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Playful Kiss Episode 6

I AM WATCHING EPISODE 6 OF PLAYFUL KISS NOW:DDD They kissed they kissed!!!! dang it, anyway I’ve heard and seen other sites saying that episode 5 of Playful Kiss only took in 3% for episode ratings… I haven’t found the ratings for episode 6 yet, but I don’t think they will be good either..D: I guess the only thing now is to wait for next week’s episodes to come out, and see if the ratings will go above 4%? I just don’t get it, why are the ratings so low? I’ve seen shows with worse acting and lousier plots with better ratings, so it can’t be that right? I’ll be waiting for Episode 7 and 8 to come out next week and you bet I will be stuck to the computer screen watching it right away. If only I can understand Korean. Right, I’m getting back to the episode, things are getting interesting!