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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 20 and 21 Recap

This is the last recap!^^

Continuing from where we left off–

"Have you ever thought why Mu Cheng hasn’t accepted me all these years if she had chosen to leave with me six years ago? And why does she keep telling Xiao Le that he has an Alien Daddy and always teach him to say Mi Xiu Mi Xiu. Xiu Xiu Xiu You You You, do you know who the You refers to? You are supposed to be such a brilliant lawyer, how can you not know such a simple answer? The answer is — Mu Cheng, this stupid woman, only love one man from the start till the end, and that man… is you. It’s because of this reason that she lied to you six years ago."

"You said Mu Cheng lied to me?" "Do you really think that Mu Cheng’s such a practical woman? It’s because your mum begged her to leave and she waned to save you, so she got me to lie to you so that you would give up and go for Director He’s operation. Six years later, she knew that you are still alive, but she couldn’t go and find you, only because she doesn’t want to spoil the relationship between you and your mother. Now, she still has to suffer your vengeance. Do you know…. how sad she is?" Guang Xi teared and said, "Yeah you are right. Mu Cheng’s very stupid, and very selfish. What right does she have to decide for me wihout asking me? What right does she have to abandon me? Does she think that I will be happy living on alone?"


"Yes, she’s selfish, and she didn’t ask for your permission, but the thing is that you manage to survive! Isn’t that the most important thing? I believe six years ago, for the woman you love, you would do the same thing if your roles had switched… unless you don’t love Liang Mu Cheng enough." Yet Guang Xi still remained firm that the man Mu Cheng chose in the end would never be him. Tuo Ye was like a minor ARGH because Guang Xi just wouldn’t listen.

Hua Yi was very touched that Guang XI managed to save Tuo Ye. She invited Guang Xi to Hua Tian Cun where she and Mu Cheng would prepare something for him to eat, yet Guang Xi kept evading the invitation by saying that he had to focus on Chi Xin’s case.

Mu Cheng looked very disappointed but she knew there was nothing that she could do. Back in his office, Guang Xi looked at the bracelet for a long time, but placed it in his pocket after Gary came in with news  —- of his father’s suicide twenty years ago. Guang Xi’s eyes widened and teared, when he realised that his dad had an affair in the same year that he committed suicide. He immediately left to find Director Fang while shouting to Gary "Order a ticket to America for me." "Do you really want to to do this?" "3 in the afternoon. One-way ticket please." and he left. Director Fang entered her room and after she ended her call, she found Guang Xi sitting on her couch [ like a ghost ].

Guang Xi asked her to tear Sheng De Tang down since he could not remember why it’s so important to him. Director Fang knew that he was getting at something because "You clearly remember. How could you have forgotten?" "But…. is the things that I remember the truth? I remember the divorce, I remember the quarrels, I remember the suicide …. but I never knew that the reason for all these was Dad…. not you." Turns out that Guang Xi’s dad had an affair with his student twenty years ago. Director Fang recalled the day that she caught the both of them kissing at Sheng De tang, but she told Gunag Xi’s dad not to say anything to Guang Xi because she didn’t want him to be fatherless in his childhood. Guang Xi also knew that " You didn’t force him to leave. He was the one who leave, wanting to elope with his student. They went to a motel and wanted to commit suicide, but the girl backed out in the end ….. leaving my father to die alone….. All these years, you didn’t tear down Sheng De Tang wasn’t because of my intention, but because you still couldn’t forget Dad" Director Fang teared. and said that she didn’t tell him the scndal because he was too young then, and she didn’t know how to explain to him.

She didn’t want to tear Sheng De tang down because it was the first place that she and his father met, and to tear it down, "It’s akin to burying the only gift and the memories that your father gave me. As for Lawyer Lin… you could relax. He’s really just a friend and is so loyal to us all these years… He didn’t overstep any boundaries" "How could you let me misunderstand you and hate you? Why do you want to suffer this alone?" "Because…. I feel that that is good for you. I keep thinking that doing that will make you happier, so I kept the truth from you… like what you’re doing now…. you chose to leave and pretend that you are happy… for Mu Cheng and Xiao Le’s sake… but I know, I know that you are not happy." Guang Xi’s tearing now and Director Fang walked closer. She told him to take his chances while he still could, so that they would not regret like she did. Guang Xi asked, "Why?"

"Because.. you are my son, and I love you. There’s many ways to love… maybe my method has never been correct… but you shouldn’t doubt…. a love that is true." Guang Xi cried [ gosh I like the below screen cap. Look at that tear forming! ]

Director Fang said that she would support him no matter what decision he took. By this time, both of them were tearing/crying. Lawyer Lin came in at this moment and Director Fang walked away while wiping her tears. 

Guang Xi called out "Mum" and hugged her, while saying, " I have never told you this…. Sorry… and thank you." Director Fang teared again and patted his back. She even smiled awkwardly when she told him, "Good luck." Guang Xi walked to Lawyer Lin and apologised for thinking that he had an affair with his mother, and he thanked him for companying his mother all these years. Lawyer Lin replied, "Guang Xi, you realise that it’s not that hard to say your heartfelt words…. Don’t you have anything to say to Mu Cheng before you leave for America?" Guang Xi looked thoughtful.

Xiao Le said that Mu CHeng should cook rice with beef for Gary and Guang Xi the next day.

"Rice with beef! You said before last time.." Tuo Ye came to the door "Guang Xi helped you defeat the bad guys, so Mu Cheng wanted to cook rice with beef for him. Then Guang Xi was angry" Mu Cheng noticed Tuo Ye "Then Guang Xi was happy, then you two have Xiao Le!:D" but the last sentence was muffled because Mu Cheng covered his mouth. Tuo Ye asked, "And then?" Xiao Le squirmed out of Mu Cheng’s grasp and said, "Then Guang Xi likes rice with beef!:D" Tuo Ye went, "Ooohhhh"

and gave Mu Cheng an amused look. Mu Cheng quickly hugged Xiao Le in embarrassment. Xiao Le asked why she didn’t let him go on, and Mu Cheng replied that he would know some day. [ I think it’s because after Guang Xi was angry, and then he was happy, they did it that night. HAHAH I think Mu Cheng’s shy in front of Tuo Ye ]. Later Tuo Ye said that it’s his fault because he knew that Guang Xi would have never helped him without Mu Cheng’s request. Mu Cheng said that Guang Xi didn’t care about her anymore.

[ I really like this part ] Tuo Ye sat down and said, " Mu Cheng ah… you aren’t fair to him, because you have never told him… that you love him. Be more brave. When you were afraid, it’s Guang Xi who gave you courage, but now that he’s afraid, shouldn’t you give him courage now? I know that you might be hurt again, but shouldn’t you two gibe eavh other a chance? if one chance is not enough, then take another chance, you two can’t always just wait for each other… because happiness…. needs to be chased." Mu Cheng thanked him.

The next day, Mu Cheng was really hyped up with preparing the feast. Tuo Ye told Mu Cheng that Xiao Le went to accompany Tang Tang to her injection. Everyone was damn happy, until only Gary turned up. Turns out that Guang Xi didn’t come, and only Gary came — with the divorce papers. He told Mu Cheng that Guang Xi was going to leave for America that day. He ordered only a one way ticket because he might be looking for jobs in firms that had been wanting him to work there for ages. Also, since Yi Qian’s in America as well, he said that Guang Xi might stay there. Tuo Ye managed to scare him away and when Gary left in a hurry, Tuo Ye wanted to chase him with the divorce papers that he left, but Mu Cheng said, "Tuo Ye! Don’t be like that… It seems that he’s really disappointed in me…" Then Mu Cheng’s phone rang. Hua Yi didn’t recognise the number and pass the phone to Mu Cheng, who eyes widened in shock after she received the call.

The last episode opens with Mu Cheng and Xiao Le saying Mi Xiu Mi Xiu together. [ very heartwarming! ] 

Guang Xi heard that Xiao Le had been kidnapped and quickly rushed to Hua Tian Cun. He met at the church with Mu Cheng and listened to the voicemail which basically stated that they should do everything that the kidnappers wanted in order to save their child.

They then received an sms asking them to walk into the church holding hands, but Guang Xi murmured, "Who will actually end off their smses with ‘Regards from the Kidnappers’ ?" The scene changed to Hua Yi, Bin Zai, Tuo Ye and Xiao Le laughing over the phone.

Turns out it was Xiao Le’s idea to pretend that he was kidnapped so that Guang Xi and Mu Cheng would not hide from each other.

Yet he wondered if his parents would fall for the trick since they’re both so smart. Mu Cheng realised that it’s Hua Yi and company who did all this because she could recognise the voice in the voicemail. Guang Xi also suspected that something was up but she pretended like she knew nothing, and asked Guang Xi to quickly comply with the kidnappers. So, they finally held hands and walked into the church. Guang Xi learnt that Mu Cheng didn’t sign the divorce papers. They took a photo and sent it to the kidnappers. While waiting for a response, Mu Cheng looked into Guang Xi’s eyes and said, " Sorry, only to tell you now that I don’t want a divorce. Now I want to be honest with myself. Last time I couldn’t help but tell you lies, but if time could rewind, I will tell you the truth. The truth is, six years ago, I really love you. I pretended like I wanted to leave you, but I wanted to stay.

These six years, I pretended that I was well, but actually I wasn’t happy. I pretend that I could wish you and Yi Qian happiness, but I was actually jealous. I pretend that I was very courageous but I’m actually … a coward." Guang Xi asked why she only told him all that then even though he gave her so many chances — "How do you wish that I will reply?"

This conversation was broken with another sms — walk to the piano and exchange the rings. Guang Xi asked her if she wanted to stay or leave that night that they danced together. Mu Cheng said that she would still leave, but she would tell him why she left, because " I believe in your love for me" and she placed the ring on his finger. Guang Xi then placed the ring on her finger, and Mu Cheng asked cautiously,  " Would you still leave for America  if Xiao Le comes back?" Guang Xi replied that he had no reason to stay because he had too many suspicions with Mu Cheng. "Maybe it’s better if we separate for awhile" "Then you leave… I will wait for you, wait till you return to my life. If our life is like Who’s the Richest, no matter how many times we play the game, the ending should be the same, because you are my fate.

Do you remember six years ago when we prayed to God in this church? Do you know what I said to him? I prayed for forgiveness, for the words that I wanted to say but didn’t." "What?" "I do. This is the promise that I’ve hidden from you these years, and the answer has not changed. I do, I’m still willing to give our love a chance. You were the one who said never to give up on what one wants, including those whom you care…. " She walked to Guang Xi and held out her hand. " If I say I love you, will you stay?" "I gave you two chances, but you still left. This time… it’s my time to leave -leaving Mu Cheng in a downright crestfallen state and putting her hand down- I will leave…. if you let go of my hand again:D" and Guang Xi grabbed her hand again. Mu Cheng leapt up and hugged him when she realised what he actually meant. They laughed and continued hugging AWWW. 


Tuo Ye wondered why Guang Xi who should be so brilliant fell for such a stupid trick, but the truth is, he didn’t. He asked Mu Cheng if they should send a photo to Xiao Le, Hua Yi and Tuo Ye.

Mu Cheng asked him when he knew, and he replied that he saw through it since it was such a lousy trick. Mu Cheng said that she really meant what she said and she did that just to make him stay. Guang Xi still wanted compensation though — for her to stay by his side forever. Mu Cheng laughed.

Guang Xi smiled, put an arm around her waist, twirled her around and kissed her.

HAHAHAH as Tuo Ye tried to cover Xiao Le’s eyes as the ‘kidnappers’ + Gary laughed over the photo.

Mu Cheng asked if Guang Xi would stay on now, but Guang Xi said that he would still leave. Mu Cheng gave a hmmph look and Guang Xi laughed and said, " This conference is only a day. Anyway I will be back in 3 days… I’ve forgiven you long time ago, and I was thinking of finding you to have a good talk after I come back from America, but I didn’t think that you will be so proactive… so I accept^^" Mu Cheng realised that he’s not going to America to work and that one-way ticket — was for Lawyer Lin. He gave her the divorce papers because he wanted to give her another chance to think it through since their marriage was forced by him initially. It didn’t mean that he didn’t want to be with Mu Cheng. Mu Cheng said, " Aren’t you afraid that I will really sign the papers?" "It’s okay actually… because the papers require two witnesses… even if you sign it, as long as I don’t acknowledge it, the court will declare them as invalid. 😛 " Mu Cheng took his collar and said, " You are the one who is the greatest mastermind… Why do I fall in love with a lawyer?"

Guang Xi shrugged [ damn cute! ] and Mu Cheng laughed. The both of them smiled at each other and they rubbed noses.

Guang Xi took her hand and as they walked, Guang Xi said, " I want to go home and look at our cute kidnapper. What about you? Which stop do you want to go to?" Mu Cheng said, "Me? I want to kill Gary." Guang Xi laughed and then she stopped and said, "Actually, it’s fine to go anywhere…. because as long as you are at the stop, it will be happiness." [ because the direct translation from the Chinese title of Autumn’s Concerto is Next Stop, Happiness ] Guang Xi was very touched and he leaned in for a kiss. [ HEE HEE! ]

Chi Xin, thanks to Guang Xi, got no sentence, and Tuo Ye gave her a lotus. I think they got together because when Chi Xin asked him to give her a rose next time, Tuo Ye agreed shyly, and the both of them laughed by the riverside. 


Gary got a pay rise, and they got another case — a woman wanted to draw up her will to leave all her possessions to her daughter whom she had not seen in six years. Guang Xi laughed when he realised that woman was Mu Cheng’s mother.

Yi Qian was featured in a magazine which listed the well-known doctors [ and Ethan Ruan was featured as well as Lucas from My Queen which was quite smart since the both of them are a couple in real life ]. Lawyer Lin ended up with Director Fang and it was one happy, blissful lunch with Mu Cheng, Director Fang, Guang Xi, Xiao Le and Lawyer Lin. Guang Xi and Xiao Le tried to stuff each other with carrots which was quite funny. 

Later, Xiao Le whispered in Mu Cheng’s ears, " Daddy says… if you love him, you should give him a smile." Mu Cheng smiled.

Guang Xi smiled and came over to give her a kiss. She was like ??? when he said that, " Xiao Le said that because you want me to give you a kiss, that’s why you keep smiling. I never thought that you will be so proactive^^" Mu Cheng widened her eyes and repeated what Xiao Le said, then the both of them turned to Xiao Le and said, "REN XIAO LE!"

before Guang Xi chased Xiao Le and took him in his arms. Mu Cheng laughed and chased the both of them around.

-the end-

OMG gosh I can’t believe I typed the entire thing twice. I hate this Livejournal automatic draft thing because I’ve no idea where everything goes to. GRR.

Okay, that aside — don’t you just love the ending!:D Some people were saying that they had expected more out of the ending because it seemed a little anti climatic to have Guang Xi forgiven her in the end when she was so worried at the start. As for me, I don’t know, I think it’s a really good ending. I mean if Guang Xi didn’t think it through and forgive Mu Cheng, this means that Director Fang has been wasting her saliva. I really like Tuo Ye in this episode/recap because now that he knew that Guang Xi’s the one for Mu Cheng, he let go of her. Instead, he starts to encourage her to be brave in taking charge of her own happiness, instead of waiting for happiness to descend upon her. I really like him in both the scenes where he tried to convince Guang Xi at the start, and Mu Cheng in the middle. So, YAY for Tuo Ye and Chi Xin suits him. At least someone’s hard work paid off. 

I like it that Guang Xi kissed the way he did in the church with Mu Cheng, because I think that highly resembles episode one/two where Guang Xi stole her first kiss. The camera, the stance and everything — but the difference is, now both of them know their love for each other and they are going to have a ‘happily ever after’ as well. It was great for me that both Mu Cheng and Guang Xi realise in the end who really the ‘kidnappers’ were because then it makes sense. A lot of viewers might complain if the couple who is so smart, suddenly fall for such a lousy trick. 

Yes, so that concludes the entire drama! I certainly do miss the couple and their child a lot. So what do I think of this drama? I think that the words are very effective and touching and that’s what really work with me for Autumn’s Concerto. I wasn’t too attracted initially because their relationship isn’t developed enough for someone like me who doesn’t believe in love at first sight etc. I know that the emphasis of the drama is on six years later, so to avoid underdeveloping the main attraction of the drama, they had to sacrifice on the part of the first few episodes — which was sad because in the end, I still couldn’t understand how serious this love was. However, the later episodes got better and better and then, I start to just stop being cynical and accept their love — because that’s how great their love is. In some ways, this drama really reflects reality. There’s this sentence that Mu Cheng said to Director Fang — that even if Director Fang didn’t break them up, they might not be together forever anyway, and it was this sentence that really showed me how logical this drama was. Autumn’s Concerto didn’t insist that fate has it such that the both of them would be together forever and ever, instead it says that there’s a possibility they might still separate even though they love each other. 

To me, the attraction of this drama is really the chemistry between the couple, Xiao Le, and most of all, themes that not only touch on love, but also kinship, forgiveness, understanding and empathy. 

As usual, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself recapping this drama and for those who have watched it before, share with me your views! For those who haven’t, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The theme song’s really nice!^^ Have you guys checked out the behind the scenes and NGs? I think they’re really hilarious:DD



    • Hahaha that’s a wonderful compliment for me lol! [ referring to me wanting you to own the dvd haha! ] I actually really, really like Vic Zhou from F4 after watching Mars, but yes, I definitely got a much better view of Vaness Wu after Autumn’s Concerto!

      Well, that’s kinda true too! I just thought that recaps will give lots of spoilers… seeing well, they’re recaps lol.:D


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  3. Anonymous says

    aw… dont worry. we understand… I especially understand you since i’m uber busy myself with summer school and other commitments (also suju’s comeback but that’s a lot less excusable)… I feel bad for not leaving comments for everything you write (it’s all very lovely and entertaining to read) but sometimes, i only have time to skim through and then next you know i have to go.
    I LOVE CITY HUNTER so even without the screencaps, it’s still good to read. 🙂
    LJ’s been acting up lately so it’s not ur fault.
    now the CH is done, do u plan for anything else?


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    thank you.

    i want to sincerely thank you for your recaps…i have no time to watch the full episodes yet….thank god, there are people like you who diligently translate the episodes.


    • Re: thank you.

      Haha you are really welcome^^ In fact, it’s people like you who leave appreciative comments that make my day^^ It was fun doing those recaps(:

      When you have time, do watch the full episodes! No regrets~


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  18. Anonymous says

    Thanks for delighting the readers 🙂

    Thanks for your wonderful recaps 🙂

    What a beautiful show *smiles* The leads really complimented each other and the kiddo was super! From awesome acting, soulful BG music to terrific cinematography, loved every bit of it. Definitely going in my top 5 dramas 🙂 The family moments were portrayed beautifully 🙂 Kudos to the entire cast & crew of Autumn’s concerto for their hard work & creativity. This show will stay with me for a long long time 🙂

    Behind the Scenes were heartwarming ^__^ Seeing them cry left me teary eyed.


    • Re: Thanks for delighting the readers 🙂

      You’re welcome^^

      I love Behind The Scenes((: Seeing their interaction behind screen somehow makes the show even more lovable. And indeed, I agree about the leads and the kid(: They bring out the family moments really well, turning this show into something different.


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