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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 6 Recap

When my recaps get deleted, I have two kinds of emotions paired with two kind of reactions. Emotion #1: I get really pissed off. Emotion #2: I feel deflated. Reaction #1:I retyped everything again immediately, because I refuse to let technical glitches, or stupid human errors on my part, delay the recap. Reaction #2: I hold the recap off, because I’m tired [ as in literally, my fingers were aching ] of typing. Haha! I guess you could call this case a pairing of Emotion #1 and Reaction #1! In any case, no harm done and my fingers get an extra work out:P

Here goes!:D

Nonomura, Toma and Sebumi go the funeral of Sebumi’s senior. After that, Toma asks Rika what she’s holding in her hand, and she replies that it’s a stone that her father got for her. Toma cheers her up by saying that there might be a gem or diamond inside the stone. Later, Toma asks why there’s only the three of them from the police and Nonomura says that the other police men have no choice either. Nonomura tells Toma that the police has told Sebumi’s senior’s wife that Sebumi’s senior died in a fire when he was on the overseas business trip. Toma is very disillusioned and she wonders about the purpose of the police if they could trample on a life so easily and hide the truth – “What are we really protecting?” Nonomura tells her that if she has no idea, then she should put down that burden. To him, every light in the window is a family’s happiness that they need to protect. “Toma, Sebumi. Mishou is a small and insignificant department, which can be disintegrated any time. However, as long as our heart beat, let us head towards finding the truth!” Tsuda sounds like he can hear what the three of them are saying because he murmurs mockingly, “The flies really fly towards one another because the odour they emit is the same.” Ninomae feeds a cat, realises that he’s late, and runs off.

Sebumi and Toma pay their respects at Sebumi’s senior’s house, where the senior’s wife reveals that she’s actually suspicious of her husband’s death, because the books on the shelf and his clothes were all tidied up neatly, as if he had been preparing for something. To say that he died in a fire, she cannot accept. Toma rushes out to tell her the truth, but Sebumi stops her and tells the wife that it’s sad but the truth is he did die in a fire. Toma turns to a side and sulks, while the wife apologises. She says that her husband has always told her to find Sebumi in times of need, and thus she might have found herself relying on him. [ in a not romantic way(: ] Her phone rings at this point of time, and it’s from the hospital to tell her that Rika has a fever. In Rika’s condition, it will be very dangerous if she gets a fever, so the wife is about to rush out when Toma asks if she could stay and search for clues. The wife gives her the key and rushes to the hospital. Sebumi chastises her because he feels that Rika and her mother might be in danger should the wife become suspicious of the death and investigate. Toma calls him a coward, and he in turn calls her “Stinky fish face” which used to be her nickname. Toma gets angry and kicks him into the bookshelf, Sebumi gets angry and starts throwing books. This causes Toma to notice one thing – all the books on the shelves are new editions [ printed in 2010 ] which means that the books on the shelf has been cleaned out recently and replaced with new books, something that the senior didn’t do.

She realises that there must be a clue left in the house, and Sebumi starts searching for one, until she tells him that the clue has disappeared. Sebumi feels like he has been fooled, and grabs her cheeks, and she says, “Let me give you a riddle – What has always been around in the house, but has disappeared now?” Sebumi answers, “Like I know” and she muses, “When the wife is at home, no one can come in and search so the clue is safe. When the wife leaves, the clue disappears as well.” Her eyes widen. They head over to the hospital where Toma searches the cards in the wife’s wallet. She sees a name card and laughs, “Oh you go to this hair dresser too? I go to her to do my hair [ which was quite funny because Toma’s hair is so unkempt. Haha! ] Haha what a coincidence!:D” and Sebumi knocks her on the head. She says that she found the thing that she wanted – a library card. The wife exclaims that that it is her husband’s library card, and both Sebumi and Toma [ who already suspected ] realise that Sebumi’s senior who usually bought a stack of books to read, suddenly borrowed books and returned them on the day before he went off on his “business trip”, which means something is wrong. They ask the wife if she can remember the titles, and off they go to the library. Sebumi finds the book first, but Toma finds the clue – a memory card lodged inside the paper of the book. She darts off to a side and places the memory card inside the laptop. Both hers and Sebumi’s eyes widen. An old couple, that appears very suspicious, looks at them.

Back at Mishou, it’s revealed that the thing Sebumi’s senior stole from the police and placed inside the memory chip was a list of everyone who had SPEC. Toma guesses that Sebumi’s senior must have wanted to find out who has the SPEC of curing, but it’s stated as ‘Unknown’ in the list. Toma asks what they think of it – that other departments in the police force has also been paying attention to those people who have SPEC, but Sebumi replies that it’s most important to look at the situation at present. He rushes off to find information from Unno, who gives him information on what I think should be the health check ups of the five undercovers who died. Sebumi asks if Unno thinks that the person who can cause illnesses really exist, and Unno replies that even though as a doctor, it’s hard for him to reply, but he certainly believes so, since there should be an opposite of someone who can cure illnesses. He tells Sebumi of a rumour that he hears from his friend, and brings Sebumi to see the friend. The friend tells him that there’s a very strange old doctor amongst them, and Sebumi recalls that Rika’s mother said Rika went for a health check up that was conducted by an old doctor. Sebumi asks what’s so strange about this old guy, and the friend answers that there’s always some patients who died and they always joked that the old doctor must have come up with a prescription that can cause illnesses. Sebumi looks at Unno with widened eyes. Toma and Nonomura ponder upon the meaning of the sign that represents the person who has the SPEC to cause illnesses. Unno continues to help Sebumi by running a check on the old guy and turns out this old guy has lots of bad points – sexually harassing nurses for one. Sebumi asks Unno if the person with SPEC of curing illnesses really exists and Unno tells him his story – that he injured his fingers due to an accident, and he was really sad because at that time he wanted to be a pianist. A guy came along and healed him. Sebumi tells him that his arm was healed when the woman banged into him in the underpass. Unno gets a call that he has a surgery the next day, and Sebumi goes off to find the old guy. Unno turns back to the computer screen with an excited smile.

Masaki brings the arrival of Shimura and Chii, [ and she introduces Chii as Shimura’s boyfriend, to which Chii quickly shakes his hand to show that he’s not ]. Toma tells Shimura that it’s not Sebumi’s fault that Shimura was shot, but Shimura didn’t believe her. She turns to Nonomura and asks if they have information about the person who has SPEC to heal. Toma asks where she hears that from, and she says from her brother’s doctor, Unno. Nonomura tells her that they will inform her the moment they have news about this person, and Shimura says “So this basically means that you cannot give me the information.” She walks over to Toma’s desk, read the notes there, and touches the memory card in the computer. Her eyes widen and she tells Nonomura that she will return home since there’s nothing they could do. Chii tells Toma that he will call her, but she replies “No need.” This is deeply contrasted with Masaki who says she will call Nonomura, thus Nonomura squeals in joy. [ Gosh this couple pairing is just weird. They’re like at least forty years apart! ]

Sebumi asks Toma to check up some details for him and tells her that he’s at the old guy’s condo now. He enters the apartment only to find it empty and then a neighbour comes in to tell him that the old guy had committed suicide two weeks ago. Deflated, Sebumi goes back to Mishou where Toma gives him noodles to eat. Toma tells him that those people who are trying to hide the truth are using a huge effort because there’re so many truths to be hidden. She looks at the noodles and says, “Never let any clue or truth that floats to the surface escape.” She tells Sebumi that he must have strength and she starts eating. Sebumi eats as well, but starts to insult her noodles, causing Toma to be angry and they end up in a physical fight. The next day, Nonomura comes and comments on their earliness, while Toma wonders that time has flown so past, thus giving an indication that the both of them had been at Mishou the whole night. Sebumi worries about Rika’s impending surgery, but Nonomura assures him because it’s Unno who is going to do the surgery on her. Toma writes down the name Unno and manages to get the sign that was shown on the name of the person who can cause illnesses and diseases. She laughs because she sees another way of interpreting the sign. Sebumi asks Nonomura why Unno’s the one who operates on Rika, and Nonomura says that it’s because Unno’s a really really good doctor.

Toma runs a quick search on him and assures Sebumi, since all the kids who had Jennifer’s disease [ or something ] were cured by Unno. Then she starts to muse about how all the illnesses that adults only get, the kids who got it were cured by Unno. The diseases that only kids get, the adults who got it were also healed by Unno. She looks at her paper, and asks Sebumi where he gets his information from. Sebumi answers Unno. Toma quickly runs a check and realises that Unno’s friend and the director of a hospital that Sebumi just visited don’t exist in real life. It’s just a façade cooked up by Unno. “The person who has the SPEC to cause illnesses… is Unno.” Sebumi and Toma quickly rush off to the hospital, wanting to stop Unno from operating on Rika, since he’s a psycho who likes to inflict diseases on others, and then cure them. Unno’s about to go for the surgery when Shimura stops him and reveals that she knows Unno’s the one. She finds out the truth because she could see images in Sebumi’s senior’s possessions. Unno pushes her to the lockers and proceeds to use his forehead to give her an illness, when Sebumi and Toma barge in. Sebumi pulls a gun and Unno stops what he’s doing. Unno is confident because he knows that Sebumi has no evidence, but Sebumi says that he can just make up an excuse and shoot him right there and then. [ Sebumi’s starting to talk like Toma which is quite funny, because Toma loves to call herself Sis in the superior sense. So now Sebumi calls himself Grandfather to assert his superiority ] A nurse suddenly comes in to tell Unno that Rika’s situation has deteriorated and so Sebumi and Toma let him go operate on Rika.

Sebumi and Toma wait outside the surgery room for Unno, but he still gets away in the end. Sebumi’s about to rush off to find him, when Shimura receives a call [ her phone can be used in the hospital ] from Unno. Sebumi copies the number down and shouts for someone to find the location of Unno’s handphone, while Toma continues to talk to Unno. Toma says that Unno’s a failed doctor but Unno defends himself saying that people like him had to do those things, so that they could protect themselves and their family. Toma doesn’t believe him, and Unno says, “A police who doesn’t seek truth, what kind of police are you? You are the failed one.” Unno reveals that he also wants to have the SPEC of curing illnesses, but sometimes, things cannot turn out like what people wish for. He ends the call with a threatening note, “ I shall give you all hell with an illness that you cannot imagine.” While talking, six men appear behind him, and the suspicious old couple’s there as well.

Rika comes out from the surgery all cured and healed. Rika’s mother’s very thankful and she thanked Toma for her help. Shimura asks if Toma has something to do with those guys, and she says that there’s no use denying since she can read the truth with one touch. She touches Toma’s arm, and her eyes widen.

-the end-

This recap comes really fast, because I know that I won’t have time to do future recaps so quickly… so this is kinda like a make up(: 

Happy new year!:D



  1. I was so looking forward to watching this drama because of Shirota Yu but was disappointed when the eng subs got dropped but thanks to you I can enjoy this drama. Thank you so much for all the recaps. They really help to know what is going on.


    • You’re welcome!^^ I feel guilty for not being able to give you guys more detailed recaps because it would have taken a lot of time, but I hope these recaps have helped you!:DD

      Haha I was watching for Shirota Yu too!


      • Don’t feel guilty! Your recaps are great – I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything. The recaps definitely help.

        Lol. How could you not watch it for Shirota Yu! 🙂


  2. Anonymous says

    Jennifer’s Disease

    Hello, I’m just a bit curious on this episode. So, the child, when Sebumi and Toma came to visit to in order to investigate the issue of his ID being copied by his former comrade, have Jennifer’s Disease. I am very interested in studying medicine and was wondering if “Jennifer’s disease” is an actual disease or is it a fictional word made by the creator?


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