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They are so cute!! I think I've replayed the behind the scenes for about four times; it was really sweet watching both Qi Yi and Liang Liang and Aaron and Puff off screen! Now all the girls can cry in a corner and wish for a guy who would walk across the street and then stare at you with intense eyes, and pull your head close for a kiss. 😛 (it was quite funny watching Aaron running after Puff though, you could almost tell that Aaron was trying to run slowly hahahaha.) <3thoughtsramble


It's finally going to be here:') I always work myself into some fangirl frenzy when these scenes happen to my favourite couples (mmhmm I've grown to quite adore these two! Both Qi Yi/Liang Liang and Aaron/Puff — their behind the scenes are super cuteee) it was nice seeing Qi Yi run across the street and then give Liang Liang a passionate kiss on the lips:P I think I replayed the preview a few times hoho. At times like this I wish so much I could be writing recaps! <3thoughtsramble