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I am holding out on watching the second half of the last episode because this coming week is filled with important events and I cannot allow myself to be distracted! I’m just really curious – a preliminary search on Google yields no return when I searched for recaps on Blood. Are there literally no recappers doing this series? I only read really bad reviews but no recaps. It’s not that bad seriously – I mean, You’re Beautiful was on par with this or even worse (because I hate it when they make the second leads so pitiful) but it seems like that was more well-received online. Anyway, really glad that this drama was such a hit on various drama watching sites!(:Seems like now the trend is that you don’t get famous from the usual tv-ratings/tv-ratings might not be a very good gauge. (I thought Healer was pretty awesome but in terms of ratings, it didn’t do very well either!) <3thoughtsramble