She even cheekily asks, "Do you like coming to OZ, or do you just like coming to see me?"


Ting Wei answers smoothly, "Till now, even though I'm sent from Tian Ji, but I learnt a lot and felt very happy working with OZ." Miao Miao smiles happily at his answer and leaves. HAHA.

We have another comic relief where Jia Gai Xian emos at the balcony because Helen doesn't want to reply his texts. Tao Zi tells Leo that on top of 'Dreams Fulfilled' as the theme of the advertisement, they can also include 'Sharing' as a theme. When the children are happy, they will share their joy with everyone else around them. Leo likes the idea and enthuses that they can do just as well without Tian Xing. Tao Zi smiles but her smile later disappears.

Tian Xing brings Huan Huan out for a walk and she asks about Tao Zi. Tian Xing doesn't want to talk about her but knows that what Huan Huan is really trying to ask is how things are between them. He answers that Tao Zi thinks he's a liar, "What people hate the most is being lied to."


His words cause Huan Huan to look guiltily to a side.


She asks why he likes Tao Le Si and he replies that there's no need for a reason behind liking someone, "You don't have a reason for liking me too right?" Huan Huan immediately replies that it's different, "Me liking you is a decision. The ONLY thing that I want is to be with you. My life will be complete as long as I can be with you. You are the best person in this world. You can do anything you want and I will be at your side to help you. For you, I will do things that others are not willing to do, even if it's not right. This is my decision." Tian Xing nods and tries to smile. 'Try' being the key word here.


When her mother tucks her in, Huan Huan once again tells her that she feels like they are deceiving Tian Xing. Her mother comforts her that it doesn't matter, because even if Tian Xing realises it's a lie and doesn't want her any more, he has no other choice but to stay. What an ominous line and you have managed to make me detest you in one episode woman.

Lance is unhappy that shares have been transferred to Tian Xing without his knowledge, but his mother reassures him that she's not biased towards Tian Xing. Lance calls Tian Xing out for a drink and tells him that he has learnt about the shares transfer. Tian Xing knows Lance is pissed and treads carefully. He tells Lance that he always been concerned about OZ and not Tian Ji's shares. Lance cuts in, "And Tao Le Si."


Tian Xing smiles uncomfortably, "Let's not discuss this."

He knows that Lance's mother has been biased towards him and Lance adds on, "She has always been like this for the past 12 years." Ooh I love this added layer of semi-jealousy here. Tian Xing asks what Lance wants and Lance answers that he just wants him to end his holiday so that he can come back to Tian Ji. Tian Xing changes his question, "What does Auntie want?" Lance laughs, "I wouldn't know," and knocks his cup against Tian Xing's. Tian Xing raises his cup and Lance says, "From now on, we are partners."


Tao Zi and Leo receive a thank you card from Xiao Jie and Leo confesses that it was Tian Xing who passed the contacts to him, "I can't take the credit for what someone else has done." Tao Zi wants to show this card to Tian Xing because he was the one who kickstarted the entire project, "He should know about the good results from this project. Will you mind?" Leo smiles and says that he's proud because the Tao Le Si that he likes has a clean and righteous heart. Even though Tian Xing has hurt her, she still looks at everything positively.


She politely pushes his hand away and Leo lightly says that they should keep crackers for Jia Gai Xian and Miao Miao.

Huan Huan is very contented because Tian Xing accompanied her the entire morning and would be back the next day. Her mother happy at seeing her daughter so cheerful and drops a bomb, "Maybe there will be a chance for you guys to be engaged first."

-the end-

I like this episode in that there are plot movements — I quite like how the reveal turned out, because initially I was fearing that the scriptwriters would make Tao Zi blame Tian Xing for her brother's death and then drag the plot out for a few more episodes. I like this ending instead, that Tao Zi finds some sort of closure in the ball and there's no blaming each other. Instead, both of them connect in that moment because they both love Le Yuan and they share the same experience.

What I don't like is that there's no development in clearing up the misunderstanding between Tao Zi and Tian Xing. Does someone who just told you that your brother gave him a dream in advertising, not make you think about his supposed motives? It appears juvenile and narrow-minded for the entire OZ to keep insisting that he just wants OZ's shares, because really, what practical value will OZ's shares be?

I also like the moment when Tian Xing calls Tao Le Si 'Tao Zi', because it reminds us and her of the times she spent with Xiao Lu. It also merges the characters Tian Xing and Xiao Lu and I look forward to more merges in the future episodes. I also like to see the comparison between Huan Huan and Leo. While both are pining for characters who pine for each other, the way they deal with it is very different. Even though Huan Huan obviously feels very guilty about her actions, this episode shows that when faced with choosing between her happiness and Tian Xing's, she would still lie. In that very instant that she chooses to let go of Lance's hands and pretend to be handicapped still, we know she's willing and is active in her lies. On the other hand, while Leo's advances still feel uncomfortable to me, I like it that he's righteous and has his principles with him still. I can only hope that Tao Zi taking steps forward in this episode is not a figurative representation of how she is going to step towards Leo as well. No. Tao Zi, your true love lies somewhere else!

Seriously, I felt heartache for Tian Xing throughout this episode because he has turned from the main lead of his own life, into a puppet controlled by others. What makes it worse is that he knows he's a puppet, but he has no idea about the extent of the characters' control over him. I feel that once he knows, he will have the power to break away and oh boy, I do look forward to that episode.

I think there has been enough development of turning Tian Xing into a puppet and I really wish there will be some other development in the next episode. If not, I fear that this show will start to be draggy, not to mention that I can't take Tian Xing's poor soul any longer.

Looking forward to the next episode because it seems like Tao Zi will get to see Tian Xing in his agony over the train (and maybe she will soften towards him? Might it be too much to hope?), but I know I'm going to hate it too because they are probably going to deepen the misunderstanding. The fact that the Mother is going to force an engagement down Tian Xing's throat is also rather cliche and I hope Tian Xing can deal with it in a way that pleases all of us!!



  1. Anonymous says

    I’m really dreading episode 14. It can either make Tian Xing and Tao Zi closer (yay!) or it will make Tian Xing give into Lance and his clan’s demands even more. I think Tao Zi has feelings for him and I seriously want her to act upon them soon.


    • Me too!! I CAN’T wait for it to come out but I’m really fearing that the plot will swerve into a development which I would totally detest. Hope it goes well for us><


      • Anonymous says

        I hope Huan Huan’s guilt becomes too much for her and she’ll tell him. It will be an interesting turn of events. I want the show to get back to being happy because it has been sad and mopey for a couple of episodes. *Fingers crossed* hopefully Tian Xing won’t do something stupid. .-.


      • I’m hoping that Tian Xing will find out about the secret himself (SOON BEFORE HE WALKS DOWN THE ALTAR LIKE A SILLY BOY) so that it gives him more incentive and anger to break off the relationship he has with Lance’s family. Indeed, I think it will be moody and annoying for a few more episodes, sigh why can’t they just give our characters a lovely time?:P


      • Anonymous says

        If they made them happy it be a million episodes of them kissing. Lol =P Maybe Tao Zi will realize she loves both sides of Tian Xing maybe that’ll give him a goid reason. Even though it would be awesome he found out himself, it would also be awesome if they both love each other and say, “fuck it, guilt be damned I want you!” I was thinking that him finding out himself would give him a good reason to break off that relationship, so I see your point, it’s toxic in many ways.


  2. Everything the Auntie/mom lady says is ominous and evil. I’m wondering if the things she hasn’t told Tian Xing go back to his parents death and his circumstances since then?

    It’s good we can already see Tai Zi softening. Faster – faster! I want tender moments!!


    • Me too! I’m still quite puzzled over Tian Xing’s phobia of trains and I wonder if they are going to give us more flashbacks involving the accident.

      ME TOO! I can’t stand the moodiness of the drama any much longer — more sweet moments please.


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