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All Spent!!

Phew~~ My shoulders are aching a little right now. And there you have it, the four dramas I mentioned in an earlier post. It is kinda tough to be writing about four dramas, which churn five recaps in total every week. Since I really wanted to get my recaps up fast, it means that I need to write four recaps within a span of two days. So the four dramas that I will (hopefully) be recapping are: Pretty Little Liars, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Ending Planner and Strawberry Night. In the case that I might not be able to hold up (which is verryyy possible, because I foresee a really busy February) then I might drop Strawberry Night…and if it still sucks so bad (my time), then Ending Planner. I love Pretty Little Liars and The Moon That Embraces The Sun too much to drop them anywhere.  Oopsie…I think my shoulders are complaining. I shall take my rest now(: <3thoughtsramble

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 1

Omgggg. I really want to kill technology right now. I typed out an entire recap, only to have Livejournal screwed up on me. So. I really can't type this all over again, because it was a realllyy long recap, so here's just caps that I've taken.  Pardon me, I rarely swear, but screw you Livejournal. (It was partly my fault, but is it only me who hates the autosaved draft function? It posed so many problems a year back. That time, I had the stamina to re-type the entire recap twice, and even thrice, but now…) I'm so sorry. But, I promise to write a recap for episode 2! I usually don't start from the first episode anyway.  What do I think about this? I think that I will come to like this drama. It has themes like acceptance, separation, life and death and as long as the scriptwriters don't mess it up, I think it can be a really great drama! Even though I highly doubt any Yamapi's work will top my love for …