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Fall In Love With Me

A few readers have asked me if I knew how many episodes this drama has so I did a quick search. However, I couldn't find anything definitive and different sources say different things:

  • Wikipedia says 23 episodes.
  • Soompi says 30 episodes.
  • The Chinese version of Wikipedia (which I think is maintained by different people from the English version) seems to have quoted 17 episodes and have even listed the next drama to take over the same timeslot starting from 3rd Aug 2014.

Does anyone have any idea what the real number is? Personally, at the pace they are going and the things they have to solve, I think 17 episodes will make more sense than a drawn out one like 30 episodes.

Also, once again I will be Internet-less for about a week. This time round, I'm quite sure I would want to do a recap on Episode 15, but it will come really late, estimated to be around 16th/17th July. So I hope you guys will still check back and support the recaps!(: Love you all<3


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