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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 13 – 15



  After Yoon Hee [ take note that most of the time, people call her by Yoon Shik, which is her brother’s name] excused herself from the dinner and apologised for Cho Sun’s kiss, she started to drink and got drunk. Jae Shin came along and carried her, and she scolded " You bastard.. how could you treat my heart this way.." in a drunken state. Jae Shin laughed and murmured to himself, " Are you scolding your godly senior a bastard?" 

He lay Yoon Hee down but ran out when her sleeping form was too much for him. He ran into Sun Joon and asked him why he didn’t watch over Yoon Hee even though he was just by the side. Sun Joon told him that he never wanted to hear Kim Yoon Shik’s name from his mouth again.

There were requests for Hong Beok Seo/ Red Messenger to be caught and punished, because he had gotten too proud and started killing the innocent. However, the emperor got suspicious because the original Red Messenger [ Jae Shin ] never killed anyone and his messages were always written in a very poetic form, unlike the messages that the current Red Messenger sent.

By tradition, after the day where all females could visit Sungkyunkwan, there would be the games. The four of them were split up, thanks to In Soo, hence Jae Shin and Yoon Hee ended up on the purple team, while Yong Ha and Sun Joon ended up on the blue team. Sun Joon already made it clear that he didn’t want to have any more things to do with Yoon Hee, and that got Jae Shin angry. During the match, Sun Joon pushed Yoon Hee to the ground and scored. Jae Shin saw it and got mad, like they were room mates after all, how could he be so unfeeling?! So he grabbed Sun Joon and asked how he could do something like that [ while everyone watched in silence ]. 

That jealous Sun Joon, he got super mad too and he raised his fist, ready to punch Jae Shin, while shouting " I TOLD YOU THAT I DON’T WANT TO HEAR KIM YOON SHIK’S NAME FROM YOUR MOUTH!". At that moment, someone grabbed his arm, and he was shocked to see that it was Yoon Hee. Yoon Hee asked if he didn’t feel shameful for wanting punch someone, and told Jae Shin to ignore Sun Joon. That game carried on, but now with increased tension between Sun Joon and Jae Shin. Yong Ha, who excused himself from the game from fake claims that he was sick, noted the scene with amusement.

Before the game, we already knew that In Soo wanted to do something to Yoon Hee. Then during the game, it was revealed that he wanted one of the sidekick to knock her brains out, and masked it as an accident. Jae Shin suspected something, and ran forward to stop the sidekick from even raising the stick. In Soo decided that he would do it anyway, and Jae Shin watched on helpless as In Soo raised the stick and moved it forward to hit Yoon Hee.

Who came forward to intercept? Sun Joon. 

Everyone was in shock, while Sun Joon got sent to the pharmacy. There, he drifted in and out of consciousness, and he kept seeing Yoon Hee smiling at him. However, when he awoke, it was Hyo Eun by his side. Hyo Eun was getting ready to leave when Yoon Hee came to visit Sun Joon. Sun Joon took a look at Yoon Hee and suddenly held on to Hyo Eun’s arm, and proposed to her, asking her to hold on to him so that his heart would slowly move towards her. Poor Sun Joon who tries to avoid being gay.

Yoon Hee ran out of the pharmacy in tears and Jae Shin, who was hiding behind a wall, saw her and looked inside the pharmacy. He put things together, and realised that the person Yoon Hee was referring to in her drunken state was Sun Joon, and that she liked Sun Joon. He laughed mockingly at himself. 

-heart shatters-

Later, Yong Ha teased Yoon Hee by offering to scrub her back but Jae Shin saved her by asking her to bring his equipment in the field.

During their meals, everyone started complaining about the Red Messenger and how he soiled Sungkyunkwan’s name by murdering people. [ As he always hid inside Ban Chon, it was quite obvious that he was a Sungkyunkwan student. ] Jae Shin obviously didn’t do all those things, and he asked what Yoon Hee thought of the Red Messenger. His face fell when Yoon Hee said that the Red Messenger was stupid, and she went on to say that how could the poor understand those messages that he distributed [ via putting them on arrows and shooting them ] if he wrote in such good and complex form. Jae Shin looked at her, and started laughing. 


There was another message by the fake Red Messenger that he would be taking action in a certain village, but in that message, it was actually an invitation for the real Red Messenger to come out. The emperor wanted to protect the real Red Messenger and ordered Professor Jung to keep ALL Sungkyunkwan students in school. Even though Jae Shin knew that it was a trap, he still escaped the school guards and leapt out of the walls. He was shocked to see someone in front of him, and it turned out to be Yong Ha. 

Yong Ha asked him where he was going, and Jae Shin replied that he’s much stronger than him, so Yong Ha should just let him go. Yong Ha stopped him and said, " Don’t go, don’t you know it’s a trap?"

Jae Shin looked at him in shock.
" You are Hong Beok Seo."
More shock.
" Who am I? I’m Gu Yong Ha. Do you think that I can’t recognise the handwriting of someone who has been my best friend for 10 years? Aren’t you afraid? You might die."
"Fear? Of what? Living has no meaning for me"

Yong Ha punched Jae Shin.

"If living means nothing to you, then what am I?! What am I, your best friend?! If you think living is nothing, then go. GO."

"What do you want me to do? I don’t want my brother’s will to be soiled with murders and get put down by everyone.

Don’t worry, I won’t die. I will come back in one piece"

With that, he ran off into the night, while Yong Ha was left with his tears. I love this scene a lot, a lot. I guess you can tell from the details that I gave! 

Yoon Hee asked Sun Joon if they could return to normal. She thought that he was angry because Cho Sun thought that Yoon Hee liked Hyo Eun, and that’s why she purposely kissed Sun Joon, so that Hyo Eun would be angry, and Yoon Hee would be angry looking at Hyo Eun being angry. OMG the complexity of it all. She told him that she had no feelings for Hyo Eun at all, but Sun Joon cut her off, and told her that he didn’t wish to return to how they were last time. Yoon Hee escaped from the library in tears.

Jae Shin went to fight the fake Red Messenger but there were too many guards in the trap set up by the Minister of War. He suffered a blow at his chest area and almost failed in saving himself, when masked men suddenly appeared and helped him kill the guards. He escaped, flipped over the Sungkyunkwan’s wall and stumbled right into Yoon Hee’s path. He grabbed on to Yoon Hee for support while Yoon Hee kept trying to push him off because she didn’t know who he was. Jae Shin was wearing a cloth over his face, so she only suspected that it was the Red Messenger. 

"Ahh, it feels good to be alive" 

Yoon Hee stopped all movement as she sort of recognised the voice. Then, she stared on in shock, as the Red Messenger pulled off his mask, to reveal Jae Shin’s face. 

That was just episode 13! I love that episode so much<3 All right now on to Episode 14 and 15.

Sun Joon regretted the harsh words that he said and ran out of the library to find Yoon Hee, only to see that she ran off to somewhere. Now that she knew Jae Shin was the Red Messenger, she tried to heal his wound and stopped the bleeding. She tore off a strip of her uniform and tied it around Jae Shin’s chest area, while Jae Shin groaned in pain.

Sun Joon followed Yoon Hee to the secluded room [ the one that Yoon Hee previously bathed in. It’s secluded because it was rumoured there’s a ghost there, so no one goes there. Yet it’s a good place for Jae Shin because there are materials that are good for healing] and was in shock, because all he saw was Yoon Hee hugging Jae Shin. [ Please allow me to have a =.= face ]

In Soo knew that the Red Messnger would escape to Sungkyunkwan and wanted to catch him, which would be easy since he got the news that the Red Messenger was hurt. However, he was revoked of his authority as a punishment for hurting Sun Joon during the games. Suddenly, someone opened the doors to the room and Yoon Hee looked up in shock, only to find that it was Yong Ha who had brought a doctor along.

In Soo was determined to nab the Red Messenger and as they realised that the secluded room/building was the only place the hurt Red Messenger could be, they closed in on the building and saw a doctor leaving the site. After questioning the doctor, they learnt that the person he healed definitely had a wound at the chest area. One of the sidekick found Yong Ha’s fan, which was bloodied, and In Soo went to Yong Ha’s room. Yong Ha pretended that nothing was wrong and talked to In Soo, but he noticed that Jae Shin’s clothes were peeking from under the paper wall. He stepped on the clothes and someone pulled it in, I don’t know if it was Yoon Hee or Jae Shin, but In Soo didn’t really take notice of that. 

When In Soo was near the paper wall, Yong Ha quickly stood up to block him while talking to him. In Soo suspected that the Red Messenger was him, and quickly flipped his clothes upwards to check if there was a wound. Yong Ha started laughing and told him that it was ridiculous to think that he was the Red Messenger. 


The bloodied fan? It was only something that he didn’t want and told the pageboys to get rid of. In Soo left the room and headed to Sun Joon’s room since he was sure the Red Messenger was one of the 4. However, the room was empty, which meant that Sun Joon, Yoon Hee and Jae Shin were all not there. He recalled how nervous Yong Ha was whenever he went close to the paper wall and he smiled, as he told the sidekicks that he knew where the Red Messenger was.

In Soo thought he had it, that he won, but suddenly the professors who were patrolling found him and asked him what he was doing when it’s so late already. He told them that he knew where the Red Messenger was and Professor Jung told him to bring him there, since the emperor told him if "Professor Jung caught the Red Messenger, bring him to me."

In Soo led everyone to Yong Ha’s room and he leapt up in shock again. This time, he couldn’t do anything as they pushed the paper fan aside. AHH I bet everyone was holding their breaths right? Lo and behold, the guards found not Jae Shin, not Yoon Hee, but a stack of porn books. [ I think, judging by the drooling faces ]. There, In Soo lost! Professor Jung lectured him back in his own room, while Yong Ha remarked that In Soo wouldn’t be giving them trouble any time soon. He pushed the stack of books aside, and opened a door. 

They lay Jae Shin down while Yong ha took his hand and went all mushy on Jae Shin. LOL. I can totally see why people would want a bromance between the two of them! It’s just too cute and funny:P 

The next day, Jae Shin woke up and saw the two of them sleeping by his side. His gaze hovered on Yoon Hee’s face, but she suddenly awoke. Jae Shin pretended to be asleep while Yoon Hee touched his forehead, smiled and left the room. Ah~  Jae Shin’s blissful smile.

Curious to find out who the fake Red Messenger was? Ta da! It’s Cho Sun. 

Later, Yoon Hee was in the library when she found Jae Shin there. Some people walked by and Yoon Hee was in the danger of being knocked over the books they were holding. Jae Shin pulled her towards him but groaned in pain. They appeared to be hugging each other as the three friends of Yoon Hee entered. They whispered that Jae Shin and Yoon Hee must be that in that kind of relationship – gays- and that Sun Joon must have saw them doing weird stuff in that secluded building, which was why they saw him leaving the building in a shock. Their whispers were overhead by others, and soon rumours started that Jae Shin and Yoon Hee were gays. 

Gays were strictly forbidden in Sungkyunkwan, and In Soo purposely made it a big thing by holding a meeting/hearing sort of thing, where only the President of Sungkyunkwan and Sungkyunkwan students had the power to vote. In Soo wanted to split the dorm even more by ordering Sun Joon to be the witness.

Yong Ha found In Soo and guessed what his plan was — to get rid of Jae Shin and Yoon Hee, by the hands of Sun Joon who would never do anything against his principles. In Soo also not-so-subtly wanted Yong Ha to be his man and to do what In Soo wanted. By chasing them out, the four of them would split up and Yong Ha would have no friends to turn to. 

Knowing this, Yong Ha treated his fellow school mates and asked them to vote Jae Shin and Yoon Hee not guilty, but the sidekicks came along and rubbed salt in the wounds. 

Yoon Hee overhead the conversation between Jae Shin and Yong Ha, that Jae Shin considered confessing that he’s the Red Messenger so that Yoon hee wouldn’t be expelled for being gay. She felt bad and asked Sun Joon to help them, but Sun Joon refused and asked her how much more he had to do for her.

During the hearing, In Soo had the upper hand — either they explained what they were doing in the secluded building, or get expelled for being gays

The two of them jolly well couldn’t explain what they were doing, and In Soo called Sun Joon forward as the witness. Sun Joon shocked everyone, by saying that the gay person was him.

:OOOOOOO was my reaction and everyone else’s reaction. He went on to explain that he was in the secluded building with Jae Shin and Yoon Hee, if what they were doing were considered to be gays, then he should be a gay as well. He questioned if anyone saw with their own eyes if Jae Shin and Yoon Hee did something wrong in the building, and everyone realised hey, no one saw it. Backed with nice music, it was almost a triumph for them, since everyone sort of realised things were just rumours. In Soo then said that even then, they didn’t explain what they were doing in the building. He requested them to strip and to see who had the wound, thus proving himself to be the Red Messenger. Yoon Hee was shocked because she couldn’t strip, and Jae Shin knew that too, so Jae Shin was going to just own up, when Sun Joon interrupted and asked if In Soo knew that the rumours were fake. Sun Joon then asked In Soo if he purposely set up the hearing to catch the Red Messenger. If yes, then he did something wrong, because the hearings were always meant to settle things outside political influence. What he said got everyone all agitated, because they realised that In Soo manipulated the circumstances. 

Thus, the hearing ended with Jae Shin and Yoon Hee declared not guilty. Sun Joon disappeared and Yoon Hee only realised at night, that Sun Joon left Sungkyunkwan. She heard from Yong Ha that his engagement would take place the next day, and she went back to her dorm in sadness, while Jae Shin followed her, and sat outside the dorm. 


After Sun Joon left Sungkyunkwan, he would study in another school. Yoon Hee couldn’t bear not to see him for the last time, and waited for Sun Joon to arrive at Hyo Eun’s house. She wasn’t fast enough to hide behind the tree and Sun Joon found her. She told Sun Joon why she came, and that she wanted to see him for the last time because they might never see each other ever again. Sun Joon broke her heart, by telling her that he never wanted to see her ever again. Yoon Hee walked off in sadness. Sun Joon entered Hyo Eun’s room and told her that he didn’t think what he promised her would come true — that his heart would move towards her. Sun Joon ran after Yoon Hee and confessed to Yoon Hee.




"I like you, Kim Yoon Shik, but I will protect you. I will never let my feelings for you hurt you and so I have to leave. This is the last that I can do for you, everything." 


Then he turned and walked away, leaving Yoon Hee in tears. 

Jae Shin found Yoon Hee in the library and asked her what was wrong. Yoon Hee asked what she should do if she had told a lie, and that lie caused someone to have a huge burden. Jae Shin understood what she meant and told her that " Go tell that person then, just like how you are talking to me about how you feel right now, tell that person" He got up and stopped. " Is it Cho Sun?" he asked, even though he knew that she was talking about Sun Joon. Yoon Hee just smiled.  

Yes, I know you saw through me — that I love to screenshot Jae Shin:P

Here’s the super funny part! As Sun Joon missed Yoon Hee so much, he couldn’t study, couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat. 


Sungkyunkwan would have its annual outing and the Chancellor [ the one that I mistook as a professor in the first entry recap on Sungkyunkwan ] wanted it to be near Sun Joon’s new school, somewhere in the mountains. Yong Ha agreed with his choice of location as soon as he heard that it was near Sun Joon’s house. Everyone set off for the mountains, while Yong Ha remarked to Yoon Hee, that this must be the first time Jae Shin joined a school excursion, just to cheer her up. AWW. The shy Jae Shin shut him up and Yoon Hee smiled. 

As the students played in the water, they invited Yoon Hee but she couldn’t go into the water [ or her clothes would be soaked and everyone would know who she really was ]. The sidekicks of In Soo sniffed a rat [ I’m sorry, can’t be bothered to find out their names. Hey, they remind me of rats actually ] and plotted to get Yoon Hee into the water, thinking that she had a wound = she being the Red Messenger. Jae Shin cooked something for her, and because it was hot, he blew it for her. Yong Ha, on the other hand, met up with Sun Joon’s servant, who was very worried about his master who didn’t sleep, eat or study. Yong Ha told him that’s because his master had an illness from missing someone too much, and told the servant to bring Sun Joon to the location.

Yoon Hee disappeared into the mountains to get away from the water and the sidekicks followed her. Jae Shin went away for a moment and when he returned, Yoon Hee disappeared. He heard from the rest that she went off with the sidekicks and he ran after her. Sun Joon got brought to the location, but upon seeing Yoon Hee and the sidekicks, he walked back where he came from. Yet, he couldn’t help but be worried, and he rushed back. The sidekicks walked softly behind Yoon Hee and almost succeeded in pushing her into the water, when Jae Shin appeared and grabbed them backwards. Everything was done so silently, that Yoon Hee didn’t hear a thing. As she got up, she dropped a shoe into the water. Sun Joon only saw the shoe, but not Yoon Hee and was afraid that something happened to her. He kept calling her name and running, and suddenly, there was Yoon Hee just in front of him.

Sun Joon ran forward and hugged her. 

-the end-


I’m sorry for all those who friended me, there’s something screwed up with the formatting and so I couldn’t put this under a lj cut. I wanted to fix it, but I ended up somehow, deleting whatever I typed as thoughts to this post for TWO TIMES. I just want to argh give up, but for you guys, I will type it out for the third time:D Please don’t ask me why I was so stupid that I didn’t copy the chunk I wrote:<

-edit- I finally got it under the lj cut!:D This post is madly weird. If I stay on this editing page for more than 3 seconds, it automatically deletes everything I wrote after the lj cut!D: The lj cuts are everywhere and nowhere where I want them to be.

I had many favourite scenes in these episodes, but I guess you guys can guess which is my favourite scene! Yong Ha and Jae Shin made me cry for some weird reason. It got to do with how the usual cheeky and playful Yong Ha showed how much he cared for his friends, and Jae Shin who was his good buddy for 10 years. It also got to do with how Jae Shin mentioned that there was nothing worth living for. I love the lines and tears so much, they still remained in my head!:P

You will realise that Sun Joon’s screenshots are largely not in existence. This is because I don’t like angsty guys. When I watched I kept going Dang it, why can’t you just confess? The moment you confess, everything will be all right which ultimately happened, but not after I chanted that for like, 4 episodes.

This is another drama which episode ratings I shall not try to understand. Playful Kiss doesn’t deserve its ratings, and Prosecutor Princess and Sungkyunkwan Scandal do not deserve it even more. In my opinion, they deserve much higher ratings. But oh well, they are super famous online<3 I love how all 3 leads play pivotal roles in the drama and that Jae Shin knows quite early that Yoon Hee likes Sun Joon.

Watching this makes me want to go to Sungkyunkwan! I don’t even need to know them, I betcha that I will just take a look at them and ahhh~~- float up to the sky- I never saw this coming, that I might have withdrawal symptoms after watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal because I put off watching it for so long since the only guy I knew was in Sungkyunkwan was Micky and he looked damn gay there, plus everyone else looked super gay as well. HAHA HOW WRONG I WAS.

If Sun Joon lives in the future, I foresee a bright future for him as a lawyer. Jae Shin looks super good in long hair and shaggy clothes! It’s super rare that actors can look good like that. I think the producers found the right kind of looks for the role. I mean, what will happen if Song Joong Ki was Jae Shin instead? – NO I CAN’T IMAGINE IT-

❤ YONG HA AND JAE SHIN!! ❤ BOTH OF THEM A LOT! [ I’m sorry Sun Joon, but until you treat Yoon Hee in a super sweet way that makes me squeal, I aint classifying you under guys who make me squeal = jae shin + yong ha ]



  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v.
    why choose? jae shin + yong ha = awesomesauce!! kk
    i hope that you’ll sort out the problem with this post.
    i’m glad i’m not the person you talked about… phew. and maybe, that friend just really values your opinion… values it enough to take your word/recommendations and watch the dramas you liked?


    • Phew I’ve finally sort out the problems with that post, even though I still didn’t know what went wrong…

      Probably… I mean I know I should be flattered because perhaps, she thinks the dramas I’ve watched should be quite nice.. but I just can’t help but feel like I’m being tagged.. like being followed. Nevertheless, I’ve gotten over it! I always do, since this thing has started since last year.:P

      Yeah and I’ve realised!:D That the two of them together makes awesome scenes!


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